07 November, 2011

Little Love Letter - Romantic Poem

Romance is on and so as the passion!
This is the series of Romantic poems ~ Heart BEAT.
And my take to introduce it the catchy line of Enrique Iglesias new album song 'Heart-beat',"..I can feel your Heart BEAT!!"
Read below the harmonious heart beat...

There is a lot behind every little
A little concern behind ‘I don’t care’
A little pain behind ‘All is well’
Holding on and standing strong
Chord deep down connecting bonds
Speaking silent whisper
Deep breath before heart ache
Though numbing me
My heart beats hard only for you
Warmth worth and priceless
Back when things were so fine
I wish you were back mine
A lot inside not easy to confide
A bunch you will never know
A lot you can make out
If you love me more
To stay awake is still wise
Getting up on feet if it feels right
Fun, fiesta and fly high
In a while it might pass
Complex emotion of litmus love
In a whilst it might just forever last
I wanted a little more of you in all
There's so much I want to say,
Through silly words tried to convey.
A little rhyme in giggle slowly grows
But frankly despite everything in pace n place
Without you Writing is such a waste of words!!
Yet wholeness beyond the words is what is worth!

Picture above is from a Hindi Movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' featuring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree.


  1. Creepy little beautiful poem...

  2. One day I'd like to borrow one of your poems and put it into a picture,

  3. I enjoyed every line. you write so well Rachana!

  4. 'Without you writing is a waste of words' ~ aww beautiful Rachana..

    Someone is Special


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