01 May, 2010


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How could one really escape things and certain aspects of life!
I wonder and only wonder to conclude that one can not escape, except if it is a keyboard of the computer and you hit the esc key.

Can you expect the Sun, ESCAPES to rise next day just because sometimes the cloud hides few salient sun rays!
~ The sun rise and shines bright even at the cloudy day finds a way to pass a trace of its existence. Despite of the hindrance its dazzles and diffuse faith to defuse life! Perhaps it is a natural process!
~ If you are health conscious person, the suggestion shall be to AVOID fat food...and not just Escape..
~ You cannot Escape your commitments ones made...
~ You cannot Escape yourself...Can you escape your Shadow..?!

Can you ESCAPE yourself!
- There is no Escape or Excuse..You got only option Explore and Excel -

I might not be all that correct to my conclusions but I really feel that being a Normal human being you cannot escape things just like that!

One has to check all the decent parameters of pros and cons and maintain our harmony!

~ There was a phase of my life when I really had to decide whether I need to cling to my past or to just escape them all. There were only two options and both equally risky. Perhaps I choose neither to cling to the past nor did I decide to escape.

I decided to move on!
Move on with the Memories..wholeheartedly..
Moments...some celebrating one yet some to learn from..!
~ Moreover, the past is just the PAST right now, so I don’t mind remembering them.

Just like people have a tendency to believe and say that “Impossible word does not exist in my life dictionary..”
I like to say that
ESCAPE does not exist in dictionary of my life..!
~ Perhaps I could not escape anything in life...call it incidents or accidents…I preferred to Explore everything that came into my life-path! Or should I admit that my Life tends to explore before I could even think to get away..
For me Escape is a very hard and harsh word in particular to mention like a balloon to be blown until it cannot hold the air anymore that is pumped into it and shall explode soon...due to the pressure!

Why get into the situation when your need to escape…why not prefer to say direct straight, two letter word NO! Situations…ahh don’t always blame them!

There is a quote in Bible:
Be sure your sin will find you out.
~ Indeed it does…one cannot run or hide from thyself deeds. Good or bad one has to face the consequences, perhaps right on this earth while you are alive. Nothing haunts form the past born-life…it’s all today and right now that holds the future for you!

I choose to face the consequences. Correct them if given a chance.

One fine day, my friend told that she met with a minor accident with an auto while driving two-wheelers. She almost escaped with minor injuries. But after one month, she is still to over come the scary dreams of that accidents which is actually hinders her a lot in driving now.
I wonder, if she has actually escaped the accident!
In a way she did…as much worst could have happened…!
But than coming back to the zero point…she could not escape the creepy memories!

..you Escape
place, situation, moment..
yet traumatic Echo Emotions

Yet sometimes the past breakdowns are so severely dreadful that to forget them or disassociate with them completely is very difficult. Indeed one cannot alter the beauty of life, that the past somewhere and somewhat decides your future.

The incidents have such strong intensity that even if you escape the place, the situation, the moment…it carries traumatic echo emotions forever!

~ Perhaps, you cannot escape the escape...

You cannot change what happened but possibly all you can do is to cherish the past or be stimulated to get inspired of it to make the present better.
The past is the chunk, that you thought you could escape..actually shapes and makes the whole life of an individual. It does not tell us to escape it because there is certainly no chance of escaping.

Why not choose the reality with full sincerity.
Just to have an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through escape is not the answer. ESCAPE is only a temporary diversion and not an answer to the problem through escapism.

~ We all work on computers and are very well aware with the keyboard.
We all sometimes use the combination of the Control-Alt-Escape as a soft reboot. It is an easy way to bump the left side of the keyboard and reboot the computer. It was implemented by David Bradley, a designer of the original IBM PC. But when he used the combination keys, he realized it was too easy to bash the left side of the keyboard accidentally. So he switched the key combination to Control-Alt-Delete (often abbreviated to Ctrl-Alt-Del, also known as the "three-finger salute"), a combination that was impossible to press with just one hand.

Same applies to our life's odd incidents too.
To Control the weird incident of life we need to find and Alternative solution and Escape the moment. Perhaps, being it an easy way and temporary way to let things aside. Hence we need to change the formula to Control-Alternate and latter Delete the chapter completely that affects the ebb tide and flow of life.
~ For escape only adds to suffer in fearful anguish, destroying your own path.

