27 November, 2010

C for creative Colors chuckle

  • This post is written for Leo's Z to A Challenge in 26 Days for the month of November'2010.
  • A beautiful picture(below) is captured by my very inspiring talented friend Parker!
Creative Colours chuckled :

“I come to combine and concord your life
Spinning glowing down continue to celebrate time.
Challenging moments and composing human vine.
Confining fear in all verve turns,
Courageous care only returns.”

Green leaves crackling trees in the breeze
Cheerfulness orange sunshine rinse,
Here is life in every tone and yes in very rhyme!
Cute cluster pink flowers on the edge of earth prime,

Cloud and metallic fog in the winter evening’s log,
Chaste silver dews rolling down the deem
Culminate to conclude white mist within..
Bubble dwells for an instant but Joy everlastingly!

Ah! The colours of life it claims..!
Course of the rains on the blue plains,
A Kaleidoscope of colour in character trim..
Refinement in red charisma coalesce on cherry and cheeks elegance,

Little black locks swirled by.
Golden brown crop layering shy,
Busting joy charms one and all,
Come closure to the beam of colours radiance with a dash of magic wand,

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
Colours (c) Parker

Buzz against the boredom,
Nature engages enrichment pomp,
Fragrance gives me an ecstasy clue,
Beauty in colours just blooms and sail away the glooms..

This isn’t a complex line,
It got a warmth and world defines,
You gotta have a heart to daze mind to understand the art divine,
Akin to seasons serenity fetch changes over set-time..

And when the rain washes the world and there’s a glittering sun shine,
Soon a magnificent rainbow emerges in the blue
Bringing together serendipity in heaps of hue,
Stretching to touch the ground emerald green,

Miraculous Rainbow spreads the peace!
Shifting in comfort being firm bunch of bliss,
The tones and coloured curtsy bow and bend in grace sheen,
Embracing each of seven essential basic colours chase to be a team,
So Colours of life prism commences creative spectrum of cheerful marvel rim!


  1. There is so much joy in your heart, could you lend me some :P

  2. I am the First person here to comment!!

    Well said Rachna!!!!

  3. @Sam

    Thanks so much!
    Sure just pouring in more spark..you getccha sparkles! Enjoy!!

  4. @shankar

    Glad you went through the post!
    Hope you liked it :)

  5. oh what beautiful poetry, Rachana :D lot of joy :)

  6. Amazing amazing and simply amazing.... so my friend is venturing into poetry after the stories.. Good going Gal :)
    just loved it.

  7. I must say it’s a really good blog.i enjoy it very much , thank you for shearing all the info keep it up


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