26 September, 2010

Easy quick Diet Pink-Sandwich

I’m simply a lover of sandwiches. 
For they are not only very quick to make, yet I do consider them one of the healthiest food one can enjoy at any time of the day. Beautiful amalgamation of colourful fresh vegetables with hints of spicy sauces and tints of sweet touch of honey makes it my favourite sandwich to enjoy at happy hours!

It’s, crunchy, sweet, spicy, juicy, healthy, fresh, bright in color...and just what not...titillating the taste buds!

Diet Pink sandwich
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To view whole recipe Click the Link;
LINK:  Easy Quick Diet Pink Sandwich

Enjoy butterpunch at HappyHours!


  1. Good one.But the only sandwich I like the most is one with Tuna fish.

  2. Even I love sandwishes with loads of sauce :D
    this one looks sooo yummy :D

  3. Bread add on calories. Sprouts' the healthiest and even easiest to make.

  4. delicious Rach...hmmm...am hungry na... :)

  5. @BK Chowla,

    Thanks so much Sir...glad you liked it and yet you gave a good suggestion in sandwich!


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