26 December, 2007

Star Star everywhere..

"Nature is full of Stars and Wonders...

hence I wonder..!! are these really Stars.

Christmas eve, n a sparkling pic..

taken by the PhOtographer..with his words so called as wisdom contributed to this blog..!"



" As the Doctor [ladkiii Rachnaaa] ordered here is the account of how Merry Christmas was for me.

In brief, Merry Christmas was as boring or as interesting as any other day. It was a No-Holiday at Ashoka Holidays! At my work station I was busy doing nothing but making Holidays :( [working as a Holiday developer at the above named travel house]…..gurrr I wont use this word ‘holiday! Anymore its getting repetitive everytime I use holi….shhhh!

Merry Christmas Day wasn’t bright & Evening too was without Lights, Camera & Action…

Hey…wait…did I mention ‘camera’ somewhere. Yes, I did [he he ... as if I didn’t know…Sorry! no smart act anymore]
You know, on Merry Christmas I had a healthy camera, meaning a zero occupied memory & cent percent battery, with which I stepped outside of my uncomfortable-zone (my office) to click some cute photographs of a Saint Bernard Puppy’s look-alike who came from nowhere. Meanwhile, His smooth brown & white coat earned him a St.Bernard Title where ‘St.’ stands for ‘Street’!![he he he]

" While I was taking his pictures the mosquitoes’ troupe too joined me to complement this eternal meeting of the 3 creations of nature.
“Now is this what I deserve?” I asked to Mother Nature… “Yes!” came the smart reply not from the Mother but from an irritating colleague who knew that I had been applying melted gheeee!! In the absence of any Boroplus sort of thing [for those who cant stop smiling at my ignorance about the facial accessories I must direct you to your own (ignorance): Emami’s Boroplus, a 25-yr old brand that not only upstaged the success of Boroline, its father brand, but also led the Indian market with a around 60% market share & in India is synonymous with ‘cold cream’ / ‘moisturiser’ / ‘fairness’ / ‘antiseptic’ lotions! However, those smiling at my butter application can continue doing so]..."

Whatever I deserved is & was none of anyone’s business: So taking from where I got distracted ….. The enlightened evening was all set & in the name of celebration all I had was these teeny-weeny satellites hovering & dancing all around me [as shown in the diagrammatic collage]. Sensibly speaking, I was surrounded by the mosquitoes on Merry Christmas!

I don’t know any Christmas carol neither did the Puppy & the quitoes gang know it! However, I wont give up this momentum just like this & would like to rhyme just like this:

No stringed guitars to play no rub-a-dub of Drummmmmm….
It was all about the Puppy’s gestures & the mosquitos’ hmmmmm!!!

Shall I deceive myself with “An eternal Species’ Melting Pot…”
Whatever!!! With a camera in hands only an idiot wouldn’t have taken the snapshot!

All written & read ….
I wouldn’t have done it had it not been for her…
I won’t say ‘thanks a lot’ but girl keep the reminderrr [bhedo bhedo kuch bhi bhedo]

“teri MERRY sabki christmas...masttt thi....man i jst saw ur newcollarge..n its the BEST....completely no comparations......its awesome..” is what the Doctor (ladkiii Rachana)wrote. Well, I don’t know how good this collage was comparatively & technically & interpretatively & Bruce lee & Bret lee.…….. I know just one thing that when I collaged [or rather clicked objects so diminutive!] I liked it…. & when u are appreciated for the things that u like …then u like it….isn’t it?

Finally, I want to get philosophical but for humanity sake I won’t & will terminate this seemingly unending program……
I could have clapped the hell out of these little beasts …But accidentally & luckily ended up shooting them. Had that been the case ….. Well this write-up won’t be in the first place! "

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