23 March, 2012

Give and Take Compliments

Every one loves COMPLIMENTS!

No points of guessing whether someone like to accept them with grace or brush off silently! People do have sometimes problem in accepting compliments, basically they don't know how to react and express the gratefulness.

However, no matter what things are and could be each one of us have our own smart or dull way of taking and giving compliments.

When it comes to me, even if it is like 'You look good today' I might just blush and say thank you sweetly. But hold on, I always wonder what made that person say that today. How different I look right this moment? What catches his/her attention?

Now this is possible, the other person said that sweetly only because he/she wanted to break an ice. Even if the words were truly genuine they were uttered only only to grab the attention or make an impression of some kind.

I have a sheer trouble then. I like compliments of any kind but I simply adore if the compliments are pretty simple and 'Concrete'. Just like a concrete criticism only helps you further improvisation, it gives a right idea and ray to follow and make a difference in future.
I appreciate 'Concrete Compliment'!
For example: Someone saying 'You look good today!' is nice to know! But if someone says, 'Yellow suits you, you looks good in it' I know exactly what he/she is noticing and bringing light to me upon the compliment. To me this is more beautiful and stunning to accept.

May be like some people have a trouble in accepting compliments, some people just don't realize to be at ease while complimenting!

Whatsoever be the case, praising, appreciating, complimenting is a need to a human being to improve, to feel good, to feel special and to be blessed of being there. Yet, compliment can also be an act of courtesy or showing respect. And if nothing means so much take it as an acknowledgement.

Honestly, I don't care much if the compliment is a sort of flirt sign, though easily I can make out, or it is a sign of breaking an ice to start a conversation, or simple genuine one! But often I get into a trouble, wondering that if I gently and quickly accept the compliment it might be just misread. But when I don't, I feel more guilty to not have justified the worthy words with my unfriendly gesture.
So whatever it be, good words need to be accepted and appreciated with good gestures. And I expect other too understand.

Appreciating someone when he/she is not around or praising someone and letting the person know are not so easy efforts to make. But one should not feel low when the reaction is not the one expected. This is no reason to stop complimenting something you truly adore.

However, true compliments comes with very First moves!
Like I love rain! Now to say that I need not think about raindrops or clouds to express I like rains. It comes very naturally to say with the guts feeling what we like or dislike. True words are not bound to any kind of spontaneous behavior and are beyond the extrovert nature one have.
If one waits, watches other's steps, the whole scenario coupled with situations and thoughts influenced... those words are not genuinely spoken! I don't buy it! Not should you!

Words are powerful. Yes! words can break someone's confidence in a second. If you cannot give someone a compliment, please do not discomfort them with absurd words. It's sad, I always make mistakes. I'm not perfect, I want to learn and use words appropriately! I'm trying my best, you can also try, it's not that expensive or that difficult to share good words!
Keep complimenting, some day you may learn right words to touch the heart of the person. And some decent day someone might just give a smile and make you feel worth for the words spoken!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Compliments bring Sunshine in the heart of a person and makes the face glow...compliments with intentions attached to them get picked up by the same heart and it knows how to shun them...your write is beautiful and makes one to think...I often feel happy that I love giving compliments...because I love receiving them...we can give only that what we have and we have because we have been lucky to receive...OK now let me give you a genuine spontaneous compliment here and now...I appreciate the choice of topic..excellent.. I have given it..please receive graciously..

  2. It is time to compliment my sweet friend.. So check my FB timeline..!

  3. Sometimes it's hard to know what to give as a compliment as others are saying such beautiful things and one feels inadequate.
    This is a very good article and expresses how many of us feel about compliments. The good and the bad of it.
    I enjoy all of your work very much, your writing and your photography. It gives me pleasure to see them and read them.


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