28 May, 2010

Soul Punch

~ This is really silly an utter out-pour turned into rhyme..so thought to share with you all..
Read, Laugh..Cherish! See how I changed my anguish into creativity! That’s really Me :)

Recently I got to know few secrets of my life incidents...
Couldn’t believe them...yet they are true...
Kinda relieved but still bothers a bit...

I never wanted to know...
..it just came into the path, as a silly ugly show...
Though I have jumped over it...but see could not ignore or escape the agony share...
And yes till I write it…it shall last here!

Hibernation period is over...
Yes..even I get sad :-(
But I'm happy :-) with no much effort...I know the truth...all over again!
Though my prospective is still not changed....
I still look for Life..whatever it enrolls in..!

How do you feel when after such a long time..
You get to know true weird sneaky covert...
Someone else did that and you paid the price then
True...it hardly matter now..
But I wonder, why do I come to know it this time..and exactly now!

I smile at my utter dumb trait..
Come on don’t you feel pity for me...
I still like to excel!

Just thought to pour in more emotions so targeted Blogger
Want to KISS Blog right now for being the best journal...

Bwt. I know those will come back as my urge says..
It happens every time to me..
Don’t know does it happen to you..! By the way!

But for me it is the NEXT big clue..
Of Quest to my Unquestioned ANSWERS,
Nevertheless but the truth!
I knew then the half yet the truth..
And now I know the whole round reality groove..

Of course, I think NOW that I know how things will go...
But I wont get SLOW to this lingering thoughts pace and time-flow..

Ages and eras gone when I wrapped my face into my hand..
Today I shall wear those boxing gloves and sure take a strong stand

I will face it..ALL!
For I have throughout and always unconditionally..
...Given it all on a single call
So this very day as my nature appeals, I shall GIVE it again..
~ But this time a GOOD punch to only enrich my soul :)

  • Below is the free-hand sketch…an extension to rachi creations..
  • ~ What’s on my head…it is on the page – Soul punch!

A real PUNCH
~ Soul punch @ Rachi Creations..

~ Keep the Spark Alive..


  1. Seems like a prospective perspective but it is not, it is something more than what i perceive rationally ...
    The thoughts are hopping with different frequencies and wavelengths where you cannot categorize them in a particular slot.
    Though blogging is one of the best means to ventilate, it somehow misses the human touch or personal flair in responses .
    When anguish pops out sometimes it doesnt stick to the flow we want, rather our instincts take over our consciousness and sub consciousness and the blend of both deliver the radical yet impacting truths, with a pinch of brutality, which are much needed for us to keep evolving both as a person and a writer...
    I could sense some patterns of intention behind your writings though i didnt get the objectivity behind the post and obviously this is just my subjective interpretation.
    The emotional volcano hasnt erupted completely as the heat is yet to pressure up the required blast.
    BTW, Are you escaping something or Are you escaped to something ?
    Are the Unquestioned answers came from the unanswered questions? It reminds me my previous posts.

    Was that a hibernation or self imposed sabbatical ?
    And yes, secrets do bother when being spilled at the unwelcome time.

    Sometimes you re slow because others are fast and seomtimes you are fast coz others are slow. Most of the times there is a thin line between truth and fact.

    I think you have to choices to select with the gloves.
    1. React
    2. Respond

    But when you rake your past, rake it completely so that you need not rake it in the future again.

    Keep competing with yourself to achieve the potential excellence in you.

    PS : The pic depicts the defense but if i look carefully it depicts the potential punch. Are you ready to punch?
    Dont try to punch.

  2. Nice one.. It's great to find so much creativity in a negative quality like anger too.. The poem is beautifully carved out thru your emotions and the pic speaks a thousand words about the state of ur mind.. hahaha

  3. very soul uplifting post..:D

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  4. @ Mahesh

    Firstly, You are absolutely correct…You will get a punch from me for all that You have written it so well…but just too late..Wish I knew all that before I would have felt so lost!

    May be this is the reason…I wanted to write those confusion lines…so that I could get a proper prospective over the issues. Yes! True….I was just not able to get the rational objectivity in my thoughts...despite actually knowing everything…could not think correct.

    There are something that just touched me and I got an instant instinct what I really wanted to do..after reading this…
    ~ Your lines…“Sometimes you re slow because others are fast and sometimes you are fast coz others are slow. Most of the times there is a thin line between truth and fact.”
    - Are just too apt to make me understand certain uncertainties!

    Other thing that again is perfect in my view…(I’m not getting right words to express how wonderful I feel after I read all this,….though I really want to tell u...your clear prospective over things and words play a wonder)
    ~ “But when you rake your past, rake it completely so that you need not rake it in the future again.” True..! Very true!!
    - I think I missed this tremor of thoughts! We all must! And I should have…and in fact will do it now…to everything…absolutely….A beautiful Remedy I guess to deal!

    However, according to my nature I don’t try taking revenge…I like to believe that….perhaps I truly humbly believe in Karma…as you sow as you get in due coarse of time and absolutely when you are still alive..!

    - Hence, “The emotional volcano hasn’t erupted completely”….You are right…I would never like to be so harsh and negative…as being harsh and negative only effect and hurts thyself! ~Hope you don’t call me timid in this case!

