13 February, 2011

to be loved - Happy Valentines Day

>>This beautiful picture is captured
by my very dear friend 'Parker'.

Who does not like that cute wink
Who does not like that little glance!
Who does not like to take a chance!
A little assist in little things..
A little touch and a little blink!
Many small talks yet long conversation
Blankly staring at dreamy eyes...!
Who does not like to listen and speak precise!

Who does not like the rush in blood!
That short of breaths
That high heart beats...
And short of words
That nervy sweat
That friend’s sweet tease
Those unconfirmed up-links
Perhaps those weak knees!

Who does not like the fluttering of eyes!
That blush on face
Those pink cheeks!
Who does not like to remember the tiny moments!
The first meeting
The first few sentences spelled
The first coffee sips together
And perhaps the first fight!

Who does not like to be absent mind!
And when no one is around...
Still you are smiling like a kid
And secretly wishing and praying for someone!

Who does not like to feel that sweet pain!
For a moment one wonders
Is being kid-like normal or
Normal is to behave insane!

Who does not like to get
Butterflies when the name is said!
And last page scribbling of the name,
Who does not like the echo of voice!
The vibration of tone..
And those cutie pie pet names
And yet when not a single word whispered..
Reading those eyes!
Who just do not like!

Who does not like to be asked if food is eaten!
Or a reminder to drive slow
Or to check things before you forgot,
Who does not like to be simply told!
To sleep early
And be served in the morning
With tea and red rose!

Who does not like to be the one!
The one special
A pretty face!
Complex be the situation or feeling
Who does not like
That unconditional support!

Who does not like to be adored!
Where admiration is far more gratifying than anything!
Earnest expressions of affection
Who does not like flatter lines in the crowd!
Talking of the fascinations!

Who does not like to cry!
Cry out all stress and sniff
When there is a shoulder
Strong and concerned
Bow the head
Tears just roll-down
All bitter thoughts just rinse!

Who does not like those restless nights!
Those captivating thoughts
The excitement to see a new day
Those silly hiccups
Those secret plans to set a simple day as special
Who does not like to be surprised in anyway!

Who does not like those mushy talks!
Those flying kisses from the distance
And those cuddle pose
Those warm arms
Holding hands!
Mould the fondness
Cup the face!
Where you forget life’s all odd
Who does not like those silly short messages on phone!
Those teasing miss calls
And those in simple message cracking code!

Who does not like to be treasured!
Just as the plants needs light, heat and water
We also need to be deeply cared..
We also want to be madly pampered..
Every day and every minute
Who does not like to be liked!
Who does not wish to be cherished!
Delicately touched
Passionately hugged
And perhaps who does not like to be genuinely loved!!


  1. You remind me of a song...

    when you love someone by Bryan Adams.

    When you love someone you'll do anything
    You'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain
    You'll shoot the moon put out the sun
    When you love someone
    You'll deny the truth believe a lie
    There'll be times that you'll believe
    you can really fly

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Have a wonderful Valentine's day!!!

  3. My best wishes on this Valentines day.

  4. Its a wonderful poem. I just loved it & had forwarded to all my sweet friends, Also Wish u a Happy Valentine's day!!!

  5. Really good lines...even i start humming....LOL...


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