19 August, 2008

pursuit of perfection - Not MY Nature

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"In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful.."

Ones upon a time, there was a round little wood-log. Strong rusty brown with the shark edge made the wood log little difficult to roll down quickly. It lived in the green beautiful nature. Everyone around loved it and wished only the best for it.

Though, the wood log rolling down slowly because of it sharp edge, it was able to enjoy the songs that the birds which sang sitting on it. The wood-log had many friends to talk. Insects like ants, grasshopper, and ladybird often sat on taking some rest from the busy world. The lovely fragrant flowers around shared their deep thought with the wood-log. The shinny stones and pebbles stuck hard on the green land made sure to chat with it.

But the strong wood-log was not so happy with something. Actually, wood-log did not like its rolling speed so slow because of the sharp edge. One day talking to the nature it expressed its grief of being imperfect. The wood log wished to be perfect with full roundness. The birds said to the wood-log that they liked the wood-log as it was. And there is nothing to feel anything like inferior or imperfect. But the wood-log wanted to have more speed in its rolling motion. And for that it has to change to become perfect that is having no sharp edge.

Somehow to everybody’s surprise the strong wood-log the next day became perfect. The sharp edge in the log was no more. Now the log could roll uncontrolled and with full speed. The perfect wood-log was very happy then. It wanted to share it happiness and excitement with the chirping birds, insects, lovely fragrant flowers and shinny studded stones and pebbles.
But the perfect round wood-log could not stop. It was perfect and hence simply rolled and rolled leaving all behind. The perfect wood-log could not stop and it moved on. There was no one to share the thought or even chat with someone. But it went on rolling alone and lonely unstopped. Hence, it’s not what being perfect matters but trying to achieve the perfection.

The Life is all about integrated wholeness and not the perfection. Being the human being we can never be perfect but only strive to be perfect. I believe, only one thing is perfect in this world that is God, the Creator.

"The wholeness fill all the holes in life, it rounds up the imperfections in oneself." The supreme happiness in life is the assurance of being loved; of being loved for oneself. In this fast running world, one need to hold on, stop and feel the moment. It’s important to take time to breathe, absorb the moment of happiness and the sense of beauty to feel mesmerized in the nature.

I read the above mentioned wood-log story long back in the childhood which I like very much and amazingly still remember it so well. So friends, I thought to share it with you all. Actually the beautiful poem "Art-Perfection or Impression" (Links below) created by poet Priya reminded me about the short story which is full packed with high values to lead a happy life.

And as the funny quote goes; "No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers", I agree verymuch. Perfection are the simple words to inspire people to achieve their goals. One shall come be across many angles, turning point, and sharp edges many but we have to deal confidently. I believe in watching the Whole-picture that is all about the pros and cons of the moment. And be brave enough to take risk and innovate. Commit mistakes and yet learn from them.

Art - Perfection or Impression?

A painter brushes
till the last ink waits to drip,
and convey so many colors
and dreams who sees it.

A writer runs with words
either with the flow,
or a rope hanging to connect
which waits to fill or say something.

A poet gives an impression
of visible and invisible thoughts,
from their mind and heart, to convey
which reflects people to grow.

An artist fills everyone's heart
with an action of eyes,
to be remembered forever
even when it's so hard to perform.

Perfect is not an art
but a lasting impression
where people give their
love and time to appreciate it.


  1. Rachana,

    I am speechless on how you create stories with such an amazing writeup. Loved it. Very creative and I liked how you described all nature things together as one and that shows the loveness of together. Wood log story is something I will never forget girl. You always amaze me with something new and thank you.

  2. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work ---Aristotle

    Well I have a few positives about perfectionism. Perfectionism can drive people to accomplishments and provide the motivation to persevere in the face of discouragement and obstacles.

    simultaneously Perfection can take the form of procrastination when it is used to postpone tasks. for eg I will do this when I have perfect time. And I think perfect time never comes. Its just our beliefs and thoughts that make that moment special and appropriate for us.

    I am not criticizing but presenting my views on perfection.

    Nice topic Rachi.

  3. Rachana..thats really superb...what a lovely log picture and story..you do create great stories..

  4. First time here...wow what an template ..so colorful i loved it..ans the story man..so diff from all others i read.
    you write the food that my mind likes..rolling you straight away.

    Write more..i want more stories like this. cheers and tc

  5. first congrats :P came here through priya's blog :)

    nice story :) imperfect things say i'm perfect ;) :P

  6. U have an award waiting in my blog.

  7. Beautiful story Rachana :)
    Your stories never fail to leave a mark and inspire it's readers :)

    Thank you for sharing :)



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