23 February, 2012

a stranger made my day

Slightest gesture sometimes brightens the day..

RRight after writing for hours in a stretch being in a hibernation mode, I looked all so pale and so washed. It was a challenge to come out of something that is a part of you. Some memories and dull moments in life are heart-wrecking while thinking of them later in life only upsets you further. And moreover I was writing, getting out everything out me my mind and explicit the emotions. This was draining. But I'm not complaining. Soon I found someone online. I looked pale, sleepy and weary so I thought not to come on camera but you see your smile has nothing to do with your tired muscles. Sometimes you need some people who would constantly tell you that you look beautiful than ever everyday just more of you. But my friend told me, "You need some sleep, You look tired", well actually at times you also need some people who would remind you that you have been too hard on yourself, deserve some sound sleep. (Related article, a true story of mine shall be soon posted..)

I agreed, I needed some change to come out of my numb senses.
I decided to go out to a near by local shop market. It is a beautiful place full of wonderful local shops, food and some delighting stuff to inspire you instantly. But what I love the most about that place is the people. There are all kind of people of all races, colors, creed and nationality. You will find plenty of people, some come only to visit the shops, some were buying stuff, some clicking pictures and some silly wanderers like me. Soon, I got a wonderful Spinach Tomato Pizza with chicken. Initially I thought of having it there but then suddenly I decided of getting a take away instead. I also got some rich stuffed mozzarella mushrooms and aubergine, which I am munching right now while typing. Seriously, sometimes unhealthy food works like wonder when we are into dull mood for a while.

Heading back to the hotel, on the corner of the terminal heard few people playing instruments and singing. That was nice but it doesn't helps much to improves my mood. My God, sometimes I wonder who will tame my mood if not me. Green light at the signal, I crossed the road. I see some people fagging, and I wonder why people have to bring out the smoke out of their mouths. Me and my irritation at it's best. The beggars here are so decent before they ask for some money, they say 'Excuse me..would you like to buy me a burger'. No that's not so funny at all.

It wasn't that cold today.
Actually I love it when I am shivering a bit, be it because of cold or nervousness. This makes me feel I am alive. I know there are multiple other ways to feel alive. Usually when people are cold, walking down the lanes with their hands tucked inside their coat pockets and head covered under the hoods, to me they look warmed up. Today it's bright sunny day and to me everyone looks cold. Or may be it's just my mood. I look around, breath a little more long and realize that life is all same everywhere be it in India, Europe or United States. Everyone is running, is busy working hard but at the end of the day each one of us need some peace and lots of love.

Yesterday one of my blogger friend SiS updated his status on Facebook, "some precious moments in life are those minutes when we wait for something to happen...". I thought it was my turn to feel the same today. I wondered what was I waiting for. What miracle would happen then..what?!

I thought of a someone who eats brown bread and pretend to be eating some kind of delicious brownies. My friend is on diet actually. If you think that is funny then listen to this, for the one who does not know what is my favorite beverage these days, it's "Water with no ice". Number of funny and serious thoughts passed in few minutes. Like I even thought of the movie, "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun"(Who am I, Yours!), I think the answer to it is 'I am your sweet stranger!'. Jokes apart, I was thinking about the past and wondering how my parents have gone through so much because of me, distresses me sometimes. I thought of my school, the mango tree in the assembly ground and some wonderful teachers. I remembered the swing we had in our school play ground, when I carefree played. Life was so easy then. We need not worry about emotions and fluctuating moods. All we had to do as a child was to play endlessly and give a notorious smile every now and then.

Soon I reached the Hotel lobby and was waiting for the elevator. Just as I was about to get inside the lift, I saw a man with his laptop bag also trying to get in the lift. I waited for him to get inside the elevator. But he very politely said, "after you" with a decent smile. I smiled back, got inside the lift and he followed. Pressed the button of the my floor where my room was. Waiting to reach. Suddenly that man harmlessly asked, "How is your day today?" I looked into his blue eyes. Gave him a smile back and said, "Good, How is your day?". "Good" he replied and got down to his floor of the hotel building.

Honestly I wanted to tell him that, "So far this is the best part when someone, a stranger asks you with a smile, how's your day?" He has nothing to do with me or my messy life but at the end that little smile matters a lot. I realized a curve on lips had a power to mend things up in life, it even fixes a ruined mood straightaway. Certainly one doesn't need to know everything to act upon humanly.
A stranger's smile had a lot to teach me today that your emotions, mood and needs are not different than others. We all have some wavy times and we bobble too. But never forget to leave an imprint of your smile. Let when he watch you smile, he remembers your smile for the rest of his life and feels pleased that it was your simple smile which simply made his day.

Smile is so valuable yet everyone can afford to share it and make a difference in one's life all together. For me this was the joy of giving! Smiles!!

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  1. I enjoyed this very much. We sometimes don't realize how much our simple greeting could mean to someone.

  2. Keep smiling Rachana.! Because it has power to change your day.. I do smile whenever I feel upset to change my mood.. Happy happy to read the 'status', indeed it changed my life you know.. Hmmm....


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