13 November, 2011

Haiku to my friend

This Haiku is dedicated to my dear friend as a little effort to inspire the world. And state that I’m so proud of my dear friend about...well you will read in the Haiku and story related to it mentioned below. Hope You like it!!

Complex obsession,
It’s not good to live with it..
Quit smoking shows guts!

A Haiku 5-7-5 written for Haiku Heights - Prompt #94 - Obsession

F ew days back I had a talk with my very old college time friend with whom I wasn’t in touch for many years. It was a great surprise to see my friend on the social site and now in my friend’s list.
I suddenly remembered that during my college days, my friend used to smoke a lot. I had always found that very uncomfortable to see that my friend was damaging thyself fitness with excessive smoking and indirectly affecting health of the people around too by passive smoking.

I was very much aware of the fact that more often during college days children tend to choose many new habits and weird practices.

Smoking is one of them extremely difficult to leave, under the pressure of the pears and friends and for the sake of silly show-off or untamed pleasure seeking. I'm so sorry, fagging and boozing doesn't makes you cool in any way!

Just when I got in touch with my friend again, my friend reminded the first thing that I used to always ask my friend to quit smoking then. Of course I knew, it was the most difficult thing to resist.

I asked again in curiosity to know if my dear friend still smokes. I continued saying my friend that, “You must be clear in your mind that Smoking is not without which you cannot live or spend few hours!”

Definitely life is beautiful and there are billion of things other left to continue, follow and cherish in life.

Adding bliss to my amazement, my great friend instantly replied, “I choose that smoke not something you live with..!”

Well that's the spirit! So proud of you dear friend!
Indeed quitting smoking reflects not just the will-power but also individual’s guts.

The picture above is taken from the movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' released in Year 1989, featuring Salman Khan!


  1. Thanks for blessing this Haiku and Post Rachana.. Everyone should think about it, “You must be clear in your mind that Smoking is not without which you cannot live or spend few hours!”

    Someone is Special

  2. Rachi,
    Wise words!I quit years ago.Before in a crowd of 10,9 were smokers. Now out of 10,9 are non-smokers. A simplistic observation I know.Somehow my feeling is that there are less smokers now. You have any idea why?


  3. Ahh, but a difficult obsession to walk away from!

  4. What a nice haiku about non-smoking. Not a common known thing to use in haiku. Well done.

  5. hmmm, so you are writing writing Haiku... That's good. :)

  6. Liked both your Haiku and story.Good for your friend.


  7. highest of thoughts wisdom and words of bravery indeed.

  8. Nice post and haiku. Your friend is lucky to have you.

  9. good message and picture From maine pyaar kia complements it.

  10. All of my children are obsessed with cigarettes...**sigh**

    My Obsession


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