07 August, 2011


Below is the beautiful picture captured by my dear friend, 'Sameer'. Interestingly the thought was also shared by him some long time ago and without spilling the beans...here goes the prose!

12:30 noon and meeting follows.
4 files over the table scattered.
Blue, red, green and yellow with priorities hitting
Just realised the work finished within half a day thrashing hope.
Easy, sometimes relaxed yet bound to series of expectations!

Waiting for more work
Wondering nothing but ‘All’
Sitting and yawning.
Suddenly realised clock hand revolves into 5:30.
Removing the spectacles positive point two in number

Crossed hands
Silent still
White barrier wall
Though blank yet filled with unknown thoughts
Clock ticks the unspoken vibes
And one hour passed immediately

Numb, unchanged
Peon peek a boo and action time hinted
Cleared the throat and concentrated thoughts
Sit up straight.

Got up to check the plant
Stretched upwards
Standing yet lost and dull
Disappointed unconditionally
Made a random round,
With puzzled face
Everything working fine and a stagnate mind-set.

Nothing much
In a week this happens three to four times, making me weak!
Certainly severe stress
But blindfolded to next new moment..

Cafeteria, chat and coffee break
Listening light music with strong sips
Surrounding warmth in my mouth!

Thank God for inventing Coffee!

A long day is over...
Settling down with the sliding sun...
Finally with flying colours of aroma in coffee cup!

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  1. That is very nice.. :) Even I feel the same at times.. The frequency is more in the last couple of weeks though..


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