29 April, 2008

candle - Burning with little Hope

Burning Candle@Rachi Creations with the help of Artpad.com

Bullet Candid Candle:

  • Candle firstly reminds me of the Birthday. It was the charm of blowing away all the candle on cake in one breath.
  • Gifting the candle for my friend during Christmas.
  • Buying the candles during Diwali festival.
  • Candle is all about Celebration. And ofcoarse how can any one forget the Candle-Light Dinner.
  • In darkness, its the candle which people search.
  • There are also people who meditate and concentrate on the flame of the candle.
  • A candle is a source of light & a source of heat. But for me candle wispers in its flame that its the symbol for Hope .

"Candle making was developed independently in many countries throughout history. The Egyptians formed candles that were made out of beeswax as early as 3000 BC.The Chinese created candles from whale fat during the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). In early China and Japan, tapers were made with wax from insects and seeds, wrapped in paper. In India, wax from boiling cinnamon was used for temple candles. During the first century AD, indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest fused oil from the eulachon, or "candlefish", for illumination. Excavations at Pompeii, Italy, revealed several candelabra. The oldest candle manufacturers still in existence are Rathbornes Candles, founded in Dublin in 1488. " [info wikipedia]

On a Candle.

Of all inhabitants on earth,

To man alone I owe my birth,

And yet the cow, the sheep, the bee,

Are all my parents more than he:

I, a virtue, strange and rare,

Make the fairest look more fair;

And myself, which yet is rarer,

Growing old, grow still the fairer.

Like sots, alone I'm dull enough,

When dosed with smoke,

and smear'd with snuff;

But, in the midst of mirth and wine,

I with double luster shine.

Emblem of the Fair am I,

Polish'd neck, and radiant eye;

In my eye my greatest grace,

Emblem of the Cyclops' race;

Metals I like them subdue,

Slave like them to Vulcan too;

Emblem of a monarch old,

Wise, and glorious to behold;

Wasted he appears, and pale,

Watching for the public weal:

Emblem of the bashful dame,

That in secret feeds her flame,

Often aiding to impart

All the secrets of her heart;

Various is my bulk and hue,

Big like Bess, and small like Sue:

Now brown and burnish'd like a nut,

At other times a very slut;

Often fair, and soft and tender,

Taper, tall, and smooth, and slender:

Like Flora, deck'd with various flowers

Like Phoebus, guardian of the hours:

But whatever be my dress,

Greater be my size or less,

Swelling be my shape or small

Like thyself I shine in all.

Clouded if my face is seen,

My complexion wan and green,

Languid like a love-sick maid,

Steel affords me present aid.

Soon or late, my date is done,

As my thread of life is spun;

Yet to cut the fatal thread

Oft revives my drooping head;

Yet I perish in my prime,

Seldom by the death of time;

Die like lovers as they gaze,

Die for those I live to please;

Pine unpitied to my urn,

Nor warm the fair for whom I burn;

Unpitied, unlamented too,

Die like all that look on you.
By: Jonathan Swift

You must have read of Rosy-Picture but there is also a Rosy-Candle, that is rose-scented candle that burns by itself letting the rose fragrance magically and amazingly burns out all your stress. Indeed, candle burns to give a little Hope.

Light a Candle and Save Electricity..!!

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