15 August, 2011

Nasty four letter word

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courtesy : Rang de Basanti - hindi Movie

Fittest will fit,
Indeed, never a fair game!
Nothing comes free in this world...
Yet everything is free that what is told...
Life, Luck, Lazy, Love
Nasty four letters priceless word is free!
Yet one of the most costly affair!
Few facts in life, I learnt
One must freely confess at least when given a chance
O dear! Told truth and felt I was free for a while
Foreseen free thoughts seldom people buy
Go figure the free-hug!
There lies huge difference between giving freedom and living with a free-will,
Leading to fate chosen is not a fault but by default.
Absolutely risk free return
Finally I even realized after downloading a free movie
Even the movie was not free, it costs me virus in my laptop!
Absolutely there is "free as in free beer" but no 'free lunch' as in!

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  1. Nasty four letter word, "free" everywhere.. Even a virus is free with a free movie.. Rachana, I love this poem a lot for the most beautiful last line.. :-) Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  2. wow wonderful thoughts...beautiful indeed :)
    all the best..
    keep smiling always :)

  3. So true. You have nicely playes on the two meanings of the word free. The free movie costing a virus was a master touch enforcing your message that nothing comes free in life. Best of luck for Blog-a-ton. You can find my post here In search of freedom

  4. I really liked the way you freely played with the word free...

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  5. your poetry made me smile---especially 'the cost of downloading that movie was a virus' bit :)

    very well put across...
    each fragment of the piece speaks out a whole lot of thoughts!


    you can read my entry to BAT-23 here---

  6. good one rachna, cost of downloading a free movie are viruses, nothing's for free. Good one..

    All the best for BAT.
    What Being Free meant for her

  7. Very true-in fact, the avarice of the world is such that the word free cannot be pre-fixed to any other; to the contrary, it serves as a suffix to almost everything-sugarfree,guiltfree et al.
    A very unique and memorable take on the topic-enjoyed it thoroughly.

  8. Reminded me of the open source software community for some reason. Nice read.
    All the best for BAT.

  9. Right, nothing comes free. Indeed, so true.

    For your every wrong action, you have to pay a price. On the contrary, to be successful, to achieve something in life, you have to pay the price of hard work !

  10. really good one..d free movie also cost a virus :D...i always download dem :(..loved the line "There lies huge difference between giving freedom and living with a free-will"
    my entry..FREE
    good luck for BAT :)

  11. Well said .. nothing i free in this world you have to pay for everything under this earth...

  12. As I noted to one of our fellow bloggers, this BAT ticked the funny bone of many. I think this is no different it was very well written.


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