08 March, 2012

Women Empowerment

Happy Women's Day - 8th March,2012

ladle in her hand...
(Read remaining lines of Haiku on Women's Day HERE)

For me “Woman Empowerment” stretches from major issues to some very tiny details. It’s more and beyond gender-equality, decision making, or choice to create personal like or dislike list or promoting the role of women in society.

I look forward to unbiased access and sharing of resources like property, credit etc and backing for being entrepreneur by the family and society. A genuine care for the sanitation, right nutrition and other health related issues in all the phases of age. Perhaps, absolutely not ignoring or forcing to do something just for the sake of tradition, cultural, society pressure or sheer superstition.

A proper frame work has to be broadened to view the multi-dimensional aspects regarding HER well-being, physically, financially, emotionally, politically, socially without disregard of the basic daily routine acts of compassion where we find single mothers, divorced woman, harrased teenage girls, conflict behind closed doors, selling them like cattle, cheating and cursing with disease and perhaps not cheering for the girl child birth.

It's not about giving liberty to woman...
but treating her just like any individual liberally!

I’m so proud and blessed single child of my parents; I completely support girl-child education as the first major step to enrich the woman-empowerment!

If you like reading more of what Woman want...which is in itself the most difficult question, to my understanding I have mentioned few concrete points to follow, how to treat any woman right! LINK: Women's Era
And further I request you to kindly go through at least ones to this lovely poem, I wrote sometimes back reflecting a very important social issue related to woman. LINK: Pretty woman walking down the streets


  1. A kid, a girl, a girl-friend, a wife, a mother and a grand mother - in every step oozes grace n love. WOMAN - I come from you, I go into you. Happy Woman's Day.

  2. Hey my super woman, I salute you and all the lovely women I know or the ones whom I even don't know. I truly believe in a mutual world filled with options and resources for all.. An unbiased world where everyone being given a chance to lead a dignified life..

  3. Hey my super woman, I totally believe in an equal world for all. Where everyone should be given an unbiased chance of leading a dignified life.
    Happy Women's Day :)

  4. I read the poem and also your write here..I salute to the spirit of Women..she was my mother and is my wife and daughter and I see her among my inspiring friends and thinkers also... and then some people not been able to consider them equal is a sad commentary on our societal issues..but then we are making progress and moving forward...you have done well here to generate awareness..


  5. rather than wishing a happy women's day, i ll say enjoy your gift of womanhood. you were chosen to be special, thats why you are a woman. bless you.


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