21 February, 2012

Love Quotes Love - Romantic Poem

This post is a dedication to words and great poets of the world and poets of this vast blogger world.!

For some weird reasons
I have for a long
Avoided certain words
Absolutely unsure
About their importance
And for some silly reason
I have began loving few words
Together creating waves of words
Adore each letter
Accepting the impact of verse
Being in love again!

Just when I found such words
Few words like love and care
And for peculiar fondness to pray
Words for someone special
Essence for the one who embrace
Found words except for I was lost
Lost in the depth
Dedication in words
Wonder why I write the way I do...
Chattered away
Carried away
Building castles
Careless breaths
Pale silent shadows
Chisel out
Erase aloud
Shape up a straight story
Whole life story in a little stanza
Scribbled in thoughts
Apparently untying loosening for love
In cared warm words
Concurred with presence
Proclaim concealed feelings
Passionately steer recollections
Sizzled few quotes unquote
Unforgettable lines
Unwritten prose
Unspoken words
Unheard rhymes
Wavelength converse eternally
Spark to evaluate concord!

Picture above is from a Hindi Movie 'Phir Milenge' featuring Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty.

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 21 – February 21st – Theme: Dedication


  1. Loved reading this poem. I wonder ... how you do it. It's so great to read your poem and than ... ran into a haiku.

  2. I'm wondering about what words I avoid...or what words should be avoided...


  3. I followed you through. Food for thought. What words indeed. And not quite hidden Haiku.

  4. Very beautiful..I admire your writing...and out of box thinking...Well done.. Rachana..

  5. "Adore each letter" could be taken two ways (and I'll take both):

    1. "Adore each letter of the alphabet that comprises a poem."

    2. "Adore each letter written by the hand of your beloved."

    I do!

    Dedicated to Romancing the Wild

  6. You have a gift of writing with style within style ... I like the sudden appearance of your Haiku!

    Here is my Day 21.

  7. Word about words, and good words, lovely words ... strings of letters that touch me.

    A excellent poem.

  8. and for some reason (silly) I love this poem madly.. 'adore each letter | accept the impact of verse | being in love again.. Lovely...


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