14 June, 2011

right up on this rooftop - Rain

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear and talented friend, 'Rahul Sharma' aka 'Pietersen Rahul'.
When it come to capturing emotions, his enchanting pictures brings the best of thoughts expressing the apt moment simulating good feeling! Here's wishing him great success in life ahead. Thanks so much buddy!
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© spetnazarts
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Right now it’s raining very heavily outside.
I love rains needless to say. I’m enjoying the earthy heaven smell of ground. Oh its dear rain!
But surprisingly I have not yet run towards the window to see. I imagined people might be running on streets to get the shelter. Some must have opened their umbrellas. Some must have been already drenched in rain and splash. The curtains are all over the windows in the room so hardly can get a sneak peek of drizzle. However, interestingly I can hear it dancing right on this rooftop and feel the cool breeze around!
Some senses are working and few are debarred deliberately to improve over imagination.

I know all this sounds silly for the sake it’s just the rain.
But my heart pumps harder when it pours...

And every time it rains it’s always a new refreshing experience yet with same old nostalgic feelings!!
It is a connection to happy warm times.
Standing in the pouring rain...water running down the neck, lost with words, still such a spew still captured aura!
And running memories in a blink of an eye...
Scattered thoughts and shattered realization,
Reminding me the same sunsets and rainbows,
Bringing back alive as it seem to be with dews in eyes,
And stimulating spattering drops embraced left with the footprints on muddy rain-water after the downpour...

It’s not just the windy mist, growling clouds, crashing of the thunder or damp earth..
Absolutely! Not just an ordinary day..
Nevertheless more than sloppy, steeped, soggy bit of land with bent soaked trees looks pretty but are messy
...It’s not just the rain, it is an experience!

An experience involving the mesmerizing moments,
With no mercy to melancholy series of smiles and puddles of tears simultaneously dripping by! This is an everlasting beautiful expression I enjoy the most, when it rains!

Now whether to feel I touch those magical pure pearls of rains with the tip of my fingers or not...I will still reflect an experience of rainy-weather in my soul.
Finally it rained!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Such a beautiful pic! :)


  2. a beautiful picture to go with beautiful words.. Mesmerized... I wrote a post on 'Nature', I am sure you will love it.. Do stop by it..

    Someone is Special

  3. "I know all this sounds silly for the sake it’s just the rain.
    But my heart pumps harder when it pours..."

    feel the drift :) I love the rains ... only time in the year when I feel in heaven :D

    take care...been long time
    the smell waits you :)


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