15 March, 2012

Long Distance Love

Geographically not close!

The sketch below is created for this post as an extension of rachi creations..

a Long Distance Relationship...Perhaps, people who have never been into long-distance-love shall never understand that such love does exist. There is no bar of age, caste, colour, region, religion and even miles of distance in between least bothers. Love is a love after all.

Anyone in a long distance love will know, how much you love someone and how difficult it gets when despite of so much love, you still not be able to express the best way how much they love and miss them every single moment of their life. Intimacy has its own costs for sure, the closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to miss them badly. And missing a loved one actually involves something much deeper than wanting to be around them. The one in love would know, how they dream every night before they sleep that one day they gonna meet and you sure know how badly you want to spend all your time with that someone special, just for playing games, going out together, eating together, dancing together, feeling the hands on cupping the face, looking into eachother's eyes, watching every facial expression, every gesture when you are together...everything that you like to do together, everything that needs to be done just together, in real together!

While not spending time inevitably and getting angry, protesting all the way when got time to speak, the protest phrase turned a bit playful "Please stay, don't go", a phase when you had no choice but to respect the distance and love inevitably. It is then you discover that there is something much bigger and more powerful than distance and it is the persistence. Persistence of wanting, waiting and being wishful. They say there you can call everyday, talk for hours, more personal to get is to chat(yahoo messenger,g-talk) or have a video chat(thanks to Skype) for comfort.

And there you wipe your eyes before opening the window to chat, and while everything is shared and all talk done . . . .

 ‘‘I have babbled everything from what I ate in the morning to what did I see in my dreams late night. In between told you about the temperature and climate changes this city have. Also spoke to you about the funny neighbours I have here. Told you about what I have planned to shop and what I have already shopped unplanned. About how that evening I enjoyed my dinner and how much I listen the music these days. Even revealed my new playlist and my new fascinations for photography. Discussed about the latest new poem I read and what news is nation’s headlines. Asked you all the same questions and with same rhythmic loops. After all you have answered and asked, we still feel asking for more and saying a lot.
Basically, we could not even realize in that ease, when did indeed 'I' became 'We'. We were only trying a little hard to ask as simple, ‘How are you?’ and wanted to let you know, ‘I missed you so much’. I was so mesmerized by your presence that it wasn’t that easy to say, ‘I Love You’ in first place, so I choose to say,‘I Love You TOO’ before you could even think of ! Your voice still amaze me everyday! And still I get in awe looking twinkles into your eyes. Love you Honeybunch!’’

. . . Type sniffling those last words 'Good Bye!' to your loved ones living half a world far away, then close the window of the video of your loved ones face shows up, wipe your eyes again before you walk away literally carried a particularly powerful emotional punch than ever forever urging.

And just in case you screw up something in between when you procrastinate but act as a perfectionist while sharing a word, a long distance relationship would only naturally magnify the hurt-feelings. Worst, you know that you can't be present there explaining everything physically standing there. Request, never switch off your phone when you are upset for something. Let the SMS, or offline messages keep coming until you are ready to mend up. And one who is actually making an effort to mend up, keep trying or just make that simple extra mile drive to mend up! Never let it be, sort out before you sleep, anyways you will not be able to sleep until you fix everything!

Now, no matter what the circumstances are around or the kind of situations you have created, you know that there is simply one place you can be as you are and feel safe, that what each one of us are looking into while being in love or feel secured to be loved.

Being precise, a right technology and that hardship of eXtra patience could help a bit more to excel in long-distance-love. Only the one who is in a long distance relationship and loves madly-truly-deeply will know how difficult it is to look good on screen, smile and talk smoothly, sweetly. When all you want is a tight hug and there is simply so sweet word that is so comforting and is warmer than a hug or actually holding hands for that simple to mention!
Human beings, being human essentially thrive on touch, connection, interaction, even if it’s sometimes laced with conflict or weird circumstances that life throws.

We might like to deny but we still know that love actually, love only can clear up, modify and simplify so many complex tangled things, involves you only to evolve in life. Lets try to deal with life gently as far as possible and respect every little thing that love has proposed us.

I thought, rather calling a 'Long Distance Relationship' we should profound it as 'Living Deep Relationship'!

Missing you Mom - Happy Birthday to you!!
Living Deep Relationship with you always!!


  1. Oye Hoi. chweet long distance relationship.

  2. And imagine the intensity of the love between two persons who have never met in person . . . And are very eager to meet at least once in their life. . . And the thought of meeting itself gives them much solace . . . I think their expression of love will be more beautiful , romantic and long lasting . . .

  3. love is in air . love ths post rachi dii

  4. A very loving and beautiful post...indeed love gets expressed in many ways when it is 'Living Deep Relationship' and one has to be very fortunate to have one...Rachana..I loved the sketches..thanks!!! RS:)

  5. well no one can better understand than me... 'Living Deep Relationship'.. As you said, thanks to Skype, otherwise I would have gone mad by now... beautiful... as always...

    Someone is Special

  6. after reading post its worth calling it "Living Deep Relationship"...

  7. I really enjoyed this post. You have written so well about this type of love. I have had a long distance relationship and have written probably hundreds of poems to this person, sending them by email and so on. I will never forget how intense and special it was.

  8. yup same here...i do believe that not all long distance relationship was not working for there are cases that ends in happily ever after. It depends on the two people involved in the relationship whether it will work or not. When the love is true no distance can ruin the relationship.


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