Perhaps, there is no way you can elope, the hurdles or escape the encounters but choose to move fiercely to capture life knocking all the hurdles!

Choose to fly over to flee
Choose to make a sally than to escape, a fleeting merry!
A length between the entrance and escape is long
Life is moving, changing and constantly stirring without a skip
How long your gonna wait and watch
How long you gonna run or clutch
Relieve the past fast
Relive the life roller coaster that actually lasts,
Promise to face it..
Both the pros and cones..
Perhaps the life wheel goes on and on
Open to room some grace and space
Escape the word Escape!
Be straight loud and clear 'NO'
Before the Escape roar!

However, if you still not agree with me, than Escape...yes choose to escape to a beautiful fascinating Landscape..!
Take a break, take a picture or paint your own escape to a landscape!
Get your ipod listen to Enrique's Escape song...Get a life buddy..!

~ I prefer the Escape song (CLICK HERE) from Rupert Holmes. (Do listen to this wonderful song!)

  • My upcoming next post holds a true story, "an Encounter never Escaped and Echoed rest of Life", so kindly keep updated with this blog) Won't you Escape it :P
  • The picture above is taken by akka talented photographer and my dear friend AmitSemwal!
  • Thanks a ton for following and support! Luv yeah!

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  1. This is a beautiful post and I just loved it. You have truly come up well written and hats off to you girl.

  2. @ Priya...

    I'm so so glad that you liked the post + a strong opinion...

    Missed you all the time...and last posts..!

    Luv you always:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  3. While reading this he was thinking of his past, as if certain days were spread before him, demanding to be seen again. He despises
    memories as a pointless indulgence.

    He has withstood many bad shocks in the past. I'll see to it that he withstands anything they throw at him in future.

    I totally like this post... Though I think I am starting to expect a lot more words from you. ;D
    take care

  4. Well written, Rachana. A different take altogether!

    PS: Visit http://bit.ly/shewasenough

  5. nice post... A very different take on the topic.
    "One has to check all the decent parameters of pros and cons and maintain our harmony!"
    I wish more people followed this.

    Btw freaky formatting... I guess you spent as much time on it as the writing...

  6. Quite like the style of your presentation...the verses in between were nice..I think you have an interesting approach to escape with some very valid inferences.Good post.

  7. This is real gem of a post! I liked the simple way you said about escaping situations... Many of the sentences are quotable.
    "...you Escape
    place, situation, moment..
    yet traumatic Echo Emotions
    Nothing better could have been treated in such a realistic way to this BAT 10 topic...
    All the best...
    Cheers LIFE
    My BAT10 post

  8. Yes, people can't escape the memories of their past. I seek strength from my past, whether it was good or bad.
    Nice post! :)
    All the best for blog-a-ton. :)

  9. To escape is not always running away... May be I don't agree with so much, I escape into the vastness of the Universe to gather strength to fight the reality. For me it's a good thing !!!
    The post is very nice though... it's for those who lose b4 the war has even started.

  10. hi Rachana,
    this was really beautiful strongly worded post on Escape.. there are certain things we can never escape from indeed...

    i know have been missing from here for a while, but have been reading, and yes, i will defi be taking up ur tag on 7 colors of me very soon...hope u forgive the delay!


  11. nice thoughts..i did learned a lot from this..^_^

    hey..btw..have you given already your email ad to me..? im just wondering..so i can give you some of my works you requested :D

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  12. @ Rainboy

    If this post helps to alters someone's upside-down life..it would be my biggest achievement!

    I'm here only to share my true thoughts...something I totaly trust and follow in life..

    Glad that U liked the post...and yeah You think I need to read more words from me..hey buddy than I must remind you that this is already a long post :P

    Perhaps, you can follow my next post soon as an extention of this post :)

    Simply love how sincere your comment to most of my post! Thanks a ton buddy!!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  13. @ The Virgin Author

    Thankyou for commneting and making me aware of the fact that you liked the different angle treatment to the post Escape :)

    DO visit again :)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  14. @ Saurabh Panshikar

    So definitely..I follow it and propogate the same!
    Perhaps, My blog is all about that I believe in and my Humming thoughts reflection:)

    So glad that U like the post and slight different view over it!
    Do visit again!
    Thanks a ton for beuatiful comment!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  15. @ Gyanban

    This is sure a big compliment for me to have got noticed by an esteem blogger!

