22 November, 2011

Best page in my Book of Life

Reading a book
Ruffling pages of life...
Caught up in a disquiet sight
Forgetting often things significant
A simple thought that flows
Starts in the morning
Following the sunshine
with a cool breeze,
Transcend time
And a space to unwind!
Hang around for hours
Celebrating weekend
Good friends
Cuppa coffee
Cheers to good times
Good conversation
Few silly little fights
Patch up instantly with hi-fi
Moment a true triumph!
Delicious meal together
Dessert we sure agree upon mutually!
Pulling legs and crack sally jokes
It's the greatest rejoice
True feeling to share
Certainly I care
Let’s celebrate
Good time ahead
I end reading the puzzles of life here...
A morning thought concluding hopeful
In a shining starry sky
Blessing good dreams
Ruffle Shuffle more pages
Best page in my book of life
The chapter Friends are in my favorite list!
Moment to cherish
Moments creates memories!
Makes life worthwhile!
The above prose is written for Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 14 covers the idea of thankfulness and its many facets in one’s life.


  1. lovely word flow,

    I am thrilled to see you in with our poetry picnic today, smiles.

    keep your talent coming and showing.



  2. Beautiful celebration of life and thankfulness! Lovely!

  3. Well, friends are the favourite chapters in anyone's life I suppose.. Keep writing sweet poems like this Rachana.. :-)

    Someone is Special


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