27 June, 2011

fruit of life - when life gives you lemons

Note: The beautiful picture of lemonade is captured by my friend, 'Vishy Fishy'. Extremely talented and self-learned photographer by passion.
Here is a real post for a very real picture! Hope you like it. I have no idea if I can justify the beauty of the picture in this post...but I know nothing but this picture will do a justice to this post.
Between I want to thank you buddy for letting me your this awesome picture! No wonder it's inspiring to go through any art work captured.
~Feel free to leave a word of appreciation at his gallery of captured pictures. LINK: © Vi-Fi
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

When I saw this picture, it looked do real and instantly I had this feeling to add this in my blog. But I wondered for days or even months what can I write over this. Could there be a love story over lemonade or a fiction of the sizzling soda added in the lemonade?!
Finally came up with this post! No I'm not sharing the recipe of lemonade :P Yet I could not resist this season's great summer thirst-quencher 'Lemonade' made of lemons!

Okay, when life gives you lemons what you do?
In a motivating way it is said make lemonade out of those small citrus fruits.
That is like an old saying, but exactly it means, “If life gives you something sour turn it sweet”. I perceive the notion as trying to make the best of what you're given and still act productively in the tough times. Sure it’s like squeezing the most out of life from the fruit... and try to lighten up the sour pass quickly!

While the whole world is still in a whimsy mood, I wish to add a bit of wit with the prospective what other might just say.
I asked this question to my friends and guess what hilarious and innovative thoughts they produced... *with a background effect of my thoughts over their response*. I have deliberately not mentioned names of the people but I hope they will acknowledge their own lines and savour other's views while reading :)

If life gives you lemons...(fill in the blanks)

  • “I’ll find someone with a bottle of vodka, throw a party, and ask them for goodness sake, invite me!”
    *well fun is today quite a costly affair, I guess*
  • "lemons is full of Vitamin C, good for teeth and bones, so rub the juice of lemon on your teeth...you so need them when you are grinding teeth in angry!"
    *hmm...quite a solution to consider when angry or after effects of anger. Between if you rub them on teeth sure you won't be able to speak evil too :P*
  • “Throw back on the face who gave you lemons...hit them hard”
    *there you go my friend, you so like settling the scores on everything ;) *
  • “Ones you make that lemonade sure drink that too, you need to calm down cool down and stop freaking for little things.”
    *you owe some Vitamin C*
  • “I will squeeze them ... add water, lots of sugar n chaat masala and share the drink with all my friends”
    *such a generous girl...wonder if she will share her chocolate shakes too :P *
  • “Get those lemons with green chillies and hang that in front of my house entrance, office, car, pc...almost everywhere..."
    *security-system, I get it...wonder if it will prevent span on facebook too :P * *Originally, Indian custom to defend from bad-luck*
  • “I don’t want lemons, I want mangoes in summers!”
    *you seem very demanding*
  • "I would probably stare at it for a moment and walk away something like, “I don’t think that lemon is mine”.
    *Well! that was simple..but please do not hand them to others and absolutely not me in any case! :P*
  • “Is my life a fruit-basket..I don’t want lemons!”
    *you know what I’m speechless...it was just a phrase, you see :P *
  • “I’ll cut it, suck it and move on...”
    *perhaps an easy move and laziness seeks you ;)*
  • “I’ll squirt the juice from the peeler of the lemon, into the eyes on one who see me from the undress me eyes..”
    *Well done! I know you are too modest to admit that you are beautiful :D*
  • “Will keep the lemon at the cross-road junction. Let the people stare the tiny fruit as if they are watching some bewitch series. Mean while I can cross road without any hassle and traffic around.”
    *well that was a desi reply I guess*
  • “I’ll sell them, as I need some cash right now..."
    *Wish you earn and become millionaire / Lemonaire ;)*
  • “I’ll see if it can be converted Lemons to Melons...”
    *now that very a creative mind...or just a trick in altering few alphabets here and there ;)*
  • “Will take with some salt and tequila shots!”
    *I will ask to buy me a drink:P*
  • “I will turn lemons into oranges”
    *think you are a magician, I know you absolutely are :))*
  • “Wisdom is making Apple juice out of lemons; let the people stare your face...go figure out sour-people.”
    *well that was illogical and rude too ;)*
Thank you guys, for sharing your thoughts and motivating me in a way :))
"Every cloud has a silver lining", just like lemonade have a tiny sugar crystal lining on the rim of the glass.

Now guys! Let us be clear with this thought first that lemon as a fruit does not owe any fault to your fate. It is still a beautiful fruit with quite refreshing smell and more blessed with positive healthy traits.

Limewater juice works wonders so make it a part of your daily routine to drink a glass of warm lemon water with honey in the morning and then open your gateway to enjoy its health benefits. "It is an antiseptic, or is an agent that prevents sepsis [the presence of pathogenic bacteria] or putrefaction [decomposition of tissue]. It is also anti-scorbutic, a term meaning a remedy which will prevent disease and assist in cleansing the system of impurities." Link quote from web

Hence you know why life gave you lemons!
I believe lemons are for the purification of your thought-process! Since lemons are useful in treating colds, sore throat etc, you must know lemons in life will only strengthen your will-power to fight further any hurdle. Help you to rub off and bring shine in the tarnished bronze utensil and your golden soul too.

Probably being handed lemons by life give us an opportunity to jolt out of our daily dream. Muse over something worth which we were missing somewhere the hassle and bustle of life. Gives us a halt time to feel some of the magic we often feel is missing. It helps us to get present to our lives ‘right now’ in the moment.

It is a way to freeze you and live it forever.

Whether lemons make good lemonade or not, could be sold or not or like a wanderer you are searching something sugary to deal those sour lemons...There is nothing more delicious and delighting than the present moment, a little pause in our life as pursuit of happiness.
Live up to beat lemons the demons feeling, living up to my full potential!

Sure you learn a lot when you lose it almost...here I learnt something worth from the worthy fruit of life, lemons! Cheers life with Lemonade!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. I'll surely go for a lemonade :)

    Interesting viewpoint from everyone and from you too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. what a Lemonade....
    “I’ll find someone with a bottle of vodka, throw a party, and ask them for goodness sake, invite me!”

    “Will keep the lemon at the cross-road junction. Let the people stare the tiny fruit as if they are watching some bewitch series. Mean while I can cross road without any hassle and traffic around.”

    Aww.. I just love these thoughts Rach.. and this is an awesome post.. and if you ask me, I would say.. I will squeeze the juice and rub the lemon on my head to keep me chill.. It is pretty hot in chennai... Keep rocking Rachana..

    Someone is Special

  3. yummy tasty sugary slurrpy post... :)

  4. yummy tasty sugary slurrpy post... :)


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