    ~ Glad that I got a comment from you...and I dint Escape this time :D

    Do visit again Gyanban!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  16. @ Jayanta Deka

    ~ So so touched with your words Jayanta!
    Moi beyah bhalo payisu! Hosai koisu!

    Thanks a lot for loving this post and considering it appropriate one!
    Yes I love rhymes in words, glad that You liked them too..!

    Wish you too All the best for BAT10!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  17. @ Nethra

    You are truly lucky to have learnt from the past experiences and strenghten your confidenence! Perhaps, true that many cannot cope with weird stuff of issues...!

    I'm glad that You liked the post and the treatment to the topic!

    Wish you too "All the Best for the BAT10" :)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  18. @ Sam

    Sure I agrees with it...

    ESCAPE has many different meanings as added as a suffice in the sentence!

    ~ Escape can be running away from the responsibilities...
    ~ escaping from being just noticed..
    ~ a escape to a differnt fantasy world for a change to ignore unpleasant realities!

    Now it is up to you what you need to believe in and follow in! As you said..you "escape int the vastness of universe..."

    Perhaps..You are an artist and such silent slips to the imagination enhances the creativity and such so called escape comes naturally to an Artist!

    ~ You will not only get strength but also enhance your creativity through such dose of escapes into vasteness!

    Cheers to you and your creativity:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  19. @ Leo

    Glad that you liked the post and took time to read and comment over it!

    Hey..nothing to forgive over the tag thing...take your own time and space to make..it will be really fun to read your salient points in that tag...Ahh the TAG..You sure cannot escape that..do it sooner or latter just do it..Okay! :):)

    Truly happy to know that you manage to read most of the posts of this blog! Thanks a Ton!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  20. @ Ayu

    Nothing better to know that someone learnt from this post..

    Yes gurl! I have emailed you all the details..kindly check your inbox!

    O dear Lovd your comments...plus I never forget to follow your posts too :)

    Thanks for droppin me a line!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  21. I find this post motivating. And the way you layout the post is surely eye-catching.

    Sureindran R. - Escape

  22. hey beautifully presented.. a lot of philosophy u dished out but as a matter of fact i enjoyed reading each and every bit.. The wonderful anecdotes in between along with dat poem surely make it a worthy read..

    All the best for the batom.. i have written a 55 fiction story on my blog for blog-a-ton.. hope u will like it.. :)

  23. ""ESCAPE is only a temporary diversion and not an answer to the problem through escapism...

    I preferred to Explore everything that came into my life-path...

    why not prefer to say direct straight, two letter word NO....

    the past is just the PAST right now, so I don’t mind remembering them....""

    these lines make the post to stand apart from the rest of the posts, though i have few objective apprehensions in other areas of the post...
    This post is very gud and impacting in parts but i couldn't abstract the summary of the post in a comprehensive way..... i find certain contradictions.

    The most striking feature of this post is the philosophical, spiritual, pragmatic and sociological balance .... and in-spite of all these parameters you still made it quite interesting and intriguing...as usual....it do bears your stamp of narration and presentation which i love to experience in reading...

    I guess there is something for every reader to take que from this post.....
    After reading your post repeatedly, i feel thet escape is a just a perception....escape is just a state of emotion....there is no escape at all....am not sure yet as i am in dilemma between subjective interpretation and rational objectivity....

    I will be pondering over few lines you wrote here for the coming days so that i can reframe my views in new dimension and perspective ....

    Great work buddy...
    Thanks for the thoughtful sparks and dark flavours

    As of now, it is in top 4 of my voting list...let me dwell bit deeper to select the most deserved one

  24. Hey buddy..

    I would like to have some clarifications from your side regarding the below points.

    1. You are saying that we cannot escape(accident memories) and you are saying that we can escape (to a beautiful fascinating Landscape). I find it contradicting...

    2 .Speaking objectively, we can escape from the things you have mentioned in real life and its happening .

    3 .Isn't it "moving on with the past " is also a type of escape?

    4. Is Escape quite subjective and interpretative ?

    5. Is the so called "Explore" a positive escape?

    6. Isn't escape a part of adaptation for survival ?

    PS : These were the questions that popped in my mind when i read this post for the first time and am yet to find answers...
    looking forward for your reply....

  25. hey not only is the post totally ossum, but i liked your layout concept also...like magazine. Too good.

