02 November, 2011

in a heartbeat - Romantic Poem

Romance is on and so as the passion!
This is the series of Romantic poemsHeart BEAT.
And my take to introduce it the catchy line of Enrique Iglesias new album song 'Heart-beat',"..I can feel your Heart BEAT!!"
Read below the harmonious heart beat...

Merriment of boundless moment
Die for reasons so sweet
Closer comes the mystery
Sequence by sequence in a rewind motion
With closed eyes I see!
A dreamy sign of joy!
A sudden soak up in magic
Should I let myself drown?
Miracle just began when we met
Holding back tears
Hardship foray
Goosebumps on my arms
On the edge strolling
Leaning on the strong shoulders
A bright blaze silhouette silent
Harmonious heart beat in the moon-light
Whisper beneath the marble sky
Wrapping the world in the arms
Embrace shield emotions
Plans changed forgetting lanes
Lost together with fingers tangled
Lost in some eyes deep defining dreams
Swept with the unsaid few significant words
Waft in the lingering breeze
And warm breath in between!
Wreath for my soul!

Picture above is from a Hindi Movie 'Bodyguard' featuring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.


  1. I can feel your poem Rachana.. I am sure this series will make many romantic hearts happy..

    Someone is Special

  2. Nice way of expressing; each line stands by itself. Look forward to many more from you

  3. Hey Rachana first I want to congratulate you for such a nice piece of work and then I would like to say to you that this piece has reminded me of so many old but lovely moments of my life...Thanks to those moments and thanks to you for reminding me those once again....:)..""Touching for those who fell in love single or multiple times""

  4. I wish for such a life but.......sigh!!

  5. Aaah beautiful!!!!
    This is a life everyone wants....:D

  6. One thing that can summarize my reviews is that though I don't have that spcl sm1 in my life bt I cud still feel that depth, i can feel the charisma of true love, I can feel the connection and last but not least I want that spcl sm1 now for whom I can feel so deeply drenched in lovable emotions..
    Great work.. Awaiting for the rest of the series :)


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