22 November, 2010

They call me poet

This one is for all one the I truly love, adore, appreciate and get every time so much fascinated knowing them more! With affecting: Suni, Vijay, Mahesh, Rahul, Leo, Amity :), Madhulika, Mitul, Peeyush di and many many more..

They call me poet
When I wrote a line
I wondered if they were pulling my leg
Or simply my words were such worth prime!

They call me poet
Even when I made a painting
I wondered if they really liked the lines I draw
Or simply adored my skills of flaw!

They call me poet
When I cracked a joke
I wondered if they really understood my wit
Or simply admire my thoughts zing with cheer tinge!

They call me poet
When I step to dance
I wondered if they liked my basic moves,
Or simply flattered my stride sync the tune!

They call me poet
When I deliciously cook
I wonder if they truly loved my culinary skills
Or simply appreciated delightfully roasted whiff!

I know I’m not a poet
I don’t paint imaginary possessions with words.
I wonder if they absolutely believe my thoughts, I meant
I wonder if they believe my words, I said
I wonder if they feel the same affection, I wish
Or simply comprehend the pleasure and comfort with in!

My words are not just words...
It’s a language of heart to a heart,
It’s a link to connect the soul with poise,
It’s a spirit to transfer to cherish the choice,
It’s a hope to ignite the spark within!

My words are not just words in writing
It’s a might endeavour bestow enlightening
Nevertheless, it’s not just a prose to possess
When I don’t let my wholehearted words to get waste!

Attempt to regularize to memorize
Occasional rhymes that shines sometimes
Right spot wanna talk a lot
Mend thoughts and recollect emotions in words decode..

My words written are not always golden
Yet they are filled with eternal dedication
My words might not be wise always
Yet they cannot be just an uncared phrase..

My words are fully determined,
And here I admit my incline...
I like the sync and zing
In world of words dynamics rhymes sublime,
So far I’m not a poet yet!
But hold rhythm in every little humble care.

This is undeniably true,
My little words...
Passing by scores of perceptive barriers,
Touching countless apprehensions,
Warming many hearts!

Challenging to create a spark
Proclaiming a concord with a sword beckon as a word!
Yet! They call me a plain poet..
And I like to label thyself an ardent passionate ark!

~ Keeping the Spark ALive..


  1. Simply superb :) U r indeed a great poet in all fields :) Awsum pic and S i too truely love, adore you :)

  2. Good thought, be what you are. Cheers.

  3. "They call me poet"...catchy tile. Nice one! :)

  4. more than words, a poet is by expression.
    You have it.

    Take Care,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. To not call you a Poet,
    Is kind of hard.
    With all those beautiful words,
    You rhyme and guard.
    Each touching the heart,
    With none to discard.
    You keep the ideas flowing,
    Others keep them jarred.
    In each phrase, rhythm
    And the passion Starred,
    Connects the random tunes,
    In my brain's backyard.
    Creating a mellow sound,
    With each melody to regard.
    So put ur name as Poet.Rachana,
    In your Identity Card. lol


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