05 February, 2012

Only Lonely Alone - Ola

Only - Lonely - Alone, Ola! Welcome to Emotions!

FYI: "Hola" means Hello. In Spanish, the "h" is always silent. "Ola" means "wave." Not like a literal ocean wave but waving hand to say hello or Goodbye.
~ Lets find 'h', the hidden existing harmony in Ola through this post!
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FFirst time, it was asked to me when I was a little girl just school pass out heading to give interviews to some big management school. They asked me to give my intro before they throw any tactic question. You know well how these Dean and expert panel try to screw you when they know how badly you want to get in that particular college.

Just as I was say things... “name...lala....lalalalal.....my interest...hobbies..lalallaa...”
“Tell us something about your family...” the Dean with a big moustache asked.
“lala..lla.a..a.....lallallla....I’m the only child of my parents....lalaala..” just about to continue...
And the Dean interrupted again, “Oh, you mean to say 'lonely' only girl...”
‘um...mm...m...’ I was so surprised to his words, I mean jumble of words. Wondered for a while did I say lonely or only... ‘no..I said 'only' only..obviously..’ I assured myself
‘Sir, I said, Only child!’ I confidently said.
The Dean of college again back fired me to confuse my current state of mind further, ‘Are you sure, because we think you wanted to say only and lonely...llalalla.... ’

Now something about my background,
I was just a school pass-out girl, quiet young with raw thoughts and was prepared to say in a very proportioned measureable words and lines. One word changed would wreck my thought-process completely. I was quite a teen still trying to find a quote of a life to follow.

‘Only – Lonely -Alone’ words echoed in my head then...just like a seventh grade student gives a second thought to words like ‘Accept - Expect - Except’

Then and there I fought back politely of course and assured that I was not confused. What I said is what I meant. They cannot further manipulate my lines and my briefs. And I came out with flying colours (lalala....lala...) getting admission for that college. However, I didn’t join that college since I had got a better option than that best college.

But latter I did think about those words. You know some little words sometimes can echo your whole life. Remember I was trying to find a quote of my life to follow...
I think, ‘quote of life’ sounds better and inspiring than the ‘purpose of life’. This purpose could pierce any person’s potential. What is the purpose of doing this, purpose of that, what is the purpose of life, what is the purpose of writing..
Honestly, tell those big philosophers that sometimes what matters the most in life is not the purpose question but what values the most in life is passion in living, anyways...

Then, one fine day I sat quietly and tried to figure out the difference between the words and more important figured out who and what I was or I am! As a child and being it was essential for me to realise and retrieve my peace of mind. It was like an identification to figure out how few words could influence your life.

Only: Well being only child of my parents was by default. I cannot change that. It is a unique by virtue experience. Yet I do understand and appreciate the importance of a bond between siblings. But then I need not share my parents attention with anyone is always an absolute pleasure. I understand how significant I am to them. And hence I do realise the need my parents possess. I love my parents just as much as their decisions and choices. What else and what more, well honestly, I owe my smile to them! That’s it!

Lonely: I was never lonely. I was always occupied by artistic people and creative ideas. Love friendship art food travel fabric always occupied my mind and heart. And whenever I was a bit drained or little stressed out, I made sure expressing it in a form of sketching or writing. Sure sometimes you feel like talking or hearing to someone, in person. Every time a virtual world cannot console ones soul. I heard music. I tuned myself into good memories. Some very vintage feeling always was rejuvenating. One needs to accept the circumstance happily. It is a process of learning and doing something more productive in that missing slot.
My simple mantra was ‘Let’s make something Lovely to beat the Lonely’

Alone: I better use the word ‘Solitude’ rather than alone person. I recognised that I was alone but not lonely. It was something I had chosen. But when I said I was alone, I sure had bunch of warm affectionate people around. And I am grateful to their support, their help and their presence. It means a lot. It goes good with the quote of Helen Keller _"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." I wasn't lonely, but the trail to discover my quote of life was up to me and my own efforts – alone.

