27 May, 2010

If I were..

NOTE: This is an awesome Tag by very talented Amity. I was so much amused reading her tag-post that when I was writing this post of mine, I indeed enjoyed the waves of imagination throughtly. A beautiful and a creative change from a logics and craves of life!

So here I start,
If I were...

  • If I were a month,
I'd be September…of coarse it is my birth month…but apart from that..I like the thought and feeling that it is the peak time of rainy season. Monsoon where we find warmth before rain, followed by cool breeze and than rolling tingling dribble pure raindrops. It is the life indeed in every round droplet I catch!

  • If I were a day,
I'd wish it to be a Wednesday, as it is a mid of the hectic working week and wild mind longing to work harder to rejoice the weekend ahead. Hmm…Sounds a bit irrational…let it be..haha…

  • If I were a time of the day,
I'd wish it to be twelve o' clock sharp late night. Scientifically it is the beginning of the new day…but what fascinates me is that it is the time when people and friends call up to wish you happy birthday…and also what hits me most is the wonderful New Year eve, Christmas, Janmashtmi celebration pioneers! Almost the best and auspicious time :)

  • If I were a season,
I'd like to be the Winters…got lots of lovely memories of that aura. Fog, mist, coffee, tea, fritters, warmth, cozy feeling all this inspires me…Absolutely I’m a Woman of Winters warp in red shawl.

  • If I were a planet,
Oh I'd be like to be from Venus as many believe that Virgos belong there…perhaps…I wish to be Mercury. Somehow I like the co-incidents…and mercury being the element name and the name of the planet captivate me. Also, Mercury being the first planet receives the sun rays first…and I did like the first sunshine on me. Further, Mercury is believed to be the smallest planet…and I find small things really cute. Above all, Mercury can be viewed in morning or evening twilight…so all you people of earth can always catch a glance of glimmer over me...lol..!

  • If I were a direction,
I'd be North-East, of India. A direction where every state has a unique phenomenal pure beauty. Every person of North-East has its own distinct talent that shall touch your heart cords for sure. I’m so proud to be associated with NE :)
  • If I’d be drink,
I did be Coffee/Cappuccino. It has a brilliant robust flavor, aroma, rejuvenating effect appeals almost every tiring soul. So relax, sip a mug full of coffee…for hale and hearty living! Indeed, a lot can be shared over the coffee table with friends!

  • If I were a tree,
I'd be a Banyan Tree. It has folk stories related. Lord Buddha is believed to have achieved enlightenment in Bodhgaya in India while meditating under a banyan tree.
~ Quite a huge one, aerial roots falling on the grounds give rise to new off spring trees and can germinate in the cracks and crevices of any host tree, a very unique quality indeed. It renders hundreds of birds to make nest and serves them with seed. Often you find cute squirrels playing on the slopping wide branches.
~ Banyan tree, works as a giant resort for wild and sturdy to give shade to human, serving all purpose positively!
~ Also I cannot ignore, my favorite city Vadodara had its name after this tree, where “Vad” means Banyan Tree.

  • If I were an animal,
Though I wish to flutter like a butterfly...but if an animal, I'd be an Indian Elephant!
~ Did someone say Gajgamini…O ya absolutely…!
It is huge but cute, heavy in body but can swim. Very intelligent, care a lot for their loved ones, hears far and have utmost sharp musing memory.
~ They are precious for their ivory hence an endangered species. O God…don’t kill me...!
But still for its innocence, strength and a huge support to the man-kind, I wish to be a colorful elephant of Jaipur or Kerela.
~ Do you know, Elephants can paint so well…Must to check this LINK: CLICK here

  • If I were a musical instrument,
I'd be a Saxophone! I love its romantic notions. You just cannot ignore the silky smooth urge of saxophone sound. And when you enter a restaurant, Hotel or any party..the first jingle you hear shall be the desiring musical peaks of saxophone tunes inviting you. Have your ever heard Havana by Kenny.G or can you remember Careless whisper, check this LINK: CLICK here

  • If I were a fruit,
I'd be an Orange. Sweet and sour…tangy touch bud and juicy. I like citrus flavor and a stunning striking Orange color boost up so much! I like this fact that orange peel skin also has a natural way to Exfoliate to cleanse and nourish your skin deep. Above all, Orange fruit can be more enjoyed by the one who is not lazy, as a lot has to be done before eating! And I like this effort made : P
  • If I were a food,
I'd be butter. A dairy product made through churning perhaps depicting life. I like the tingling sound of butter put on to a hot pan..leaving only aroma and tastes. No cake is complete without it. No morning can be better without a spread of butter layer on the bread! Bwt: I like to be Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul!

  • If I were a celebrity,
Come on...guys…I’m a Celebrity! Don’t need to live someone else’s life! I celebrate my own life and prefer to be little Princess all the time. Might sound a little cheesy…but that’s the fact of my life :) I have it all, name, fame, money, honey, butter and a tiny tummy to dig in all the lovely food! Celebrate ME!

  • If I were a color,
I'd be Orange. My favorite color is orange, too! And I like oranges and orange juice. Hence, Orange is without a doubt my most favourite colour! A beautiful combination of Vibrant Red and Bright yellow. Orange is fun, flamboyant and wider appeal. And I simply love it!

