17 November, 2011

She's a star

Prose written for the Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 56 (November 17-November 23, 2011)

She is slim, petite, positive, plus or slender.
She has a small mole above her lips, redefining the smile!
She forgets to pin up,
And she asks for more safety-pins,
She is tall helps to put up in the tallest cupboard.
She is always late rushes banging doors,
She is written all over magazines and covers!
She jumps while getting into the jean,
A child like nature vulnerable and innocent!
She plays songs on the mobile while getting ready.
She drapes herself sleekly into the 6 yard saree*.
She is wrapped in an aura of mystery!
She blinks her eyes roughly 50 times in the 60 seconds while putting the eye liner.
She looks brilliant painter while putting up the sensuous red lipstick.
She softly brushes peach blush and actively blushes.
She has a classic influential romantic side fringe cut fairly,

She is chubby and bubbly.
She sometimes nurtures her tantrums!
A right to be a late-bloomer!
Yet she never brooded when things were out of control.
She forgets to take up her belongings.
Giving away us her pleasure and deed to sway!
She walks and often flaunts, Joy in her feet!
Gracefully slides and pumps high the heartbeat in deep.
She smiles too much.
Though rough and tough the life treats.
The weakness of her lies in her heart
But she adores the one who is humble and smart!
She walks firm and straight with healed heels
She is a princess but not all the time she deserve bliss
She trusts everyone for a while with love and genuine care.
She lifts herself on her little fumble toes.
Absolutely, lifting up the spirits!

She is reigning allure!
Legendary and larger than life,
She is a shorthand for charisma!
Witty, quirky, incurably honest and wise.
Back and forth swinging whispering earring!
Beat her beauty, flawless and fortified,
She gossips and sips the proteins shakes.
She is least bothered by fake hugs.
Her quote of life is still an enigmatic secret!
She laughs uproariously sometimes;
None know she is faking
She bottle up all the emotions.
Her smile is a treasure and hearts flutter.
Self-sufficient, commanding and a priceless solitaire!
She jokes to lighten up,
She is not simply bothered,
By the mindless opinions of people,
She knows it all!

She swings in her waist,
Fellow often follow her and for her one glance fall
She acts sweet and smart on every crises call.
She scouts the moments and sails morally.
She never shouts and is always polite
She moves elegantly endless marvel,
Blessed, poised with glisten eyes
Beyond expectations of being
Awakening undercurrent essence
She has a winsomeness presence
Worth of praise and reverence!
World shall write down the history
And she will only rise against the tide!
Rewrite her glory in prose and songs lines!
She's a star! Shines and enlightens life!
A balanced woman cared little details daily!
She is better than the best
She is renewing and reinventing
Like everyone ones gets evolved,
She is timeless!
Rekha forever remains work in progress!

Rekha is the forever Diva of Indian Cinema. She is the Bollywood's greatest crown and the Ultimate Enigma in Bollywood. The most desired, most elusive and enduring woman winning hearts of all age past four decades.

  • Picture above is taken from the internet featuring Rekha wearing a heavy traditional Silk saree*.
  • *Saree is a unstitched cloth, worn by females, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles. It is popular in India since ancient times.


  1. Hello.
    Ah yes...Rekha...I have many dvds of her swinging her waist back in the day! She looks great for her age (although I'm guessing a little nip, tuck & tighten might have something to do with it too...lol).
    Nice write-up!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Cry Not For Me

  2. she is indeed a diva :) an ageless beauty... you have beautifully captures that in words :)

  3. amazing and rich words.


  4. If a boy can gift such sweet poem to a girl I am sure she will fall.. Very very beautiful Rachana.. and it should be POEM right?... If you wish to read a romantic thriller with a powerful message stop by my blog..

    Someone is Special

  5. Rekha is certainly beautiful and you have captured that well here. I love this line "She walks and often flaunts, Joy in her feet!". I enjoyed the read :)

  6. She sounds as if she is every bit a star. I watched a movie a while ago called Fire with two very beautiful Indian women it it. A love affair between the two one married, the other promised in an arranged marriage, they turn to each other through something lacking in each of their lives.
    You sure did her justice here. Well penned!

  7. You must be her #1 fan, Rachana. Lovely tribute to the star (I have heard of her fame, but never seen her in a movie)

  8. Rekha is lucky to have you as a fan. :)

  9. The life of a moviestar! :) You captured it well.

  10. I don't know anything about Bollywood, but she sounds enchanting!

  11. @Andy

    haha..good memories.That was cute :) Thanks for sharing your memoirs!

    Hope to see you and your story on other prose too.

  12. @Someone is Special

    Ahh! What a compliment dear!! You always mark my way with your poetic lines!

  13. @Poetry and Icecream

    Glad that lines touches your heart strings!! Thankyou for sharing..it mean a lot!

  14. @Daydreamertoo

    You sure have so much interest in bollywood :) Between I definitely remember the movie Fire. But let me remind you that actress Rekha was not featuring in that movie. The elder lady in that movie was Shabana Azmi.

    Between we can still share a lot in common about Bollywood Stories!

  15. @rosie@travel-i-tales

    :) I can't beg to be the biggest fan of Rekha since I know My father is my competitor :P
    However I have seen her work and many songs hence to regard her as one of the best gem we have in our movies till date. Betwenn since you have not seen her movie.

  16. Greetings,

    hope all is well,

    invite you to join poetry picnic today, simply share a relevant or a random piece, and enjoy!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Always, your presence is sunshine to us.
    Best Wishes!

    your talent rocks.

  17. I'm not familiar with who she is, but judging by your poem, she sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)


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