01 August, 2008

Leos of MY Life

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The symbol for the sunsign Leo is the Lion. They are strong-willed, walk with pride, loves growling tends to be mushy almost like cute small lion cubs. Their major traits are being born leaders and highly focused at the target. They are generous, kind, extremely supportive and protective people. There are many people we come across our life but there are very few who last for life-long. And those are titled as dear friends, who are there for you and with you supporting. They believes in you and are willing to trust you at any circumstance. I have always believed  that it’s wonderful to have few close friends as they remind you how you were in your young age. These friends know all your secretes and the inner most thoughts. "I can be simply just ME with them without bothering what they will think about me." This allows exploring thyself more at every aspect.

At different stages of my life, I found friends, who got so much close to me and surprisingly I realised they were Leos! Their influences have been so positively intense and have been my aspiration. Here remembering the Leos of My Life and wishing them Happy Birthday.

Tanushree Baishya :

Birthday: 13th August.

I know this lady since our school days. We have done our education together in KV(IOC), Noonmati, Guwahati, Assam. We studied together from ClassVIII to XII. Those were the wonderful years and the most memorable times of my life, the "Teen Age” when we together with other friends had so much fun and creating menace in the school with our teachers and above all seniors. After completing our schooling we opted different careers and hence choose different lines of higher studies. But we often during our college vacations made sure to hang out with our other close friends and talk like hell! I like to call her "TWINNY" , as in school many people often got confused in identifying between two of us. May be it’s because we had almost similar hairstyle, same uniform and quite a same body structure. But in reality we are very much different.

She is bold with a gentle touch, which makes her so special. Her honesty not just defines her personality but portraits her Brain. Who says ! She forces people to appreciate her and give compliments because I strongly believe that ones you see her, compliments for her comes very naturally to you . She is an absolute divine beauty with brains.
No one in this small world is born who can win in argument with this LEO because she does her Homework well and in advance. And how can one forget that she have been always a rank holder.

As well definition goes from one of her friend "This is one girl (Tanushree) who has been with me, rejoicing with me in my success and consoling & supporting me whever I was low..." is having a same opinion like me.
Even though I haven’t met her since last three years, but I still feel same warmth, affection, care, trust, and above all hear the long Lectures Session. Tanushree, the Leo Lady has made us all proud with her works, deed, strength and love she shares.
I wish you all the happiness and success in life and may you achieve whatever you desire for. Moreove she reminds me of the qoute , "With clothes the new are best, with friends the old are best."

Amit Semwal :

Birthday: 19th August.

This Creature is also a LEO. I know him from past three years. We first meet during our interview for MBA at IITTM,Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Infact, we were in the same group for the group discussion. He made blunder after blunders during the whole event with senior and with the teachers but was still smiling. He is the only person in this world who acts stupid yet smart simultaneously. Well these traits are of Genius. By this time reading, he must have toppled down the chair laughing and holding his stomach. But buddy amit, get up, as I simply mean it, all above mentioned. I am so proud to be his friend. He is a true inspiration, aspiration and adore his trait of having equal feeling for all as a true Human-Being. When we participated in an art competition, where it was necessary to be in pair, I requested him to accompany me though I had no idea how to deal with the person like him. But when we actually one the first runner up prize the first thought strike my brain was that "We gel well".

He is very supportive but at the same time very much willing to take risks and also drag others to take risks. It’s because he is an innovative man, and making mistakes from the risk taken comes easily to him. His ideas might sound weird instantly but those are indeed the head turner for the society. “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me”, and fits to the quote so well !
He have so much inspired me ever since I know him. I even wrote a blog for him "THE PHOTOGRAPHER, i captured". May you keep capturing the great pictures and our hearts with you warmth and your innocent smile.
Please, go through the video of the wonderful pictures taken by him in last three years. It is, "Amit in Wonderland". Click here: COLLECTIONS VIDEO.

Bhupesh Koli :

Birthday: 15th August.

He is My hubby is also a Leo and hence I can't exit without appreciating him. He is a typical Leo, flamboyant and generous simultaneously. He has wonderful instant sense of humor. I'm so glad that he can cook, infact cook so well. Sometimes such small things really matter a lot. His been truly a great friend. We tend to have different style in approach of decision-making which makes us highly complementary and effective. The best thing that has happened to me is that he taught me to be less critical and more spontaneous. We have recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary and I realized that after one year,

“He is still that same adorable, sweet guy who treats me better than anyone ever has in my life making me feel so much blessed”.

 Here is the poem dedicated to the Loving Leos of my Life...
POEM - Impossible

by Priya

Free and release your mind

let the world know

what a wonderful person

you are.

Life is to live and rejoice

let that spirit

make you

stay alive

surrounded by love.

I know you like to flirt,

lie and

still capture

my heart, with fluttering eyes

and make me surrender.

I know, I stay faraway

only to let you know

you will always be

in my thoughts.

If you ever shed a tear

think of me

coz to

forget you

is something impossible.

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  1. Happy Birthday to all your "LEO" friends and your loving hubby Rachana.

    Thank you for adding my poem here girl.

  2. Leo always commands adulation and adoration they deserve but this one coming form Virgo’s heart is an amusing site.

    A Leo!!!


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