Yet being alone I realized I was not alone and isolated from anyone at all. I discovered my wishfulness, pining and yearning were such universal urging emotions. We, each one of us have our own little battles to fight and win over gracefully.

Some fought their battle crying, some cribbing and some crawling. Well there was less physical pain so I fought my battle with creativity, doddle and scribble.

And I am not at all complaining to anything I swear! I know, I just conquered it all

I became more thoughtful, grasp to use emotions in expression, comprehend colours and creativity in life, respect little moments, remember little words and adore daily delights. I still have my desires, my dreams, and some accomplishing wishes and they are still heart-felt as today as they were ten years ago.
It’s funny to see how life unfolds throughout the years all in little words and little moments.
'To forget' is not my trait at all. I like the archive of mind.
I love to cherish and find joy in every jiffy moment to celebrate. And I suppose this is why, you are reading here!

I still think it’s not just the way you think changes everything in your life. Nothing changes overnight. Of course if you are blessed you do get miracles overnight but they are rare. It is a habit and one must practice it. Getting used to, to anything is easy to adapt by human beings. So getting used to, to the pain, anger and lonesome will ultimately give you the same in return. Practice into habit being passionate, compassionate, creative, cheerful and productive. You need to keep you status of mind Happy mode to Heal quickly.

No wonder, I do get angry, irritated most of the times, cry when no one watches, and shout when I feel like. After all you are a human being with emotions (Of course not a good excuse to give for your bad mood). But, honestly I’m bad in hiding true emotions, whatever it mean by the status of mind, I mean it. And when those emotions are negative I’m at my purest form. I do feel hurt and awful at times. But eventually I do know I have to recoil back to my real realm of revival.
Only - Lonely - Alone, Ola! Welcome to emotions!
Well this is how I would like to conclude my post... wait...there is no specific purpose behind this post, just pure emotions and random churning of stimulating thoughts.

be busy
be lazy
be honest
be rude
be playful
be bold
be beautiful
be aggressive
be polite
be angry
be ready
be humble
be calm
be caring
be happy
be real
be yourself

be the best you are
They are just few true emotions!
Never apologize for showing your feeling.

Sentiments shine because you are divine alive.

*You just liked reading this post for obvious* reasons, and perhaps this obvious was just obvious _ I know it all*


  1. "Some fought their battle crying, some cribbing and some crawling." - loved this piece.

    They say "Solitude is the glory of being alone, and Loneliness is the pain of being alone. " . Nice post. Kudos.

    1. Thank you Pablo,
      Your quote have been appreciated a lot among my other friends! Glad you could feel the post essence!

  2. 'Sentiments shine because you are divine alive' - How one word can affect a person mind and how we take them in life and how we proceed to get success in life. I'd say that Dean wanted to test your way of putting things but what you said is true, 'Only, yes you are the only person loved by your parents madly.. Lonely - that's a beautiful way of putting things.. Alone - you are never alone just you are in solitude..'

    I loved this post so much because it carries all the emotions of life.. Thanks for blessing us this post..

    Someone is Special

    1. WOW I'm so overwhelmed with your lovely words and new definitions to my lines. Between you are definitely one of the artist I count who read and understand each word and never forgets to encourage the other artist !!!
      Thank you so much SiS for being there always!!!!

      Gracious always!!

  3. Yes, a beautiful write..very expressive..this is how sometimes we need to become our own pleasant and happy surprise... wow..well done Rachana..

    My Haiku Challenge entry here:


    1. :) Thankyou Sir!!

      I'm so delighted to know that you liked the post!!!
      Sure I will check you link..I always do..but unlike you..I skip to comment sometimes! :)

  4. Beautiful lines..... Ola!!!!

  5. RS....you're not alone because you're always surrounded by the diversity and beauty of your thoughts.. Very well written piece and perfect display of emotional khichdi you were going through after that interview..
    Lovely piece..

  6. Lovely piece RS.. very beautifully portraited emotions and the state of mind after that interview :)
    You're the best when it comes to displaying true state of mind..

    1. You one liners are so amazing that I would write forever all my experiences of life only to hear a compliment from you at the end! Between how was the coffee!


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