24 May, 2010

Out of Whack

Note: This post is a part of the BlogAdda sponsored by Pringoo contest “Whack!! This Wednesday”!
~ Five things that make me bring my blood to boil which comes with a wacky woe are as follows:-

  • Noise and HonkingNoise and Honking :
Noise is annoying, distracting, and physically harmful for both human and wildlife. There is so much noise everywhere, increasing with the number of vehicles on the road makes me go crazy. People just lose patience and honk even on Traffic light signals. God knows! What is the point in honking when every vehicle is stand still? And moreover when the front vehicle is not moving how the vehicles at back can move…but wild people will honk…! And the moment there is a green signal..they again start honking to rush.
+ The mindless honkers don’t even spare the places like school, colleges, Hospitals without hard honks.
+ Some guys with strange bikes without silencer hang around and honk with loud and strange multi-horns. Many irresponsible people play loudspeakers, burn crackers late nights and early morning, which is just unacceptable!
~ For God sake, I do deserve at least a peaceful sleep...don’t I!

  • Save WaterWastage of Water:
I go to many friends and relatives home where I find the taps in the kitchen and the bathroom are leaking. I brought them into notice…but they just don’t care at all.
+ However, they do not forget to bluff, how much scarcity of water is there in summer and rain shall be late this season!!
+ Wonder, can’t they call a plumber and repair such very basic and small taps, which would actually save million gallons of water.
~ But no! People like to cry over spill milk/ water!

  • Love Girl ChildFemale Fathom :
I recently went to my friend’s home on their new baby girl birth. She said, her family insists to have another child perhaps a baby boy soon, so that their son would bring forward their family name.
~Wonder, why they don’t understand that a little humble child is a child and not a boy or girl!
Surprisingly a well educated and an intellectual friend of mine also agrees with the views of the family and believes having a baby boy is much important than to perceive a female child.
+ Why don’t they celebrate a girl child at the best?
+ Discriminating a girl in terms of respect, freedom, education and other privileges of choices than that a boy rejoice is really demoralizing, inhuman and shame to womanhood!
~ If my parents also thought the same way, I wouldn’t have existed in this world with absolute liberty!

  • cleanLazy Litter:
Some people are born lazy and irresponsible throwing litter here and everywhere though dust-bin is kept at a distance but they ignore it completely. Being in garden, they do find dust-bins but they would never throw the litter inside it.
+ Rather throw where ever possible or amazingly around the dustbin and not inside it.
Perhaps on the other hand there is a high class drama party enjoys in the hall or set picnic at the garden. But that well elite posh-classy-people often forgets the sophistication of lifestyle they pretend to live and tends to throw the rubbish-thrash around.
+ What sort of party are this ?
~ What sort of sophistication people portrays then?

  • Blind faithSheer Superstition:
It is not my part of life...but sure I do get affected every time I hear, see or know about it…yes it is the daily part governed by beliefs and superstitions of every Indian! Blind faith or dark belief under the name of religion, culture and tradition has brought innocent people’s life in danger.
A man killed his wife consulting a black magic priest as a ritual sacrifice. There are others who throw their kids from the heights, beat woman/girls to get some spiritual flash. Insane people beheaded woman as they believed them to be witches.
+ Certain day is not an auspicious day for shaving, washing one's hair or even cutting of one's hair or nails.
~ Wonder how does unhygienic behaviors helps to make a day favorable?
People act simply insane during eclipse; they buried neck-deep the kids in the mud, making them suffer so badly. They really lack in rational thinking and are superstitious to the hilt.
+ Some consider cat crossing the road unlucky…but how the creations of God are unlucky…isn’t it a disgrace to God and perhaps the nature?
~ Some superstitions are turned harmful and yet there are few which have hilarious notes.
~ Wonder, why don’t we consider sin getting and giving bribes or losing the moral or the treat people evil who disrespect the human-kind?


  1. I agree with you on all the points. Especially those who honk incessantly while waiting at the signal. I wonder if they leave their senses at home when they get out on the road!
    Those who throw Kachra, ya well, cant say anything to em until one forces them throw the garbage in the dustbin and not on the road. These guys deserve a sound whacking for dirtying the cities and then blaming the municipality for not keeping their city clean! sigh!
    All the best for the contest!

  2. All we have in india is only technical education which makes us fit to work for US Economy.
    What we seriously lacking is Social and moral education with modern, not western, outlook. As, we are non uniform society we need different approaches for different sections of the people which is possible only through radical reforms in education with comprehensive approach.
    It is very true that we are miles away from rational and objective thinking, which is due to obsession with feudalistic and colonial flavours.
    The topics you picked up are most happening around us and are impacting us every day. Instead of getting rid of them, it seems like we have got adapted to it, though involuntarily.
    I do empathize with you in whacking all the sub systems you have referred.
    Lets whack buddy... only in blogs???

    :) :) :)

  3. Agree to all your points wholeheartedly..None of the people you mentioned are forgivable, they do deserve that tight whack..Well written..ATB.. :-)

  4. Hmm..Interesting post..Got it off Blogadda. :D

  5. Rachana, what a beautiful blog ! wish I could spruce up my blog like you have. Or maybe once i'm rich, i can hire you ! ;)

  6. yeah youre right!1 i also feel irritated because those noise at the streets!! that honks!! grr! and the discrimination of the girl in a family!! that's really annoying!!

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  7. Interesting thoughts Rachana I try to not let what others do affect me but it's not always easy, like anyone else I have things that annoy me from time to time. I appreciate you sharing your top 5.



  8. Hey first time here... nice read :)

  9. very nice one...

    I hate Honkers.Some people honk for no reason at all.

    damn, I have so many taps at my home...they all leak... I am guitly here.

    This girl child thingy... blame it on religions and our grandparents.
    We can't change their thinking.When i get married and become a father I hope I have a girl.

    sheer superstition ...hahahaha
    I make mockery of them everyday...
    I do whatever they tell us not too... like clinking keys... cutting nails on Tuesday and shaving everyday...eating non-veg on tuesday...

    Actually i just want to show that all these are stupid things and we are not in dark ages.

    Anyways... nice post... me loved it...
    I miss u at rainville.

    take care n hugs


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