09 February, 2012

Forevermore Feeling

Happy Chocolate Day,my love!
Here is a sweet post for you!

Absolutely divine sketch done by Danny at Beautiful Blog Igor + André shared with David Roberts. The sketches speaks more than any inscription shall do, yet ones more I have tried in my own little way getting inspired and adding few prose reflecting the tone of emotions and moment in the sketch captured.
~ This is his second contribution to this blog, please check here the first alluring drawing of his. Thank you so much Danny!

When I'm with you,
I'm free, I'm careless,
I'm loved, I'm cared,
I'm unbroken, I'm unbridled,

I endlessly make merry of everything...

I miss you when I laugh and when I cry,
And then I marvel, why?

May be because you are the one that makes my mirth grow
And you are the one that makes my tears withdraw
A decade later all that you said I still enshrine,
Every word so comforting, such a compelling charm!
Evermore with such a magical spell
Triumph over all the badly arranged constellations
Ruled over all the planetary position plotting

Something always brings me back to you!

Spending forever feeling this way..
Such a miraculous resonance,
We need to define and discover,
How this feeling forever stay!

Between, do you cherish me as well?

Feeling that I get with my own fingers
Leisurely running to my smooth locks...
And believe it's your pleasing friendly finger tips
With mystifying fine touch!

Such spellbinding sentiments
Are seldom simple to identify...

There lies
a harmony when thought of you passes..
a happiness when I am talking with you..
a comfort like beauty of holy chant in reminiscent,
a clue to my confusion to what you say,
a cue to ecstatic memories, we together share,
a cute affinity in everything you do,

Oh My Love! I got all sweet reasons to rhyme and hymn!


  1. It do redirects me to another mirth :) and u know what it is :)

  2. I absolutely need and want "MORE" forever ..... in fact am desperately desperate for it to happen...happen at least once in my lifetime.....in a complete way....to cherish and live it till my last breath....

  3. May you always continue to rhyme and hymn for right and happier reasons always.. your writing is pretty expressive and interesting..Rachana..

  4. awesome . speechless for this one . want more in this blog . was enjoying while reading but when it ended up didnt came to know that

  5. First, how many of us can sketch such a beautiful picture.. See the guy eyes.. OMG.. You are a blessed talent, hats off to Danny.. Then to your words..

    'Feeling that I get with my own fingers
    Leisurely running to my smooth locks...
    And believe it's your pleasing friendly finger tips
    With mystifying fine touch!'

    Speechless.. and wordless too Creator.. and you've got all reasons to rhyme and hymn...

    Someone is Special

  6. smooth and beautiful...some nice intimacy in this as well...do you cherish me as well...smiles...perhaps if he reads i am sure he will...

  7. Wonderful verse, hopefully you always have that reason to rhyme, as we all need a reason to rhyme right?

  8. Wonderful, happy love. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  9. Loved how you described the butterflies... heart-warming read :)


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