22 January, 2011

Mystery of Love

Indeed, sometimes picture speaks more than any words or crisp statements could express.
This adorable expressive picture below is taken by my very sweet friend, Aishwarya!!
So proud of you gurl! And thanks so much for letting me use this picture :)

Even if we knew it all
There would still be a little mystery evolved,
Even if all our tales would have been told in words
There still is a chance to talk even more in codes!

And there if we ask a question
Sure it means we knew the reply that is coming by,
And it’s then, when I try to stare in your bright eyes
I never get through clear, me being moderately shy!

And yet when I blink my eye immediately after,
I see your glimpse in every flash and flare,
And this is when I love the sentiment to share,
And tend to hate same time the feeling that
You are not here!

But as it is said
In thoughts, in walks, in every motion, in gesture tried
In words, files, in coffee breaks and long-ride,
I know, you envision me
Through every moment subsist and dream surge survives!

And yet when one is far behind;
Walking alone...
But with the sailing memories storm,
Still walking and waking nights
For you regretting no instance ever!

Nothing yet a lot has been changed
Except for the feel of that old flame
We have tried to move on
but this feeling’s are just too strong!

Something simultaneously provokes and prevent,
I know occasionally you hung up when you dial
Or sometimes dialled and not held emotions mild
Hence, I will never let you be alone even for a while..
Will make you always smile even from a mile,
I’ll get in your rhyme tic heartbeats wave
And soon you’re heading into my soul’s way!

So until I find you on my side
I fear nothing but sudden lost sign
Cause’ I still adore you like I did before,
For your presence constantly keeps me under control
And here I share secrete powers to smile more
Further I see myself really grow like never before!

Then seek out not scared, my dear sweets!
Smile, share peaks and speak sweet
Fling out your fears...
Let any questions like ‘why’ or ‘If’ never enters!

By far, we will care the bond
Nourish, flourish in the core
Cause' YOUR big heart and kindness...
will find its way to ME...!
Ending a mystery of sacred history!


  1. Wohooooo..... Its beautiful..both the poem and the picture.... I'm ur fan Rachana.. If I cud write even 10% of u, it will b wonderful..

  2. Very touching indeed....great work ma'am!


  3. You know, your posts speak in a very confident tone, like you know the exact state of the heart and mind, of both sides.
    It takes a lot of understanding to be like that, hope you have it. No am quite sure you do.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Awesome (and your blog to), I wish I could send this to someone...

  5. ooohhh.. feelings curtained behind poetry..

    u are hiding something juni..
    let it burp out..

    bt thats wat i think.. may be its nt wat i am seeing from here.. as distance has blurred my vision..

    but what a beautiful words.. i have read it thrice .. but seriously cldnt figure out .. how and what to comment on it..

    n here i end my clatrap, with a copy paste from your creation.. {hope u wont litigate me for that..}

    "Smile, share peaks and speak sweet"


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