24 July, 2008

My first Wedding Anniversary at Barbeque Nation

First Wedding Anniversary celebration

MY First Wedding Anniversary, it’s been an exact year celebrating the life with the companion. Indeed it’s the best feeling to share things and to be heard. Girls always need attentions, there is no limits to it and I am so proud as well as glad to say that my Hubby have been so humble and empathetic for all the things happening in my life. For being belonged to a typical Indian Culture the power/freedom given to me not to change my name and choose be known as before marriage sounded is something in my view incredibly inevetible to ignore. We have been more like best
, sharing stories, weird jokes but also have some common passions like cooking, traveling and one of the most essential is shopping.

Two weeks before my first wedding anniversary I bought one gift for him, (which he insisted) a coffee mug, but could not hold back the secret and gave him the same evening, wishing it in advance. Well you must be thinking a coffee mug...well it is for his office purpose and what else could be expected form a girl it has to be something good and useful thing indeed! But just , just a day before my 1st wedding anniversary, yesterday he asked me what gift I was giving him this anniversary to him.......well "I thought I gave the gift so called the bold shinny black coffee mug".......ummm......I haven’t planned yet I replied! (Safe answer lets shop NOW)

23rd July,2008 My first wedding anniversary and yet another day celebrating my life as always a good start of a day with the cup of hot ginger tea prepared by my hubby in the morning. Busy phone lines for the wishes and where is the party to night a question after the every wish became today's jingle. So how do I feel after one whole year? Questions without any full stops....." Good....infact Great...!"I chuckled.

Soon when hubby went to office, I thought to do some SHOPPING. Went to the shop and bought a nice purple shade t-shirt. I had not planned to buy for me but having to the glance at the female section collection, got little tempted and bought for myself too a nice bright sky blue color.

Well I believe the only way to make your hubby happy is to buy something for yourself, as when you are happy , hubby is also happy to see your happiness..... so I thought to buy for myself too.

Came back home after a tini-mini shopping and started dreaming how would we make this evening more happening and memorable! Suddenly the door-bell rang; well Hubby took a half day and came back home early........Surprise! Surprise!! We cooked the kheer (Indian dessert) together and spent time together remembering some of the most happening times together in a year.

All those wonderful traveling to the beautiful destinations we did. There are more than 15 different places I have visited in past one year. And nearly 50 blogs are written in "Humming Today", so I show both thumb Up this year with background music of mauja mauja...!

Anyway coming to the celebration day, in the evening I gifted him the t-shirt I brought for him, He got so delighted and as for my return gift he said we shall be going in due course of time to Amby Valley, Lonavala-Pune. Well, that’s the pretty good deal and I am so excited to go there.

Then, we got ready, and worn our new t-shirts and went out for dinner to the recently opened Restaurant "Barbeque nation". This restaurant is the one of the biggest third outlet opened at Bangalore. Infact it was today celebrating its first 30 days/1month ceremony. I shall give more information about this restaurant in my latter blogs.

Well we reached the 3rd floor, entered the restaurant, first impression........"it’s a damn a huge place". In the mean time saw a chef......"I think I have seen him somewhere...do I know him...?" I thought. "Please this way sir, this table..." the service person guided us nicely......"Thank you". While we were making ourself comfortable on the table, I was wondering about that Chef .."I think ,I know him..." I told hubby, that chef looks like one of my senior of IHM, Guwahati college. He can be a look-alike also, anyway let us order starters. The barbeques placed on the charcoal on the table, instructions given how to do it by yourself, well ! this is a new and excellent concept, which I have never seen at any restaurant or hotel.

I am really hungry, can’t wait so asked the Restaurant Supervisor how much time it will take to cook these. "Maam, 90% it is done it shall take only 5minutes." OK! Suddenly he asked question that amazed me......"Maam, are you from Hospitality Industry?” For couple of seconds many thoughts hassled into my mind. My first thought was, "how does he know? Second thought why he is asking that too with the positive and assured answer" Yes! Very firmly I replied, Ahhh....how you know. Followed with another question, did your Chef told you? He said "yes! The chef thinks that you are his collage junior" I soon interrupted, requesting him, "Can I please meet the Chef?" He soon made a call and called the Chef to meet me.

The Chef came and replied "Rachana...!” Yes Sir, Hi...how are you? Well! HE is my senior of college IHM,Guwahati and I am not wrong, amazing the world is so small, today I feel. I meet him after long 4 years, and he still remember me with name and He is here standing right inform of me...With in minutes, my all nostalgic moments, images, faces of colleges, friends, teachers all came in front of my eyes, and my eyes soon turned a bit watery. Yes! I got a bit senti!!

I introduced him with my hubby and another surprise for him to accept, "You got married...when...?” Well this is my first wedding Anniversary, TODAY! He said we were today his guests and everything has to be specially ordered. What a great evening and double treat, first my celebration and now meeting my senior after such a long time gave me an immense pleasure. He (Chef Pradeep Kumar), is a busy person, still he took some time and sat with us sharing our collage days thoughts. It was a great moment for me to think and wonder that we did not had much conversations in collage. But an urge to meet old friends activates an intact bond, we still share as of being a senior-junior. We talked about our few common friends, teachers, college building, studies etc. On his instructions we were give high priority in serving. We got more delighted when a surprise chocolate cake to cut was brought by Chef Pradeep. He's been truly wonderful to us and I feel so blessed to have such seniors. It was simply the best day of my life with so many happy moments that shall be cherished all throughout my life.

While still all these surprises are sparkling and tickling my life, I dont want to forget to mention that I owe a humble "Thank you" to my hubby for SIMPLY Tackling Me so nicely around the year with all the mood swings and demands made..

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  1. You have such a lovely blog and belated anniversary wishes to you girl.

  2. just dropped in to say May god give you more beautiful moments in life...
    Niceblog..Barbeque nation is awsome .

  3. nice blog.thanx for sharing.kee it up


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