  • If I were a book,
I'd like to be Mills and Boon. A sweetheart story coupled inside with wondrous, ponderous words so alluring and charming!

  • If I were a song,
Almost any song I hear and hum...becomes my favorite one...lol.. hence, choosing one shall be so difficult. Perhaps, Shania Twain’s songs are always my music top charts so will choose one of her very inspiring song which is “From this Moment”. Must is just must listen and watch her graceful moves!
~ LINK: CLICK here

  • If I were a movie,
I'd be “Love Actually” (yr.2003) movie! As I said, I don’t hate Love Story, Love Actually is an apt movie for the Love Story lover. Eight Couple dealing with different angle of love stories in their respective life…is such an amazing summation and amalgamation of emotions and shades of love. Portraying to “Believe in Love” and perhaps not every relations has a name hence Love existed to touch life.
~ Love this scene, LINK: CLICK here
~ Highly recommend ~You much watch whole movie at least ones…even if you hate luv story -:)

  • If I were a flower,
I'd be a Gul-Mohar flower. (Flame Tree, Royal Poinciana)
The delicate, fern-like leaves are so self-possessed of small entity leaflet. Indeed World's most of the most colorful tree with so beautiful cluster of bunch of flowers. Also known as peacock flower for its vibrant shades! Spring and summer it is covered with high-spirited clusters of flame-red flowers. Flowers are so striking with four deep orange-red petals other one marked with yellow and white patch. Quite an Unconventional flower, it have a unique Spark and I like it :)
  • If I were a facial expression,
I'd be a tiny curve smile with one slight up eye brow. A smile so refreshing and an upright eye brow adding the punch spice of pranks! I did like to be mischievous and mysterious :)

~ Friends, I had great time writing this tag, hope you had same charm reading it. Let me know how you feel..do leave your lovely comments :)
~ I do wish to tag all my blogger-bond-buddies…who ever are interested can do it...kindly leave your link-back of the post so that we can also share and enjoy together some interesting instincts of yours!

~ Thanks a Lot Amity..You rock Gurl! Luv yeah!!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Wow! that was a tag wonderfully done :)
    Loved your reasons to be an elephant,butter and twelve o'clock midnight :)

    Very different yet a wonderful perspective behind each choice :)

    Keep up the fantastic work :D :D


  2. Hey buddy.....

    yea, Your smile...It is indeed quite radiating, mesmerizing and contagious too...

    Loved your take on being elephant and banyan tree.....I resonate with Warm winters with coffee

    Yea, Wednesday is quite out of box...

    For sure, we are celebrities, need not to be someone else...and indeed you are....unique and beautiful.
    The post indeed spill some unknown beans and sparks... :) :) :)

  3. Cute, thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts. If I were an emotion I'd be love because I love everyone deeply & believe that love is the answer to everything in life. =D



  4. Hey liked ur answers and they do give quite an insight abt ur personality as a whole.. :)

    Wonderful meme on a whole..:)

    Btw wednesday of all days .. guess inspired from the movie A Wednesday

  5. Very beautifully drafted, so creative again...I just don't understand, how is it you think so beautifully and convert them into words so pleasing to read.....U have been one of the BEST wriiten blog frens I have :)
    BTW; from one of your comments, I assume u know or r from Bangalore....am I right?

  6. Great writing! Come check my blog out :)

  7. @ Friends!

    It is always so wonderful to read you comments! Glad that you enjoyed those tiny snippets of "If I were"...Thanks to Amity for tagging me with it!

    ~ I just wish if you all too write this tag...after all I'm tagging all my blogger bond buddies!

  8. @ Sushobhan Roy..

    ~ True..A Wednesday movie name was one of the first thing that came into my mind when I decided to write on wednesday!

    It is indeed a wonderful movie..almost reminds me of the common person sketch that RKLaxman makes...really wonderful!

    Thanks for dropping a line :)

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  9. @ Chatter Box

    I really loved when Creative Talented person like you actually likes my words!

    It is just an amazing feeling:)

    Thankyou so much for yoru lovely comment!

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  10. @ Mahesh..

    Your comment is always awaited..Really like the way you check each full stop of the post and give your best rating comment!

    Thankyou(a green one), for the wonderful words

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  11. @ Bill

    You are amazing and so as you beautiful thoughts!
    Absolutely buy your words..we all must love everyone..disrespect to any discrimination!
    Bow to U :)

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  12. @ Shrutzz

    You have no Idea..howmuch I'm blushing right now reading you comment!

    Thankyou so much for your consistent love and affection!

    Indeed you are also one of my Bestest blog friend and a sincere Humming Today Reader!

    ~ Yep! You are correct...I reside in B'lore just next to your home..look out I'm cheering for you :)

    Luv yeah Always :)
    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  13. Hi Rach;

    Happy to note you've done the tag in such a wonderful and interesting way...:)

    Sorry dear, I was like a fool since Monday afternoon i tried to privatize my blog. But am back...:)

  14. Thanks God you are not anything that you mentioned you would be... else we would not even know how many things you could be ... :D lol

  15. I did the same tag when my blog buddy tagged me. Nice to know more about u.


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