04 September, 2010


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RI draw these sounds of mind and hope it would reflect,
Rare is an occasion possibly repeating itself,
Rewriting the fear and rejoicing the remembrance..
Reclaim the radiance of rebound,
This is Return of innocence!

It made me forget the regret,
It made me to retrace and retain revel,
I came to realise I’m, I could and I can
Cherishing with honour the moments we spend,
This is the Return as second chance to cash in!

Respect the time which together shared and held
Holding hands in hands,
Entwined in passion and ramble;
Embracing the happiness in the hug,
Hearing the humble heartbeat..
In the hub of peace and poise imprinting,
With a Return of romantic innings!

A simple reason to hold is, ‘You heal my soul’
This is where I grow in the riches fold,
A precious reserve is absolute 'your charisma’ of course!
You anchor my random thoughts space
Envelop my wish-list and fulfil each one on daily base
And I tend to softly mould to your requests
Mirror in your eyes as true reflection sound!
Of good times and happy moments
You fill my life in joy with a serene presence,
And bliss Returns to me more than I have expected or given!

Return Gift

You are the true rainbow pouring colours in my life..
I look for you despite the endless rain and blur sight
I hope I’m able to reveal you in simple words, so plain,
That it’s only you who restore my faith again
A spirit who rescue my soul to mend
Rally round to release, renew and still rejoice in pain
It’s a Return of reminisce of regal Rumination!

I know I’m not a Poet nor do I could ever pretend,
but I grasp my gasp only to rhyme with your heart-beat
And I’ll forever remain mesmerized and breathless,
I’ll never refrain from submersing myself in the moment
I wish you know the untold truth; a secret relent reality,
Countless myriad motions and emotions to proclaim
That you are the essence of my existence
Removing the tears and enriching my soul;
Return a response for I’ve been waiting for!

Let’s make the radiant residue,
Resolve into resilient and resonant,
It’s never too late to revert back a playful smile,
Never too late to perhaps reunite,
Reconnect with unique zing we share,
We could have wonderful time like forever,
You can just hold my hand,
And I shall hold you for life-time!
My gift for you in my everlasting admiration,
Returns of retrieve reconciliation!

In the days we have not yet planned.
I have a momentum to recreate the moments,
With some really good rationalization,
I'll be a rolling compassion,
I’ll be a redemption to recline reliance,
With a refresh and re-energized motivation!
I'll be that worth warmth to eternal brace;
I’ll be a same righteous repair rake-up,
Under any condition or circumstance ahead,
I’ll be your fixed voice to raise the vote of confidence;
I'll be the a celebration host to raise the toast;
With a Return to Glory!

At the edge of my life illustration,
I toss and I turn, slip the tear,
Reminding you of 'us',
Relive the glorified revamp,
Every embrace is remembered,
Long lost pleasures gathered.
Little treasures touching souls,
Cherishing and celebrating in a complicated life,
Now found flames reciprocating spark,
We will be relieved that we took a risk in rough ruffle together,
So that we will return rowing and roaring refurbish success,
Floating away, far away where I’m alone not lonely..
Returning to dreams and desires!

Away from the rest of the world;
We will rebuild our own world - you and me!
The world we always wished to escape to..
Meeting ends, we must come back,
Back to our sanity and realism
I realize my greatest return on life
Where I owe each beam to you;
For giving the love that I give,
You owe me nothing in return,
Just a request,
Perhaps with your returning footsteps to me,
You can grant my precious Return-gift!

  • The beautiful picture is contributed by my very dear friend, Nandita :) Thanks gurl! You gurl sure rock!

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  1. hey Rachna nice post...liked the way u expressed it.. :)

    I blog at

  2. Rachana
    This is so so so cute post.. Let me describe it in detail...
    Innocence - so cute..
    You have cashed in beautifully
    I loved the romance, particularly humble heartbeat.. wow so so romantic..
    'You heal my soul' - Lovely bliss returned definitely more than expected..
    Reminisce of Regal Rumination - Rally round to release, renew and still rejoice in pain - unimaginable
    I know I'm not a poet nor do I could ever pretend - ????
    Concillation and glory are superb...
    Dreams, I don't think I have right to comment on such a awesome poem...
    You will be granted your precious Return - gift..

    I totally loved it..

    Someone Is Special

  3. Wow Rach...I love your thoughts on Return in this beautiful poem of yours...you sound so in love! Of course you do, right?

    Btw, am back from my long R & R with my family! I missed you a lot dear! Thanks for being always around even just in FB!

    Have a great weekend!

    I wish you all the best for BAT!

  4. Rocking Rachana has Returned ...

    It is absolutely Rachanabulous, Rachanalicious, Rachanastic ...

    Am R'elated' and recharged after reading this post...

    All the lines are stocked with piles of positivity and optimism .... which depict one thing.... LIFE.... not in spending, but LIVING.

    Resonance, Resilience, Reconnection, Radiance, Redemption, Reliance, Roll, Recreate, Roar, Righteousness, Refresh, Response, Restore, Rescue, Rainbow, Release, renew, reveal, reason, randomness, retrace, rejoice, rebound, Realise, Romance......

    What else?...... Yes, What else do we need if we "RETURN" the above "R" things in life...
    What else do we need if we return those things not only to others but also to ourselves...

    What else do you need other than grabbing my vote?

    What else do you need other than having ur post in "I recommend" page of my blog..

    What else can i return to the cho chweeet chakkati chinnari chaaala chilipi pilla

    The sparks, the flavours, the aromas........am relishing and cherishing them.....

    Its not Bow to you, but,
    its BOWS to you....

    keep humming :)

  5. you have expressed it beautifully... I #Like!!!!

  6. That was a lovely read. Made me feel all mushy inside. My fav lines - "Away from the rest of the world;
    We will rebuild our own world - you and me!
    The world we always wished to escape to.." Best of luck for BAT!

  7. Now!! That was MIND-BLOWING!
    A classic, right from the heart! blended so well to the theme, touching and coming from someone who can put these things so effortlessly into words
    Just loved it, girl!

  8. wow....cute..nice ...sweet and simple read..!!!

  9. i like the You owe me nothing in return, line the most, quite abstract & complex poem, nice though, grammatically, i suggest - nor must always go with neither, either-or go always together similarly neither-nor go together.

  10. Amazingly beautiful.. Loved it buddy.. ATB for the BAT.. :)

  11. First time on your blog. Nice take on the prompt
    Best for BAT

  12. Wow, one of those beautifully crafted chain of thoughts & emotions that encapsulate everything life is worth living for.
    I'm surely RETURNing to your blog for more!
    Kudos Rachna!

  13. Damn! i had to RETURN back so soon to apologise for having wrongly spelt ur name! :(
    Sorry Rachana :)

  14. It seemed like a reflection of many thoughts. Well put, hearty bunch of sentiments!

  15. that was such a nice poem Rachana... was really a very pleasant read... keep them coming!


  16. Beautifully written,straight from the heart :)
    You rock girl!!

  17. this is such a beautiful post...
    the Return at the end of each line addd so much beauty to the meaning of each para...
    wonderfull post :)

  18. Nice read Rachana. Me no expert in poems... but I liked what I read. Thanks.

  19. Nice.
    Sorry, cant say much because I dont get poetry naturally. But I liked whatever sense I could make :)


  20. Beautiful lines Rachna !! you expressed so many forms of return in a really sweet way. You sure have a way to create magic with words.

  21. All kinds of returns are here... lovely :)
    best of luck for BAT :)

  22. Amazing,All the best for Blog ton 14


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