19 February, 2012

Spice up - Prose

spice route...

what is so unique..

couple of charming cloves
soaked saffron in mild milk

what are the unique ingredients...

cilantro smelling like a rain
or is it about the savory cardamom aroma...

I have been inhaling ocean lately

or is it about the sizzling sound
I have been toasting arcane almonds..
or is it appealing earthy rusty paprika color,
I have been watching dawn dusk sky

Sweet meets Salty

I think its lots of sugar,
And a dash of salt,

or is it enough sweetness,
fruity depth of honey
fullness of dark raisins

I have become a catalyst
Of being better from bitter

Tantalize smoky tempt
Waken up to sin taste buds

Live out of your quest,
Touch of pickle to flirty twist,

Or is it the side-dish

shredded sharp racy cheddar
double doze of sun drenched sherry
enriched candied julienne cucumber

silky dark seriously concentrated flavors
peanuts, pecans to pistachios encrusted jaggery
a pinch of cinnamon scent

Could be a garnish of orange zest
glistening gorgeous

There must have been...
No substitute of any ingredient, I guess

What is your secret sync...

herbs blending together seamlessly,
resulting in a complex composition

something serendipitous spicy
holy turmeric craves hearty

a dollop of cream
a pat of butter

Could be a crunchy counterpoint.

roast rest
begun to brown nicely
braised bubble away
sprinkle simmer

breathtaking beautiful breath

bright green mint leaves with purple stems
nonpareil warm aromatic pleasure
please every peppery cool palette aftertastes

grated ginger
bulbs of garlic
fulfill my pot-stirring duties

Indeed a unique recipe in whole

How are you made..
notorious for long lists of ingredients
deliciousness crosses all barriers and borders

Harmony was a component of his character!
An artifact unrivaled mastery of his own!

The picture above is taken from a movie, 'The Mistress of Spice', featuring Aishwarya Rai.

Etymology of "mint" : A Greek philosopher-scientist gave name from a Latin word 'Mentha' to the biological name ‘Minthi’ to the mint plant over 2300 years ago. He drew his inspiration from a Greek myth about a beautiful river nymph called Minthe. She was a lover of Pluto, God of the underworld. Angry and jealous, Pluto's wife Persephone cursed Minthe and turned her into the plant Mint- to be trodden on by others. While Pluto was unable to release Minthe from this curse, he gave the plant the gift of a sweet scent.
Mint is classified as a cooling herb whereas the others are warming ones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mint is classified as a ‘yin’ herb while the rest are ‘yang’ ones.ref.Mint

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 20 – February 20th – Quote: Live out of your imagination, not your history
Contributed to Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub
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  1. Usually I will be mesmerized by your words or by your blog look but today I dunno what to say, after being mesmerized by beautiful snaps of Aishwarya Rai.. Beautiful poem and Haiku... SmileS Rachana..!

    1. Thankyou SiS!
      Truly Happy to know that you loved it..the whole thing. Actually as you know since I have been travelling past few weeks, I came across a very sweet Spanish Couple who told me that they have not seen Bollywood movies but sure sometime back they had seen a movie of Spices with a very beautiful Indian Actress, As soon as they told me this i knew they were referring the movie Mistress of Spice. I was glad that they remembered the movie and actress. Funny thing is that they had a tough time in spelling her name, you know naa how our India names or full of vowels :P So I told them to call her Aish or Aaishi :)
      Later on coming back to the cozy room after awesome Peruvian Dinner, all I had this spicy thing in my palate & mine which came well in words I guess!
      Let this post be for You! ~Love Always~

    2. How sweet... Thanks so much Rachana.. I am happy! I wanted to share this post last Sunday itself in my FB Page but somehow I forgot it.. Thanks thanks thanks once again... I am happy to read your comment... SmileS!

    3. I can read this post at least once a day... SmileS..

  2. Every time I read you contribution to the Haiku Challenge you leave me in awe. You write a nice poem and ... somewhere in that poem ... a haiku pops up. Great!


    1. Nameste Chevrefeuille!

      Your comment always leaves me in a state of Happiness & gratefulness!
      Nothing is wonderful for an artist to be accepted and appreciated simultaneously. I'm glad that you liked the prose n idea attached with it.

      Thankyou is not enough but I'm Happy and want you to excel in life & be in Bliss forever!!! Keep the Spark ALive..

  3. Your creativity is awesome and inspiring. Thanks for that bit of info on mint - learned something new today. And I love Aishwarya Rai! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Haha..life is full of learning! Even I came across the Mint story while I was still creating lines completing the prose. I thought i must know a little more of spices than only the names of spices!
      Yes! Aishwarya Rau is Beautiful no wonder she is a common point in many of ours conversation :)
      Thanks for visiting Asni!!!
      Means a lots!!!

  4. An absolute delight...I admire you for the range of words you have and your ability to choose them to express yourself.. every visit leaves me a bit in awe..

    My Imaginations are here: http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2012/02/imagination.html

    1. I'm so delighted to know that a great poet himself is praising! I'm so touched and so over-whelmed to know that I could make that little thing...that made you think :))
      Happiness & Good Health always!!!

  5. Very creative and imaginative work.

    Here is my Day 20.

  6. How elegant and yet sweet, with mysteries to discover too, so well done,,,

    1. :) Ellecee, thank you so much!!
      I always love that magic n hide & seek kind of think in words n emotions!
      Glad to see that you like it!!!

  7. I love your approach. I could taste and smell everything!


    1. Terri, this is so sweet & so amazing to know that you could connect with the prose so well!!!
      Thank you for leaving you comments
      Means a lot! :)
      Gracious ALways

  8. this is def a lovely piece...i love the smell and taste of the sea...it is refreshing to me...so i hung in that part.....def a feast for the senses...

  9. Love the smells, spices, flavors and connections to life... a delicious feast of words.

  10. Wow Wow Wow - Loved your Spicy Creation

  11. every time i read ur blog it make me feel awesome bt ths one . cnt say nythng fr ths post . u rockd rachi dii

  12. Very creative and sweet post.



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