14 February, 2012

Sweet Lust - Endless Love

Happy Valentine's Day My love!

Absolutely divine sketch done by Danny at Beautiful Blog Igor + André shared with David Roberts. The sketches speaks more than any inscription shall do, yet I have tried in my own way getting inspired and adding few prose reflecting the tone of emotions and moment in the sketch captured.

Friendly fingers enlaced
Extremity ecstasy wreathed up
Long limbs lie at ease
Gentle rhythmic breath
Sway away through
The sunny warm hours!

Curled, cuddled, cared!
Couching keen rekindling
Between the sheets
Slunk slowly through elicit desires
Drowning into the deep dreams
Darkness dies
Radiance revealed
Soul-mate speaks
Proudly praise
Passionate power
Fragrance in flames
Knelt all stress and trouble!

Noble node in steady silent eyes
Infused in her innocence
Augury of a sugary-tale
Hushed all restless hesitation
Whisper tease flirt
Tiny touch summoned every senses!

And then turning to him,
Lying, poise head pillowed on his strong arm,
And one hand curved round neck delicately
Own a precious preserved earnest vow,
Offer what he was left with
Gave whatever she owed
The loosened dark hair falling over the sweat pouring face,
Familiar eyes blinking behind the hair, with a slight smile
Cute Cupped Chubby Cheeks
She drops down chin burrowed into his chest
Remained motionless snuggling sustained

Repose Recline
Reveled Riveting!
Rest on your right shoulder
A steady arm, a kind soul
Where she could sleep soundly,
Talk endlessly, kisses and was kissed infinite
A gratis gift given from a great lover

Receive in return
Eternal leisure
Intimacy fills faith kindled
To love, To be loved

Enduring raw lust
Everlasting pure luck

When she wake up,
Ending the endow dream
Beginning of a ensouling fairy-tale
Bestow shielded in his presence
She know her heart is still safe there hearing his heartbeat,
Everything seems so real perfectos!


  1. Excellent. So lively imagery that turns me wild. I could not but relate myself.

  2. loved each hint of emotions!

  3. "Whisper tease flirt
    Tiny touch summoned every senses!"

    "Receive in return
    Eternal leisure
    Intimacy fills faith kindled
    To love, To be loved"

    Creator, Finally the wait to read a beautiful poem on Valentine's Day is over.. 'Ending the endow dream' - beautiful line..

    Everything is perfect here Rachana.. Thanks for blessing this..

    And Dany once again Hats off to your Talent..

    Someone is Special

  4. Wonderfully crafted this poem with a haiku in it.Great on love.

  5. To love and be loved - that's heaven!

  6. amazing poem with well composed haiku

  7. Wow! it must be love!!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  8. It is true love gift(poem) on valentines day :)

  9. Very talented to have the Haiku within your poem ...

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  10. This is so beautifully expressed.. to love, to be loved...world becomes so beautiful.. you are gifted Rachana..

  11. I love this! Very beautiful photo too.

  12. Lovely, as bright and warm as the image.

  13. This is my blog name...enjoyed your write...but if you must know, you can only linked up one poem for D'verse...and you did linked 2 more under different names # 76 and # 77 ~


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