08 August, 2008

A Celebrity in ME - look alike

MyHeritage is an internet-based company that offers you the chance to see which celebrity you most resemble. Some of the amazing site that makes you feel like a celebrity. Just sign up free, feed your photo and watch your face agian in the mirror, you will face a difference. It might just sound funny yet its amazing to find yourself a celebrity look-alike. It was exciting to see Marni's celebrity transformation who almost fit the frame perfectly.
But the irony of the story is that non of the celebrity pictures are accurate look alike, in my opinion. Anyway, its always amazing to see a look alike and such sites are full of fun and entertainment.
The experience to see Natalia Vodianova 74%, Emma Watson 72%, Christina Ricci 70%, Reese Witherspoon 70% and above all gorgeous Katie Holmes 70% as my look-alike results. It is the magical yet hilarious example with my and Katie Holmes pictures matching up to certain angle with the moment captured. Try the magic with your picture and find your own look-alike celebrities.

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity

" Anyway I am still the same, "UNIQUE" in my own style but with the mould of being verymuch "UNCONVENTIONAL in the Willful Way". Celebrating just the Living.. "

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  1. hi rachna, you have been tagged. follow the post mosaic tag on my blog and then follow the instructions :)


  2. Thaz realy fascinating to see the look like pictures.


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