10 January, 2011

I tried - Sweet Love

There are so many things often I ignore to say..
Sometimes I forget,
Yet sometimes I just easily shy away,
But I heartily wish and hope to tell you someday..
That I get speechless every time,
When I actually try to say!
Yet I can only pose the best way I could
Opening wide warm arms, pouting a bit, blink in twilight..
Steering a flying kiss
Like a sweet mere butterfly...
In a certain belief you will catch..
And YOU will be pleased..
To see that I at least tried!


  1. THNX a million.

    I luved luved luved this post.. thnx 4 writing it .. i also wanted to say something similar to someone... m so happy i found d rght words to express myself..

    n d picture is just perfect... m so so sso happy..

    I can relate it so well to mysef, my feelings, my intentions , my luv n my own life...

    LUV u dear frd..

    Keep writing more,
    Best wishes,

  2. If I ever get a chance i will learn it by heart n recite it for my LUV ....

    N I wish somebody gives a tune to these beautiful, heart - touching lyrics.... its going to b my fav fav fav song... m sure...So original, so pure n straight from d heart...

  3. @Madhulika

    I'm just so much touched Maddy..
    I wish you all that You wish!
    And I keep that in my prayer everyday!! God bless U! Loved yeah always :)

    Believe it or not...it was so instant while solving some other thing...that even i could not realize what i was looking for while typing..until u made me turn around as see my own words that speaks your heart!

    ~ does this also sound like a prose...hehhee

  4. What a great poem! I loved it for the genuine feelings in it.

  5. The unspoken words, here, they steal the show. :)
    Nice one!



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