18 February, 2011

A white Cup of Coffee

The wonderful picture attached below is captured by my very dear friend, "Parker".

Ones again a fascination with a coffee and a thought provoked my head with a superb realization.
As always a beautiful day...went to the CCD(Cafe Coffee day) to enjoy my lovable aromatic cappuccino a kind of coffee.
This CCD had its best location as it was almost in the heart of the market area...and I choose to sit outside under the umbrella to feel the air and bit of sunlight around. Basically enjoying the heat and dust of India!

My coffee was on the table and every time I looked my cup of coffee I wished if my cup was white colour it would have stood out in the colourful background. Than thought the white colour would actually look more hygienic and give more purity kind of feeling...which brought amazing brightness in thoughts while sipping the coffee.

But alas...my cup of coffee was actually of black colour with some weird print...which totally distracted me and my brewing thoughts.
In fact, I stared my silly black cup so badly as if I could even break that with my eying power, I thought.

Soon I started thinking that, I like more of glasses/crystal which is transparent in looks...tall without handle to hold...and while we hold them in hands...they warm up our palms with a soothing effect.

I wondered more stupid as the thought passed through...how about drinking a coffee in a wine glass with a tall steep bowl on top and long stem to hold elegantly....perhaps...not that appropriate for coffee...yet could I actually try drinking in it!!

Also I thought how the earthenware glasses gave so wonderful flavour to the tea we find mostly at our railway stations or bus-stands. What if we drink coffee in that...will that be a different experience!

Or drink coffee in a cheap plastic cup and be proud to the fact that the cup would have been recycled and I’m supporting a great green revolution.

And finally I remembered...when I was in college messy canteen, I ones even enjoyed my coffee in a cup which had a tiny creek on the edge of the rim of it.

...I wish 
I had
a white cup to sip my
But whatever it is or it was or it could be...I was just not satisfied with my odd looking black cup of coffee and constantly over again and again the same thought kept repeating... “Wish I had a White Cup to sip my lovely coffee!”

The options of glasses were many from truly expensive to some very cheap, some exquisite and some absolutely dull plain looking. And I know no matter what, I would choose the best and most beautiful cup for me may be the most expensive one over the cheap plain looking cup and indeed this thought would resemble with everyone’s desire.

The matter of fact is everyone wants to have the best for one self. And I think there is nothing wrong in that when one is actually granted with choices to make which serve you the best.

...my conversation with my coffee was hindered
by a
Though, my conversation with my coffee was hindered by this silly cup.
I looked around and found few lucky one, other coffee lover enjoying their coffee in White Cup that I secretly desired for. Eyeing their cups made me a bit heartbreaking.

And that was truly strange for me as I never thought this would affect me so much and I in the longing of having the best cup, in a process would forget to enjoy my favourite coffee and my that sweet little time that I take out from the hustle bustle of life to enjoy my time where I can be with me sipping the coffee.

And with a flash suddenly I had this realisation that the cup did not add any quality or extra flavour to my coffee.

And certainly I initially ordered to have a coffee and not thought about the cup. 
Yet now when I have a coffee I’m ignoring to enjoy that aroma and I’m thinking more of the cup, its shape and colour than about the coffee.

And perhaps if we apply on life same way...
~ Life is a Coffee!
~ The job, the position we posses, the wealth we earn, the society, the status, the whole and all little thing we do in life for betterment which are important and think they are as valuable to cherish are the Cups.
Yet we stood holding our special cups in pride...which are nothing else than those just non-living tools to hold the contents called the life. Perhaps, sometimes it’s so difficult to accept the fact that the cup be it white or black shall not define what we are or can change the quality of life we are living or heading and aspiring to.

To enjoy the coffee we need to make richer with chocolate, cream, sugar or other stuff. A rich looking expensive cup wouldn't help much to enhance the flavour.
...the sweet little things in life 
well settled and untouched by our ignorance to see 
the little joys in
little gulps
tiny hiccups..

Would my friends talk to me if I have a better house, or would my family love me more if I had a car or would she/he love me more if I have more money!!

The simple true answer is 'NO'!

Indeed none of them or for the matter of fact never 'WE' decide to talk or build relationship with anyone for what one posses as luxurious richness but the true people will love you for the respect you have earned and appreciate you for more the grace you carry in your attitude and words you say or the thoughts you reflect.

We live and excel due to our own abilities and capabilities, applying with grace.

~ Sometimes we concentrate so hard only on the cup and type of cups to posses that we constantly fail to recognise to reflect the coffee, the wonderful sweet life which we are blessed and gifted with.

~ A coffee with little sugar granules settled at the bottom of the cup...possibly the little sweet things and cute moments of life settled untouched at the bottom...which still needs to be stirred and realized to enjoy.

The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They don’t have the best or the most expensive cups to show. Yet they have the coffee perhaps the best one to relish. They are just making the best of everything they have.

And well goes the quote:
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." ~T.S. Eliot
I here ask you...
"Have you started enjoying your coffee at the core or you are still staring at the silly cup, like I did before!!"


  1. Very thoughtful post Rach...:)

    Now I remember those moments when I had to be just looking at my cup of coffeee til it's gone cold?

    And yes, I also have this choices when it comes to cup! I like white cups too and on some occasions, I like my cup with pretty prints on it esp of flowers and cute cartoon characters..

    It is so admirable how you liken coffee with life...:)

    And yes, more often than not, when I started typing on my lappy, I could forget the sweet aroma til it went cold na... :(

    Ah coffee, could we live without it? Suddenly for me, of late, I became coffee addict!

    I soooooooooo love a hot cup of coffee, black or with cream...I can have any! And must be too hot! It's not coffee for me anymore when it gone lukewarm already! :D


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