05 January, 2011

Sand Fantasy

Below is the inspiring picture of my very sweet friend -'Prerna'.
And this prose is dedicating to wish her great ever smiling charming life!

~ Sand fantasy ~

A careless slightest breeze,
Passing through her dark locks,
Touching peach cheek,
Leaving them forever blushing!

While the mild wind settles,
Wild goes the aqua sea,
Ripples of hope repeats,
Replenish ecstasy sealed!

Breeze turns into a blow,
Taller the waves,
Deepen the love shores,
Higher the vow goes!

Crystal indigo water in the crest,
Allied to the aqua water in the trough,
Currents continue connection,
Recollecting sand shimmer and moments!

Supple delicate dreams,
Wondering walk beside the blue deep,
Tides flowing to smoothing the fantasy trail,
Carving footsteps through the future trace!

And here goes a curve,
Creating a fine-grained dream castle,
And a compassion in sand,
In the embedded heart arc, she created!


  1. Very well written and the pic is cute.

  2. Castles in sand, I'd say you could tell a story.

    Nice read.

    For example, Google 'Sicaf Sand' and watch the awesome creativity with sands and the story it tells.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Wow! its really a nice poem! :) love it~ ^_^


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