26 May, 2012

Daily Crosswords!

Will there be long sighs
Or silence in stare, you will notice
Let there be a whisper
Yet screaming out
In the form of loud heartbeat!

Should I be the yellow lilies?
As you touch the soft petals!
Let me be its sweet scent,
Slowly sinking into
Your longing lungs!

How would I tell you?
How would you like to hear?
How can I explain?
How could you understand the description?
Should I say in simple words?

Words really simple,
And simply straight
Or should I make it a rhyme
Quote my heart
And lock my soul,
In an honest handwritten love letter.

Let it rain, a run for life
Tasting raindrops,
Aching for taste of air,
Arching for breath!
Beautiful things emerge
Submerged in joy!

Window curtain raiser
A little light,
Spills into the space
Welcome to summer!

Long is the road
Leads me home
Light finds its way
Light shall find me anyways!

You have to lose everything
Lose yourself with me
No matter how lost I am,
Let go everything only for me!

Enduring enriching
Eventually looking up!
Fall again like this
Fixed on the feet
Floating in love!

So let me fly, as there is
Wind beneath my wings
Let me flap my wide wings
Fluttering finally!

Making castles
Moving with clouds
Carrying me with a canvas
Creating new sketches
Building new stories!
Warmth in words!

Feel free like
Never before
Please unfold
And make me flat
Crease free, carefree!

Daily display of,
Bowing, dipping but quietly
Like the peaceful dove
Blue dotted paper inked life!

Please uncross
Your fingers now!
In an unsolved puzzle
The pieces are,
Fixed ultimately!

d'verse : Writing a stream of consciousness poem.


  1. flying, making castles, moving with the clouds...sounds like the things to do...smiles..and when it comes to puzzles..forever unsolved and with freely moving parts...that's the way i like to live life..smiles...

  2. I can feel the perplexity you are expressing in this relationship poem and I especially like how you brought the puzzle of origami into the whole picture. Nice

  3. Scattered moments connecting to form the picture of life. Nice,

  4. ha. the pieces are fixed ultimately...nice..its just figuring out what goes where you know...really like this simple stanza...it is refreshing...

    Long is the road
    Leads me home
    Light finds its way
    Light shall find me anyways


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