13 December, 2007


The photographer, I Captured is the ONE who not only takes pictures but somehow captures some of the most profound moments and magic of emotions and expressions, even though its not his profession.
I call my very dear friend AMIT SEMWAL-THE PHOTOGRAPHER,

I am not exactly aware of the place where he took these pics, but what I knw..that he almost captured my mind and soul for the moments iIsaw the pics.
I got bobbled with the high emotion and feeling which transformed into me. The rural rich India so well captured with the amazing forum of culture and heritage of India. This pic have a temple and the sun rays are blooming and making the moment glow.

The next pic, is of a humble girl found at that place. Her three pink bangles in hands reflects the inner beauty of hers, and amazingly captured by THE Photographer.

Amit have many sides and angles to capture the emotions..and does definitely reflects in his photos. I still have a huge collection of his creations but one thing is common in all the emotions and the liveliness of the time. All are equal and get full footage and justice in his pics, from common persons, Friends, nature, animals, and abstract..

I might not explain the pics in words better, only I know its an emotion that travels through your eyes and touches your soul.

That is why he is different from all those professional photographers. Check out some more, photos of the set ..by just one click to...." EXPLORE INDIA".

Check out the Exclusive FOOTAGE to EXPLORE INDIA..

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