    Nope..I still feel that I never escaped anything, whether a person or thing…perhaps.. …As I say..secrets are like you just don’t know them…..and somehow unconsciously you do leave them down the line…but those closet cooking and churning of things erupt latter when the co-incidents boils..
    ~ Now the question is,….why now…and how…fate …fault…or foolishness..! I have no idea then!...Can you answer this one..!

    Yeah…absolutely feel like… “Self imposed sabbatical” now of coarse…
    ~ Thank you for introducing me to this prospective…I simply loved it…feel so good :)

    You can have no idea how in your own way….you made things so clear!
    Thanks a lot for taking time to comment on such a silly post:)

  5. @ Sushobhan Roy

    Come on! Sushobhan...anger is never good..And I realise it definitely....Thought Constructive Emotions are good...I wanted a bread from my weird-odd thoughts...hence thought to write it down and sketch...somehow..painting, drawings..always takes me to a different world and the gives a Happy break...hence I guess I could give a bit of twist to this really silly-billy post!

    Glad you liked it all..
    So moral of thes efforts/story is "Never leave your Passion...or say it like this..Passion Always saves you in crices!"

    ~Thanks so much for your comment!
    Really appriciate your pressence in every post:)

  6. @ Ayu

    Thanks...Ayu..Glad you can take this post as uplifting..
    Never harm yourself by getting angery and boiling is summer!

    Take care..
    Luv you always..and yeah..will check you post for sure :)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  7. Hi Rach;

    If not, as I have said in my comment on your preceding post, then I could really relate to this post of yours.

    I have a friend that after some misunderstanding, and would have patched up, silly thoughts pour like water in my mind and I try to pen it down. Most of my posts in my blogs are many silly thoughts but I am happy they come out so well!

    Last Monday, I lost my senses, locked up my blog and wish to stop blogging for some foolish reasons...:)

    I realized I was again being stupid for the umpteen times, so after talking to friend, I felt fine and now I am back again blogging!

    I am telling you all these coz I could somehow or truly relate to this "silly post" of yours...:)

    Thanks for sharing Rach...I even love the sketch you made...:) You are truly gifted, not all can do a sketch like you!

    I respect your silly thoughts too!

    Don't ever give up! Keep going..punch if you're brave enough..:)

  8. @Rachana

    It was really an great post. Your poems are awesome.

    I like the way you are so creative in your approach.

    Creativity in you is at its highest.

    Being yourself is the best step towards creativity.

    @Rachi creations - Hats off. Simple lines yet effective punch on what you have to say. Even though you don't write a single word your pictures convey lots of messages.

    You are a fearless girl.

    Check this one out especially written on creativity.

  9. i visited ur blog a couple of weeks back,but a reply was missing from my side so just thought to leave a one.
    i really appreciate the work you have presented in your blog,i like the way you present your thought's.there are very few blogs to look upon seriously,and i have i found one of them.i am waiting for your reply........gudbyeeee.

  10. whoaawww, u r a brave girl :)

  11. The whole thing reminds me of one thing, "Million Dollar Baby"

  12. Hey Boxer,
    In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time, so better loose from me....

    Failure should never go to heart and success should never go to head, both makes a person to fall in life. So whenevr there is a rise, there is a fall so loose from me once before conqueirng the world.....

  13. @ Amity

    Really! And Absolutely Amity...I feel so wonderful reading your end story/incident and the positive output!
    Indeed, life can be so strange and feel now utterly inspiring even in hard times!

    Thanks a lot for sharing yoru end story..I can empathis the situation...perhaps I feel so close to you now even more...that you considered me to share that bit of yoru life-loop!

    Your words are inspiring and I kinda get a strange personal attachment with those lines..I'm saying this as not with every one's presence one feels so:)

    Thankyou so much for lending your hopes and aspirations...perhaps one request..dont your ever ever think of leaving this blogging world...indeed I see the DREAMS IN THE REALITIES through you and your BLOG :)

    Luv u always...and always!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  14. Your Inspirational thoughts is a way to open one who is struggling over the words when trying to reveal their thoughts and what they received as revelation through life’s experiences. Reflections from one’s life can be a very valuable gift to others... keep it up...Focus on remedies, not fault.
    Dont say goodbye to the past what normally people do, but hope to try things twice in life ... cheers

  15. @ Mitul

    The utter Sharing of even Silly thoughts...I owe to your though "Ship your idea"!

    Thankyou for the positive uplift..And I'm so glad that You loved the Rachi Creations..so much :) no one better can understand and appriciate the curved lines than an Artist Himself!!

    Aur hain..i loved this tag, "Fearless girl" :)

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  16. @ Abhinav

    ~ Firstly, Welcome to Humming Today Abhinav :)

    Really, I'm so touched and as glad that you liked the post, presentation and the blog "Humming Today"!

    I shall be looking forward to your pressence more often in this blog:)

    Stay Healthy and have fun!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  17. @ Shrutzz

    Hey...Chweety...I loved this tag of being a "Brave Girl"
    ~ Well I'm slowing getting used to Boxing gloves :P

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  18. @ Sam

    "Million Dollor baby"...Loved this tag! It is a beautiful uplift:)

    ~ The tag matters a lot more as it come directly from an awesome Artist :)
    You rock Sam...

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


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