16 May, 2010

my Wind Chime got a rhyme

  • ~ This prose/rhyme is in exact 250 words!
  • ~ The drawing below is an extension of rachi creation, created thyself on Paint-Brush.

Echoing through in the Dark..
Parting the stiff silence with the spark
Raffling in quiet Breeze
Rambling Thoughts just freeze;

Careless warm nights of summer;
I stare the simple Reflections in clink!
Rhythm the melancholy of Reminiscence
Ripping away rare shady avenue!

It attains a beam of golden hopes;
A theme of harmonious grace pores;
Thousands of new chorus unfolds;
The longing, I just never knew…
But I hold the strength in subdue..!

For days I have been pacing to and fro;
Endearing something common is there between me and you;
Tender, tinkle o tinkle I could mistake you for the charm in tow;
Earnest is your sound, all the way through!

Dazzles in the dull arc;
Swamp tune soar high way marks;
Slowly it strolls and revolves;
A feeling amble divine evolves!

Symbols inscription claims,
Resonance in Reverberation flames,
Colorful aura ascends the character,
Sipping swap of sweet sound patter.

Like the dewdrops dropping down the leaf,
With each and every tingling sound earth zing,
Trickle and tickle feeling spin through;
Desires for concord whispering the calm clue!

Hanging aside the purple curtain heed;
Down the brass tubes rubs and ruffles feed,
Pursue wee steeple to crack of dawn to serenade;
Sweep the stillness in bead of rhyme resonate..

While the capricious tunes wind-chime soak..
It touched my heart deep chords!
I bow my head over again to the gentle rhyme scales..
Dark dust showers the bend shimmering echo subtle;
Wind-chime in silence sure ignites the tranquility sway..!!

Rhyme and Rhythm of Wind-Chime
~ my Wind-Chime got a rhyme..
to enlarge CLICK here


  1. Beautiful play with words Rachana :)
    Your awesome prose is still clinking in my mind like the clink of a wind chime :D :D

    Keep up the good work :D :D


  2. The pic u drew is really nice and nostalgic... btw why do u always count the no. of words in a poem or writing?

  3. @ Chatterbox

    SO excited that you liked the rhyme...I'm still to explore a lot but I'm glad that in between the learning and exploring journey...rhyme ebb and flow in clink of a wind chime :D

    Bwt: Loved your rhyme in comment and tried to extend that prose:)

    Luv yeah!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  4. @ Sam

    Thanks, even that drawing is one of my favourite...perhaps made long back and got nostalgic..which provoked me zing into the rhyme fo poem :)

    Yeah..these days..i keep counting words...perhaps the reason is that I have always written long post naturally...even my 55fictions are longer and yet the poems also turn into much lengthy post...hence this prompt me to count words :) in a way I like that :P

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  5. It is nice that I have tweeted and buzzed this post

  6. lovely use of words Rachana. Loved the way u pened them down... keep the spark alive! ;)


  7. nice poem... and that painting was fabulous... thumbs up.. :)

  8. @ Chowla Sir

    So touched with your kind gesture...Thank you so much Sir...!

    ~More as you liked the prose too :)I shall strive to write even better next time :)

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  9. @ Tavish

    Thanks dear!
    Even I'm experimenting like you are doing...glad the efforts are appriciated :)

    Thankyou for the taking time to Comment!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  10. @ Sushobhan

    You have been following my blog recently and also taking efforts to comment is so wonderful!

    Happy to know that You liked the drawing and found this expression of poem interesting!

    Thanks a ton:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  11. superb..beautiful imagery

    btw go claim your award from me! :D

  12. hello my friend! how are you?
    warm greeting from font lover 0_0

    keep up your good work ^_^

  13. what a nice rhyme/poem it so inspirational for me i think that poem its very related to my life, wind spinner


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