24 December, 2007

Taare Zameen Par - a Colourful Childhood

a zone to make mistakes..
a state of freedom
a pulse of innocence
a curve of happiness

"Let the Childhood be Carefree and full of Creativity.."

"Taare Zameen Par" is all about this and a lot. A must Movie to watch and go back to our childhood aspirations. When I was watching the movie, instantly I could relate myself to it to many instances.. as more having a keen interest in Painting since childhood.
And surely the realization of the Mighty talent was through the encouragement of Teachers. I still remember how in "GREMS, Baroda".. Madam KARUNA GUPTA asked me to paint in class-II "The Republic Day", in which I guess, she thought I was expert. There has been CHANDRIKA Maam who believed in my potential & gave me lots of opportunities to participate in varied painting competitions. This gave me lots of exposure and confidence in painting. Indeed their presence made it possible to know my aspirations.

It was then in my next school "KV(IOC) Noonmati, Guwahati", when my aspirations somewhere became the inspirations. And it was Dr.A.K.Goswami Sir who not only appreciated my skills of painting but also encouraged me with his magical words. I believe it has been his blessing that I today excel in the field that I always wanted to be. Its not about good or bad but its about the how one follows the heart.

Teachers play an important role and I am glad that I have been blessed by some of the best teachers, who helped me to get connected to my inner soul.
The journey have been great..and the teachers of my school made a difference into my life.
"There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in." - Graham

That moment has been created by my faculties. Check out my colourful world through this link - http://www.freewebs.com/rachanashakyawar/

"Taare Zameen Par" is the movie of the young boy who turns out to be a tiny star in his own creative way inspite of what the world thinks of him. This got possible only with the support and affection of his empathetic teacher. One who helped him in sorting the difficulties and ones again introducing the boy to the lost world of colours, he has been so passionate about.

Three cheers to Eshaan Shanker Loy, who composed awesome music ,which is so much real, breathing and living with true aspirations of child, yet simple to sing.

One movie which reflects the child of Today's World, struggling and fighting against all odds, expectations, competitions and ambitions that are thrown by his parents and rules laid by the society. So I feel, this first movie directed of Aamir Khan deserves 5 stars (*****). He have this knock-out concept of movie with heart-warming performance and the eight year old guy marks himself to complete victory. But in all that The mom role cant be ignored, who have been so calm sweet emotional spirit, which hold the scene with so much sensitivity and care. Each sheded tear made one and all in the hall to cry. Such is the intensity of the aura of the movie which have captured the child's innocent world.

But the only thing that haunts me is why only that boy was given the result to be winner in the end of the story, when it has been promoted, "EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL". I beleive they should have made few more winners with the main lead boy, so that we could assume that the boy have come struggling all his way to get into the list of NORMAL students, yet being so SPECIAL, with his Mighty Talent. Anyway, its just the thought but the thoughts factory generated by watching this movie is vast than what imagined, a ride into my own childhood, rembering school and teachers, and above all, other one result is the blog dedicated to it. Enjoy this movie..!!

Check out the Official site of the movie to know more..


  1. A beautiful expression! Seamless inference of the parallel connecting the “Tarren Zameen par” and your experiences!

  2. Also enjoy this link...which have exclusive pics of the animations done in the movie "Tarre Zameen Par"


    Enjoy Reading!

  3. Thanks Rachna for appreciating and linking my site at ur's!
    I felt good that people like u visit my blog!

  4. Hi,
    Its good to revisit your childhood once in a while.Keeps you fresh !
    I liked your blog and wanted to read more but the font is too small and very difficult to read with the background.

  5. @rajnishVery nice songs and movie ...this is one of the favorite best movies... i like it...


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