02 February, 2011

55 fiction - sync vibes and thoughts

This post is published as an entry for the KING AND QUEEN OF 55F CONTEST – The first ever unique, challenge for the coveted title in micro fiction category.
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Rules of the contest:
  • One have to write a set of three 55F.
  • The first two sets should be a story on its own.
  • The two stories should climax / conclude / inter-twine in the third set of 55F.
  • The story could be of any genre i.e, love, crime, mystery or thriller etc.

55fiction: left the room
She looked in pain and her eyes were full in tears.
He looked at her and gave no sheer interest.
A long pause and silence cricking!
‘Leave the room..’ he said in anger.
She could not cope.
At ones she left the room in tears and walked off his life too without a second thought.

55fiction: passed away

She felt uneasy and weak.
She took long breaths with no comfort within.
He gave her ‘pump’ to breathe simple.
She felt hurt, heat and difficulty to stand sore.
It was not an ‘asthmatic attack’ at core but was an acute ‘heart-attack’
Perhaps latter he found, her soul passed away in pain due to ‘thought-attack’!

55fiction: comfort and conversation was missing

Still he feels her scent and presence in room.
Miss the food she often cooked.
The link of comfort was missing.
Latter in his life he missed the conversation too.
Suddenly phone rings, there are no words but deep breaths he could sense.
With broken heart he whispered, "Come back, honey! Mom left us forever!"


  1. Beautiful story, rather story strung in episodes of three people, knit together.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Very nice :) Good luck for the contest girl!

  3. loved all three to da core!<3<3<3

  4. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Thanks So much!!
    It was a bit awkward to merge all but glad u found it interesting!!

  5. @Avada Kedavra

    Thanks so much Avada!!
    I'm also looking forward to ur attempt too :)
    Wish U too all the best!

  6. @divsi

    So happy Divsi, you liked all the three!!
    And keep dropping me a line..I true appreciate that :)

  7. Really it is a heart touching story.
    The pain can be really felt when we read the lines

    really touching

  8. Sounds like it could be anyones true to life tale.
    All the Best! :)

  9. really touching Rachana... almost had me in tears... all the best!

  10. The storyline was moving, and I liked the fact that each 55er could stand independently.

  11. Well tried,I thought the central plot was decently structured.

  12. That was one touching story. Got me emotional.

  13. hmm... what to say

    saw a link of your post "My Childhood Memories"

    started reading post one after the another, left my work behind and didn't even know up to my lunch time until my frnds msgs popping up.

    this is my first day reading ur blog and i feel like -- please don't ever discontinue posting blogs with magical words.

    really i cannot express my feeling while reading your blog... keep posting.

    looking for next post.

  14. very beautifully written.. heart touching and soul stirring story.. gud luck 4 more
    Luv Yeah


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