21 August, 2011

Punto makes rewarding drive

Proud to be associated with Fiat and Indiblogger creating a creative initiation of Freedom from fuel Hike. LINK: DIESEL at a price of PETROL

A sunny Sunday enjoy brunch with friends and a road stretches miles with a smile.
Nothing more a beautiful could be a day. We enjoyed the first morning show of the movie, snacks, fun and lots of talks. Finally our last sip of coffee and we headed to our next destination, a mall to buy of household stuff. Got quite a long list of items stocking for next two weeks.

Indeed a busy working schedule does not allow us to shop everyday or come to the mall. Latter heading towards home, we suddenly started discussing the cricket match.

My friend, instantly logged into his mobile internet to see the scores and instead of score, he shouted at the core of his throat, “There is a hike in the petrol price”. We should have filled our bike yesterday night, since from today the petrol shall be costly. My friend and his wife were so upset about this. Suddenly I got stuck in mind that me and my hubby had never spoken about the hike in petrol. Never, though the hike in petrol hits every alternate month these days. Quite strange was for us to react.

There was quite a silence in the car. Only radio FM was playing high notes and everyone was in a numb stage. After ten minutes, my friend said, ‘you made a good decision definitely’

We wondered what he meant regarding, of course it was about our car, Fiat-Grande Punto Emotion in Hip Hop Black. It was a perfect and easy choice to make. It was exactly what we wanted and waited more. This small car features is no less than any other big car. Moreover it is a diesel car which has an EcoDrive a complete new service component which offers the ability to track driving with efficiency. It collects data about CO2 emissions and fuel consumptions by saving them to a USB key, which can then be connected to a PC and analyzed. It posses the most powerful engines have electronic stability program and anti slip regulation fitted. These engines are also environment friendly and Euro 4 ready.

It’s been two years and there might have been twenty times prise hike of petrol but our priceless Punto carved with perfection and diesel oriented acts strong creating a long lasting bond.

No wonder our fellow beings and friends who bought car of other brands same time when we bought Punto are every month facing a hike bumper to cross with pain. Lucky we are having great time in relishing long drive in Punto.

And when I’m with my Punto, nothing stops us but the long lasting sweet memory of good drive and a satisfaction to feel that an expense made ones a while earlier was an investment saving our future and fuel simultaneously! Punto diesel makes the journey our reward. In city it gives a mileage of 13-14 km and on highway 18-20 km with a/c on, well quite decent I must say! With punto we need not worry about price hike :)

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  1. Great post, switch to diesel...:)

  2. Very innovative write up. Defintely it shows your brand loyalty :)
    Punto is a nice car and so is your write up :)

  3. Great post indeed! Wake up call for the environment lovers.

  4. Okay. Do they have Punto in America?

  5. @ Saru
    Thank for the reply, Yes switch to Punto :)

  6. @ Richa
    Absolutely Richa..every little move makes a difference :)

  7. @ Duane

    Hi Duane,

    I believe that Punto is not in North America but it is in South America, which might be with known with some other name like Fiat Panda or Fiat Grande Abarth

    Since you look more interested in the Car...check this link and find Grande Punto on 26th number :)

    Link: http://hallicino.hubpages.com/hub/35-Euro-Cars-That-Can-Save-America---Main-Hub

    LINK: http://www.fiat500abarth.us/featured/the-abarths-are-coming/

    LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Panda

  8. Hi Rachana,
    We too have a Punto and it is the best car I have ever driven. It is great to drive a Punto on highways, for long drives. It holds the road very well even at high speeds and gives you a feel-good experience while driving.
    However in Pune City where the the traffic is so heavy and chaotic and the roads terrible, driving any car is a big pain.
    Happy Driving
    PS - We have a Red Punto.

  9. @ Vikram Sir

    :)) Smiles always! I raise a toast everyday in a name of Punto!!
    Definitely long drives with Punto are pleasure absolutely!
    Unlike other cars, though being a Diesel car it have a good kick start and pick up in speed after every red light, hence simply worthy for city use.
    We so wanted Red Punto, but when we were buying, red color was not available and we had to wait for a month, so I instead decided to go for Punto rather than color...hehe....Red, blue, Maroon still all my fav. :)

    Glad we share a Punto Bond!!!

  10. @Rachana --Blog header looks awesome after a long time. Its getting cleaner.

    Ab to teri car drive karni hi padegi...:)

  11. PUnto is one of the most awesome cars available in that segment.. the exclusive features offered makes the drive more exciting..


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