28 November, 2011

Winter Whispers

Prose written for the Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 57.

Autumn colours seems to be waving away
I brace myself inside the warm brown coat!
Some invisible incredible blossoming branches
Robin on the window singing for the frozen brook,
Small days and longs nights, climate's finest change!

Crisp orange autumn petals drifting
Light flying leaves heap in corner of lanes
Inviting winter wind to sway away sorrow
A cold wave of warmth of festive on its way
Watching wide-eyed miracles winter spreading!

Wind-chime clatter shall spark revolutionize
Into delicate jingle bells rhyme whispers
Now at the end of November countdown begins
For Christmas there are only 25 days left
Let’s count sweet moments and celebrate life!

Vibrant healthy Thanksgiving Day shines
In the mid of all expected stir bustle
Gives me a mini breather
Silent holy nights hope angel to watch us
I’m thankful to be together with all my family, friends and people!

Picture above is a still from a Hindi movie 'Kabhi Alvida naa Kehna', featuring Rani Mukherjee.
Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 15 theme on November, Winter, Change, and Hope!


  1. yeah carroll gardens/cobble hill/boerum hill!!!!!!
    Here's mine: irenethebean.wordpress.com

  2. great entry,

    spring is near because winter is here,

  3. hmmm what a sweet presentation on the end of the year, yes it's all about the sweet moments :)
    my entry: http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/as-one/

  4. Nice imagery. . .would love some cooler weather to get in the spirit!

  5. amazing passion.

    well done,
    Happy Rally.

  6. A veery beautiful write about a wonderful time of year! Very nice!

  7. beautiful description of the seasons:))

  8. What a lovely feel of winter and November gets into us while reading the lovely lines ..
    Loved it..Smiles :)

  9. Nicely done. The seasons ... catched in great words.

    the cold air
    smells like perfume
    departing autumn


  10. Lovely! There are so many positive things about winter, it has such a special atmosphere to it... A picture from KANK fits here perfectly, you reminded me to come back to this movie! ;)

  11. Rachana, the way you have painted the climate change, end of November and count to christmas with your words is just amazing.. Loved it..

    Someone is Special

  12. Hello, you win perfect poet award for week 56, hope that you have enjoyed it.
    It has been a delightful experience with you supporting Thursday Poets Rally, we have enjoyed your presence and talent very much, thumbs up!
    fabulous poetry along the way, keep those gems coming.
    Always, you are more than welcome to join our biweekly rally.
    Happy Holidays!

  13. Beautiful delicate work :)I am readable at:


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