19 May, 2010

No Numerology

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Not many people know but I have a huge fascination with numbers.
Yeah many a time I have been adding and subtracting numbers to find some co-incidents and co-existence in numbers. Come on! Friends don’t mistake it as numerology. Nope this is no numerology or Algebra…it is just having some fun.

Like for example:
~ I have 7 letters in my first name and 9 letters in my surname…
+ Interestingly, my date of birth is 7th September. 7 is the date of birth and 9th is the month.
+ So my name is my date of birth.

Okay let’s start quickly my other silly-billy calculations. Mind it; I’m very bad in Maths subject but pretty innovative in reckoning. Yeshh…and you will see that below..

So let’s start with basic the Alphabets….


I have just give simple each letter a chronically number according to the sequence in comes.

Now let’s take the word most remembered, spoken and written off.

  • LOVE -It is a four letter word which have touched every little humble heart and soul.
L-O-V-E = 12 + 15 + 22 + 5 = 54

  • Now let’s do it for FRIENDSHIP..
Another word yet larger than just a kind word…something that portrays care, concern, affection and love among each person

F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P = 6 + 18 + 9 + 5 + 14 + 4 + 19 + 8 + 9 + 16 = 108

Let’s take this 54 of Love and 108 friendship as a percentage, so 54 percent and 108 percent.

  • Interestingly have you noticed that friendship is just the double of Love
~ Just like Love + Love = Friendship 54+54 = 108
Isn’t it so true that in real life, friendship is too just larger than any kind of relationship! Indeed, love cannot exist without friendship and sure friendship is an inevitable blessing.

Sure you have now a reason to say and believe that friendship is truly important for you and you sure care for your friends. Friends are the one whom you choose to be part and true pat of your life and perhaps an extended chosen family of yours.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like love. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. ~ C.S. Lewis quotes
~ Indeed, True friendship gives value to everything that exists.
~ The readers who have been following this blog for sometime must be aware of my art, that is created under the name of rachi creations.. 
  • Now let crack down RACHI CREATIONS..
RACHI = 18 + 01 + 03 + 08 + 09 = 39
CREATIONS = 03 + 18 + 05 + 01 + 20 + 09 + 15 + 14 + 19 = 104

~ RACHI CREATIONS = 39 + 104 = 143

  • No doubt that the passion I follow in rachi creations..is dedicated for my friends, close ones, family and for my loved ones.
  • 143 clearly and definitely defines that… truly madly deeply ~ I Love you :)

So how do you find all such interlinks. Do you also have some interesting connections and interwoven with such numbers or alphabets…Share with us. Let’s go back to high school and have some fun and creative twists.


  1. Wow! that was so cool loved the co-incidence of your DOB and the the number of letters in your name and the love +love= friendship was awesome :)

    Keep up the good work girl :D :D

  2. Wow! Amazing!!
    And its so cool!! Liked the number connection!! :)
    I'll check it out for me too :D
    Cheers :)

  3. Interesting but not surprising. There is so much symmetry in the world around us. The more we take time to observe the "things" in the world, the more we realize how they are all interconnected.

    Thanks for the fun...hugs,


  4. Hi Rachs;

    Nice post...:) I could only smile as in much to my desire to put some number combinations to arrive at co-existence and co-incidents, too bad I am very, very poor in math! Yayyy....:)

    But in your concluding statement about friendship? One friend told me that love in friendship is possible, without involving romance...wow...i would love that idea!

    Thanks for sharing your love for math...:P

    Btw, I've tagged you and please visit to try to find time to rework it, it's fun,, I assure you! You will enjoy!

    have a nice day!

  5. It is fantastic. It never occurred to me.
    I will try that with my numbers.

  6. Interesting numbers and good for you it worked out. Not many can get the same numbers you know.

  7. Very funny post...
    seems like a shift from previous one...
    keep exploring more such flavours...

    I use to kill my name using the formulas of trigonometry to complex numbers...I have stopped playing with numbers and started playing with words of Telugu.

    Aryans are ruling the world based on their dependency on number theorems since ages.....

    this post brings out the child in us....

  8. Nice rachana :) Really true :)

    Way to go >>>>

  9. wow!!! super cool observations!!! even though i hate numbers..here in your post i like it!! it's amazing!!!!!:D

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  10. Well well Well.. wowo.. Ok my name is BIKRAMJIT SINGH MANN .. :0 ha ha ha i hope numerology works in this name .. my match sucks bg time .. and I am 11th nov Born...

    I dont think there is resemblance he hehe though my house number is 143 :)

    and yeah where u mentioned Friendship I VOUCH it nad I LIVE BY IT ...


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