  26. Hey Rachana interesting personal ramblings thr.. u know i alwez escape frm ur blog due to its black template (it pinches my eyes while reading) nd length of ur posts (though i myslf indulge in the same :p).. bt this time i decidd not to escape :)
    nice thoughts.. really luvd the ctrl-alt-esc/del funda.. frst i escaped the middle portion of d post bt thn my conscience urgd me 2 read it.. gud i did :p

  27. @ Sureindran

    Thanks Sureindran…so glad that you found this post so motivating!

    Truly happy to know that U liked the layout of this blog…so I can how You visit more often..!

    Will check your post soon:)

    ~ Keep the Spark Alive..

  28. @ sushobhan roy

    WOW..you been definitely the first one to have noticed and like those prose, especially the last one!

    Thank you so much for making a effort of letting me know that You liked this post so much even the middle part!

    ~ Sure will cover up ur blog/post soon…Wish you too best of luck for BAT 10 and Happiness in Life!
    DO visit again!!

    ~ Keep the Spark Alive..

  29. @ Mahesh

    ~This is always wonderful when someone contradicts the issue as you definitely get more chance to explain in what you believe in.
    ~Perhaps, it is also sad to know that what written is not accepted or understood or perceive the way I want the readers to..

    ~However, active participation to discuss the points is always welcomed and appreciated as many a time even I come across same situations.

    ~ Before I reply to the queries, I want to make a statement…that many a things in life have no direct correct answer in yes or no…they have shades! Perhaps, if one say yes, it might be correct and if one say no it might still be correct! Yeah! You got it right, Relative theory! (One more contradict statement…huh..)

    1. So you agree with an example (accident memories), perhaps when I say…escape to landscape…it was also mentioned that… “If you STILL don’t AGREE with me…then ESCAPE…”
    As mentioned…that escape for me is a very harsh and negative word to use…because whenever we want to ESCAPE it is always attached with run away experiences. Escaping from realities, escaping from being getting noticed, escaping from bad Memories…and bad experience…and so on…!

    2. Agreed we do definitely escape from the things in real life which is happening…perhaps…how long! There will be one day your will have to face it…whether you like it or not…
    Eg: I always hated the Maths subject…because of whict I thought I would escape it by leaving this subject after 10th, interestingly

    I did! Was so happy for next two years rejoicing over escaping maths :) but it dint last long…after 12std I was doing my preparation for selection in professional collges../and was supposed to study Maths to qualify the exam…

    I thought joing Hotel Management will help in escaping it again...but then I had two different subjects related indirectly to Maths!

    Then I did understood I can never escape anyway…latter I did my preparation for CAT learning Aaths and stuff to qualify for esteem Mgmt Bussiness School…and my struggle to escape maths cont. though I know I will never be…we never can !
    :P lol

    3.Taking responsibility for what you or your deeds have done is never Escape! I moved on with past memories...is moving with pleasure and acceptance...looking forward to whatever life holds in future due to past experiences and deeds! Hence, it is not an escape for me!

    4.Escape quite subjective and interpretative…Oh definitely!
    ~ Like escape have different meanings for which way added suffice in the sentence!
    Eg: escape to landscape as I love Green, is positive! But if said Escape to landscape because I hate be in realities, is in negative form!

    5.Explore is no Escape…
    ~ Explore is what you really want to as for learning more or any other reason. You enter the problem to actually solve it.
    ~ Escape is something you don’t want to do something willingly and hence you tend to run away form it.
    You just are not keen or cheerful to find any solution of the problem…you just don’t want to…

    6.Escape a part of adaptation for survival!
    ~ It may be and it may not be…

    ~ May be because – Escape, for the survival , animals and human both have traveled during crises eras, (natural or social) and adapted new places and culture.

    ~ May not be as: Adapt is a trait or nature of behavior! One might tend to escape a situation or place as may be because one does not want to face the adaptation...or any change that takes place call be a long term change or short term change!

    Last question was the trickiest one I indeed felt a whirl in my head for the right reply!

    Perhaps, I really don’t know how far I could reply to your queries in the right notion!

    But sure I enjoyed those mind bobbling question!
    Must say you picked the best points to prick on me

    Come up with more if any..and revert back are you satisfied with the bullet points mentioned above!

    Feel like writing another post..ehhehe...lengthy one!

    U, Yes U definitely ...
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  30. @ Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe

    Pleasure to see you adoring the post and appreciating the blog layout too !

    Hope the layout is quite user’s friendly!

    ~ Thanks a lot Siddesh for the lovely comment!

