31 May, 2010

picture trail

~ Picture speaks thousand Words but Picture Speaks Louder than Words”.
+ A beautiful memorable Journey is not about only reaching the Destination; it is about the moments and minor points in between captured, cherished and celebrated before reaching. I tried this in my own way…here!
+ Here are my favorite five pictures, shared as a pulse of passionate photography or a moment of capturing emotions attached, a lot just more than the scenery or view!

© in my own rhythm
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  • my own sense of rhythm
  • Place: Kaveri River, Coorg, Karnataka
This picture is taken at banks of Coorg’s fast flowing river the Kaveri, a westward flowing river of south India existing through an earthy valley. When everyone was busy in rafting and adventure, I went into my own rhythm following the merging waves of the river. Tiny round multi-colored lively precious pebble down the line and my feet fleeting over the waves of the river was so captivating and soothing reflection. The gleam and glare of the sunshine and shimmering so bright as the sway sparkles took over my Soul.
~ I bow to the delights of nature so much with every pebble along my feet tickling and bringing a smile and joy in return more and more!

~ And yes someone said true….
“Is this water over the pebbles or your feet playing with water!”

© Jumbo Ride
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  • Jumbo take off high
  • Place: Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore, Karnataka
Exquisite amuses are of boundless delight rejoiced on the swing. Reflection completes as a celebration of childhood over every up and down, to and froth of the momentum of swing. The rare sweet views of genuine giggles in bubbles, pouring happiness, holding tight, sharing life with friends and forgetting all the fight, the fear again evoked to learn and cherish forever, as the adorable childhood memoirs.
~ If the memories are so wonderful of certain fear…I wanna feel that fear of being on swings with a feeling of butterflies into my stomach forever.

© Royal feel
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  • Feeling Royal
  • Place: Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajashthan
Little things matter than the big picture!
In this picture I find, little thing is the Big yet tiny looking (in this picture) the Elephants!
They are so well decorated and have a small cradle for carry people…who can have fun just like kids sitting and fulfilling a desire to have a ride on the elephants! This place is the Amber Fort at Jaipur, which is itself a fantasy land for any person irrespective of any age. Mud brown color fort walls and a perfect ride on the vibrantly ornamented studded elephant as a royal passage is the best thing that one can imagine in Rajasthan, a colorful pride of Incredible India!
~ Be a child at your heart and enjoy the extraordinary elephant ride and elating expedition along ancient trail.
~ Note: The elephants of this area are well-treated. Those are quiet royal treated, been immensely loved and cared like babies by the locals.

© Unique Miracle
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  • Matchless Merge of Miracle
  • Place: On the way, Allepy, Kerela
They say the Heaven lies when the earth and sky merges. I say, go to Kerela – God’s Own Country and see the Heaven at a phenomenal junction of backwater sweet merging with the salty sea water. Gentle cool breeze and the swaying coconut trees along the side so real, witness to this unique exceptional bond. The white waves welcome this winsome endearing view so virtuous and worthy.
~ Definitely you don’t wanna miss this miraculous amalgamation of nature’s ecstasy, beauty and bliss so real existing on this earth!

© A trail captures
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  • A Journey back and forth
  • Place: On the way, Salem, Tamil Nadu
In the stillness of my memories, this distant past path which had an essence of fragrance on the way towards the journey held close to my heart in the side mirror of the car. The voyage shall last long just as fresh when the cool breeze ruffles into my hair again. All together a beautiful way where we had together laughs and shared eternal memories that we walked the distant miles under thick grooves of coconut trees. It is the ride marvelous miles of captivated happiness to map the beauty and scenery along the side path of the road.
~ A journey together explored and gazed upon ahead with the same synergy of life that shared.

  • Do view these pictures in an Enlarged form by clicking on them!
  • Kindly do not COPY the pictures, ask before to do so, I might just say YES! (© All Rights Reserved)
  • Hope this trail of the moments must have brought smile on your face, do revert back and share your views, thoughts and expression in comments :)
  • This post is a part of the BlogAdda sponsored by Pringoo contest Travel Photos!", a picture worth thousand words..

i love holiday
i love holiday

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Hey rachana,

    Yes all pics are awesome and well written. This was one nice contest from blogadda.

    Way to go >>>>>>>

  2. Hi Rach,

    I just read ur reaction to my comment in ur preceding post!

    I could only smile and yes, I also felt some special bond with you...I like you, don't you feel that?

    Consider me as one of your Big Sis!

    I am amazed at your patience in doing this post, considering I guess you have to dig some data about ur pics for readers sake and info!

    Such lovely and informative picture trails...:)

    Thanks for sharing Rach! Are you from Kerala or Bangalore?

  3. Wonderful shots. Third shot the Royal is my favorite.
    All the best.

    My Travel Photos

  4. I loved the Jaipur photo. The view is amazing. Once again a fantastic post!

  5. Pretty neat pics ther Rachana. Just a correction- its Salem and not selam.

  6. Wonderful pictures and nice description. Good luck :)

  7. These are beautiful pictures. I wish we all could spare some time to appreciate all this

  8. Nice selection Rachana...my favorite is #1 :)
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  9. you really know how to capture the true moments,and about your pics would say that all are charming but the "MERGE OF MIRACLE" appealed me a lot.keep it up.

  10. A good sketch is better than a long speech.........agreed lol

  11. The 2nd pic is soo cute :)
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  12. All the pics have a life of their own it seems.. the wonderful description behind every shot elevated the entire perspective of looking at those pics..:)

    All the best for the contest..

  13. Allepy and Amber are my picks

    And Kaaveri is not my pick because it has become my addiction to watch it again and again....Can i have a copy of it please?

    Though i didnt like Salem pic much, i like the title ..... back and forth

    Those kids on Elephant....yep, i clicked the same, but on horse.

    All the best buddy:)

  14. Thanks Sweetie, a nice journey through some beautiful pictures. I appreciate the ride & your thoughts.




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