12 July, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa - Celebrate Life


Dearest Papa,

I thought, let people know that "My Father Strongest ", (U.K.Shakyawar).
I have got a perfect reason to celebrate as you are celebrating your lovely golden 50 years.
I love all the times we have spent together agreeing and disagreeing the things. Sometimes, I might not agree with you but surely I cant ignore your view of point. Indeed you are such a spiritually inspiring person with an excellent power to convince me and others with your ideas and decisions.
I regard you as Visionary ! You make decisions thinking at least 10 years in advance, hence at the moment your thoughts sometimes doesn't appeal but deep inside heart we know that you are right. Hats off ! to your will-power and strength. There, have been so many moments when I almost brook up with the weird ends of life, but you gave me hope and happiness simultaneously which is difficult to see together. A backup to always feel blessed and glad to be Your Daughter, (Rachana Shakyawar). "Whatever happens without your will is good, as it happens with the will of God", this thought and belief of yours have let so many difficult times in life smooth & easy-going.
I love you as a father, best-friend, mentor, and above all as a superb driver(hehhehehhe...heheh..), Still remember, those long travelling trips (Baroda to Delhi) we had, when I was studying in school. It has been the best experience of my life from which i have learned so much. And the patience you had during my school times in teaching me Mathemetics, is incredibly great.


Laugh a loud and Dance like rock, Sing at the peck of throat in the Bathroom, Sketching and writing diaries, I have all learnd from you. Your positive synergy have been a reason to smile. Your inner character of spreading happiness and a determined reach out of hand for service to all without any personal gain is incredible. You gave me full freedom to do anything I wished to to, in perfect term you allowed me to make mistakes and still have you by my side to clear up the mess. This unconditional love and affection of yours has been my biggest strength to which today I lead a happy stable life.
You have been such a perfect father and infact we share such a eternal bond. With each and every decision you made for me directly and indirectly hinted me, how much you treasure and pamper me. Being with you feels so undesirably nice. Its always being like "U Me aur Hum". The way you have been so protective yet lavishing towards family is wonderful.
There are so much common topics, issues, moments, ceremonies, celebration, people we have that glued us together and firm. This very year,2008 when you are celebrating your Golden Jubilee of life, I shall be celebrating Silver Jubilee of my life, what next I could ask from you that YOU gave me a perfect gift, companion (Hubby) to cherish/celebrate the Life.
Its only words and words that all I have, to take your heart away. And thank you for always loving me providing me a perfect family. You make me the happiest daughter on earth.
I love you very much and Happy Birthday!
Celebrate friendship..
Umi :)

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  1. what a beautifully written for your Dad. I am sure he will feel so proud and happy reading this!

  2. Hi Srivalli,
    Thank so much for the comment.Yes! My father have turned 50 this year,we all are very excited.I made a little effort to add up the cheer. But surely,ur message attracts happiness more.
    Hope to see you reading my blog more frequently.

    Celebrate Life..

  3. Rachana,

    Nice post for your dad! Daughters always bring happiness to dad's as you have done for yours.

    I am a dad, 50 years too. Read my blog "Daughters are Forever".


    And of course share it with your dad!

    You may read my blog in full too.
    Celebrate Life! Cheers!

  4. Hi Sir (Gopinath Mavinkurve),

    Thank you, so mcuh for visiting the blog and also leaving your link which is indeed interesting.Definite to read!

    Celebrate Life..

  5. Hey congratulations to him...he must be really proud of you..for doing this........

    see this is were daughter or rather girls are good...they don;t hesitate while showing there feeling...we sons or boys .....aren't at all good at this.....that's why our parents are always confused about us......

    anyways...wishing best of the world to you all....hope you ppl have a rocking day.....and

    HB'day to your Dad....on the half century...



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