    DO visit more often :)

    ~ Keep the Spark Alive..

  31. @ Vipul Grover

    ~ Welcome to Humming Today!

    Really, Vipul..is that so! I never thought that this black template debars you to read this blog!
    Seems like a serious problem..I never want any of my reader to feel odd or uncomfortable due to either template or the layout!

    I will sure try to find some alternate to this problem as I really want You and all to read it:)

    ~ As far as the length posts are concern…I really cant help…long posts comes very naturally to me..its not that I decide consciously but it happens..this way!

    ~ It is really funny that My 55fiction are also long one….dont believe me..check check some :P

    ~ Despite of all such constraints…you managed to read the post and also made efforts to comment and let me know the basic…thanks a lot!

    Also + one more thanks for BAT 10, that gives not only an opportunity to review so many posts on single topic but also it helps to multiply blogger bonds shared!

    ~ Your concept and labors for BAT are truly worth!

    Thanks a lot for the comment and do visit Again!

    ~ Keep the Spark Alive..

  32. Thought provoking Rachana. This like most of your other posts, look like it took time to gather and you've seamed it well.

    And yes, I am guilty of using that Esc button to shut down my comp and sometimes, I'm worse.

    I just turn off the switch at the main switch.

  33. @ Saro

    Yes very true said Saro! Sometimes even I tried to use the Esc Button...for an easy reboot and in return got my computer Hangover...troubling me to operate and affecting so so badly the computer itself!

    SO now I always try to shut down the comp.properly!

    Perhaps, so glad that you like the post and way of thought presented!

    Thankyou for the wonderful comment!! Do visit again for reading the extention of this post...with the true story depicted!

    Luv yeah..
    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  34. Hi Rachana;

    My first time here and let me tell you...ti's a beautiful place and a wonderful post!

    It's really hard to escape reality! If we can't, we should face it! More so, it's harder to escape sins committed, it will come a time when we will be judged, or say the law of karma!

    I like the Bible passage you quoted also!

    Nice post girl...keep writing as writing is a talent not all were endowed with!



  35. @ Rachana....

    Ahem...thanks for another post alias response alias comment to my queries :) :) :)

    It was not about the acceptance of ur post rather i wanted to accept it with conviction and conscience. :)

    Yes, i wanted it to be more comprehensive from your side as i have a special interest on the word 'Escape' in sociological perspective...

    You did clear your intentions about the post and yes i did came to a conclusion now...

    It is also true that your comment indeed deserves to be another post....As an anthropologist i know very well absolute yes and absolute no.

    Generally i don't dwell deeper in all posts, but coming to your posts, i do want to dig more as it provides me an opportunity to know you more ....

    Thats the reason i keep pricking you like a small boy who rings the doorbell and runs away.....and i cant do this at every door as am not sure of their response :) :) :)

    Thanks for the elaborated sparks...

    Its a pepper tea for me today, again in the same balcony having a sunset viewing with you....


    PS : Hey am still hiding around the corner just waiting to ring your door bell... :) :) :)

  36. wonderfully written
    you cannot Escape yourself

  37. Hats off Rachana. It was a very wonderful take on Escape. "Why not choose the reality with full sincerity. "- I read your post atleast thrice. So true. We try to escape from reality so many times. Facing it or moving with it is what we must do and not try to escape from the past. Loved your take on this. Very thought provoking. I loved the style in which you have written the most.

  38. A real comprehensive coverage of the escape concept from so many different angles and give examples from so many different fields. Really appreciate the thoroughness of the analysis and the interesting way it has been presented.

  39. Very well written and beautifully expressed. Liked the quotes too.
    And the layout is awesome...
    Do you publish your post from some platform, like Live Journal or something??
    Keen to know...

    All the very best for BAT-10!
    Cheers :)

  40. Hi Rachana

    I like your post. I dont read your all post frankly saying due to your black penetrating background (escape)

    It doesn't mean that it was not a beautiful template but only its was not eyes pleasing.

    Thanks for the change.

    You have touched the topic in very nice way.

    I agree there is no possible Escape.

    Keep smiling.

  41. Hi Rachana, how you doing?
    Brilliant post AGAIN! you are gifted specially is what I feel, since somehow you manage to write things which am so well able to relate to whats happening in my life....
    Its not been very nice /pleasant in recent times and trust me have been trying to ESCAPE from few since am JUST DONE.....
    anyways, this did some good to me..thanks lady...


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