17 September, 2010

beside the cold breeze cups of coffee - Part 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

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To taste the sugar in the coffee one need to stir it at bottom of the cup and let the tiny precious pure granules of the sugar gets dissolved and sweetens the coffee.

Same did she realise then, “I do have got some sugar granules in my life...all I need is just a tiny gentle stir” But then how...Was a question..??

Cups of Coffee
The break up was a mutual one and they moved on with our own priorities set supporting each other’s choice and career quotient.

She cannot say about him, but sure for her it was quite complex.
Though, it wasn’t a ‘conclusion-moment’ in relationship.
For her it was further a ‘commitment made for him,’ which she never confessed him.
Perhaps, she was a bit bewildered in the beginning yet time it the best healer, she realized.

And he is still single”, evoke her mind.

Walking down the lanes and memories all alone…wondered if she was a loser or having a lost feeling. She cherished the best moments with him. He knew her so well that even before she could ask she got everything.
Still a confusing clause!

A conversation at coffee table could not sort out the series of divulge and differences between they so by far. It was really tough how to start and end certain aspect. Though they could impart so many other subtle stories they preserved after they long back actually parted.

There was a slow struggle in opening frank dialogue, but that didn’t stop they from talking about their struggles in life they had different worlds to strive in. He sounded supportive and not sycophantic, which was so consoling to see. They realised, they revisited and they just read the embark underlines...yet hesitation and weird fear enclosed the partially elated evening.

Perhaps, that same euphoric evening after she reached home she found a clueless sweet note in her bag for “Café”!
This is how he loves calling her always!
The note stated in his handwriting ‘Sorry’!
So after letting three years separation and spending nearly three hours in café what they tried doing yet could not do, it was the little humble ‘the sorry’ who actually sorted all! It is just one word and she realize now its significance!

_She comprehend it wasn’t just the commitment issue rather it was the card of companionship clue to carry out as craziest conceal combination to lead and create a cheerful duo.

People always ask me about why she love winter so much.
And she can never really explain it to them for she have a whole list of longing for winters but they prefer to have an answer in one sentence. There is muffins, oranges, fog, mist, aroma, sugar granuals, cold breeze, warm cups of coffee, gloves and warm thoughts making her almost speechless every time she ponder upon. These are just a few of the many wonders of winter.
It’s not that always but often while its dark and night like tonight, it makes her admire the cold season.

Actually its end of rainy season yet the dark clouds making a dim aura, with really freezing breeze remind her of winter days… she exclaimed in her heart the lines of a song, “Wake me up, when September ends…” perhaps when the winter starts! Besides, there’s always the positive prospect of spring and summer.

It is still, chill, still, dark and damp.
She catch her breath as the insight suddenly dawns on me that, “It is the state of mind- Be Happy!
She keep staring the shadow on the wall and slight ruffle of the curtain and rumble, “We choose the condition, being content; accepting a challenge and a change of aura, creating conversion in celestial stars and little captivating charming conversation…”

Silence envelops this night yet here are few loud breaking woofs of dogs on the streets.
The street lights look dim covered in mist and fog. Yet the orange light gets its refraction bright on street. And here in my room, it is still dark….but bright with the best of memory lanes. Beautiful miraculous moments, which she usually create in a whole day sequence with every instance passing in his thoughts with him, by his side, hiding, and smiling, holding hands!

She like this slight shadow and shade in room near the window.
She love this peace in the air.
And soon the mobile rings shush melody in air, it’s a SMS beep tones evolved..

It’s raining outside,
Yet welcoming the winters…
Walk with me into my sweet dreams
And say good night to worries!”

She cave in and roll over the whole soft blanket over thyself covering completely. And she love it. Isn't it nice to cozy up a bit, when it rains or when its winter’s shades or when we want to warm up a bit with our loving thoughts! And with a delicate light of the mobile inside the blanket showering bright-tender-comfort, prologue her.

And in the dim mid-night or faded twilight aroma of coffee at the side-table of bed, sugar granules waiting to get stirred softly and perhaps also provoking to sip few gulps of joy that sets and binds all the beauty of the lovely journey of life through the cups of Coffee!

Okay...This is why she love winter…!

"And I'm madly in love with 'Coffee'!!
Luv, Café"

She replied back the SMS
Between, she like to call him 'Coffee' ;)


  1. this post has so much warmth and fell-good feeling...
    it was wonderful reading it.

  2. It made very interesting reading, but, I wish the post was made a bit shorter.

  3. Its been a while that I have read a story with a warm (if not very happy) ending, I guess no one would complain with this types.

    Nice, very nice. And for the taste itself, I love the coffee too. :)

  4. Its a story of a beautiful woman with the beautiful feelings..a girl friend that is a dream of every guy....I somehow fell in love with her :)
    Awesome mix of emotions and surroundings..
    Rachana hats off :)

  5. A feel good story.. These stories keep my Creative Brain active.. Thanks...

  6. A good story.., Nice reading the warmth of winter on every woman's heart. A fixture feelings, after all love & closeness between two person in spite of all the worries of life.
    Nice, keep it up the spark of Life.


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