22 December, 2007

LAST Christmas..

Christmas have been always a Beginning of great time and end of good times..happened all the year. Its time to celebrate and have fun..in the chilly wind hearing the carols, lighting the Star in the courtyard and waiting for the Santa to knock the door with load of gifts and happiness to enter the life.

For me Christmas means only & only Happy Memories shared with friends and family and praising the Lord.

When today whole world is thinking and planning for the Christmas celebration this year...I am here deep in my purple world remembering the "LAST CHRISTMAS" year 2006.

"How the celebration created the amalgamation of friends and fun even during exams and tight schedules...! Greeting all and one even when no talk were done with people whole year...it was a time to forget all the negative things..n remember only to celebrate..the occasion, the very thought and festive feeling."

Chocolates, plum cakes...the sparkling christmas tree, gifts , snowy winds and dozens of winter clothes on body making us to look as fat and plum as the SANTA.. with a deep red CAP, a perfect symbol and touch of the festival..calling "Merry Christmas..Ho..hoo...Hoooo..ho..."

This is the day I recall my very friend DINCEY (GREMS, school days friend) who used to bring home-made cakes for me during Christmas..well made by her mother...Its also a time when I wonder the awesome time spend with NUPUR (nupu) my room-mate for two consequent years during college celebrating Christmas with Chicken and Cake.

The Christmas is time to simply "LET GO.." posture & ideology to follow your life for the most awaited moments of satisfaction and happiness in the new Year as we often gets stuck up for longer times in the hassles of day-to-day living. Its all about "LETS GO.."that is move on.

LETS GO and Freeze the Moment of Happiness this Christmas..
Wishing you all Merry Chr!stmas..Celebrate L!fe..

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  1. Love Christmas......keep waiting it's closing!!!


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