07 September, 2008

My Birthday Weekend - just Began

Just to let everyone, but today, Sunday a Holiday and I’m off flying high for my birthday weekend. Today is the Silver Jubilee of my life. I shall turn 25 at exactly 10:10 at night. That was the time I was born and my Mother loves to remind me. She also reminds me every year of when, where, what, why, and how I was born. Truly sweet of Her.

Today, is the day which naturally reminds me of some of the most special people of my life, who made this day more memorable and hence special for me.Right from the beginning of my childhood memory lane goes how my parents managed to celebrate my birthday almost like a festival of the year. All around the home colorful ribbons and decoration made a home a total different place to live in. My Grand-Mother used to bring colorful bangles for me on my birthday to match with my new birthday dress.

Birthday has always been a special fine day, when I used to wait for the amazing things to be gifted by my parents. I remember, on my tenth birthday I got my “Avon Cycle” .Mummy-Papa brought it from the market, tied at the diggy, back of the car. It was indeed the happiest day of my life. One my sweet sixteenth birthday I got my first Laptop (IBM) in my hands. These were some of the most memorable gifts got in my childhood on my birthday.

My birthday (7th September) also reminds me of my Raju Chachu (parental uncle), who used to stay in Mumbai and bring home personally prepared cake traveling over night in train from Mumbai to Baroda. Blowing candles and cutting cake in the party with all the friends, neighbors, relatives and parents around, made me felt “Yeah! This is My Day”. But my uncle’s presence made my birthday party and day so special.

Waking up in the birthday morning and finding so many relatives at home came from far places just to bless me on my birthday was a great feeling. Some had to really take up so much pain coming home fully drenched, as my birthday being in the Month of September; it always rained heavily that day. In my childhood, I had to never buy new clothes whole year, rather during my birthday I used to get so many new dresses and other gifts from the relatives.Everyone is amazing and I love them dearly.

Going SCHOOL not in uniform but in the very new crisp colored birthday dress was the ultimate pleasure. Distributing chocolates it to all my classmates and teachers in the school was another attraction.It was sometimes amazing to see that other some classmates or schoolmates also had birthday on that same day.

Then came in COLLEGE and celebrating the birthday had another heights. The birthday party at college hostel have total different scene. The SMS beeps and several mid-nite calls at the 00:00 from friends were great fun. Dancing late nights on full volumes were very much the hostel way of celebrating birthday party. Some close friends also made sure to give me greeting cards and other birthday gifts, actually the gift were the same things that I wished to buy sometime but dint buy, and here they were giving me a total surprise ofcoarse as they became father-mother only when I was born.

All around people wishing you,Happy Birthday!..Happy Birthday!!”;I simply loved it! Going out on lunch, giving all close friends small treats were great ways to rejoice.

Last Year 2007, my birthday was first birthday after marriage. I was far away from all, my parents, friends, relative and all. But my Ravi Mamaji (maternal uncle), came here B’lore far from Baroda just to wish me Happy Birthday. And my Hubby made sure to have fun on my birthday. He took us to an amusement park. Although missing everybody that day, I had great fun being adventurous playing in water fountains. I almost felt like a kid again and he definitely made me feel amazing.
When it rains on my Birthday, I feel as if God is showering the blessing on me. Same, I felt when I got married last year 23rd July 2007. Rain has become such an intrigue part of my life. So my birthday has been amazing always more because of the drizzling and showers.
I definitely want to thank my Maa-Paa and friends for making this such an Incredible Birthday for me. Thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday on Orkut and through other mails. And also the people who could not call me but did remember me on my birthday:)
. I have so much to be thankful for the last 25 years. Its also an amazing year as this very date on 12th July 2008, my paa celebrated his Golden Jubilee of Life.

I’m 25, celebrating the Silver Jubilee of my life, a quarter century old and I’m proud
But I firmly like to believe that my Papa and Mom are also 25 yrs old
I also want to thank my Hubby for being there and making each moment so special. I’m sure he must have planned something today also. Till now it is a surprise. I can’t really wait until the sun rises or rains this morning Sunday. There is more fun still waiting for me. My Birthday Weekend has just began.

But I shall leave this post with my deep feeling in form of Pria's poem "Child”, depicts best of my Birthday fumes with a typical touch of Virgo quality. To the people who don't know, my sunsign is Virgo. It almost seems as in the poem “She” is “ME” talking of my childhood, month of September and my birthday bash.
" Trees and flowers filled with water
on a rainy day,
She sees herself in those dew drops
picturing herself before the mirror,
a small world to see who she is.
When the train passes, flowers bend
to welcome all
and sprinkle with new fragrance.
With the smell of wet soil
she waits for the raindrops
to fill the potholes
where she can step in to jump.
Ther comes a splash of water and dust
all over her
and she runs again to find
clear water to wash her legs.
She's a flower, waiting for the rain
with a small ponytail, and her skirt
filled with daisies
jumping and walking, nothing
to worry in this world.
She is a child, a girl and a woman
who lives a life of innocence."-

NOTE: The painting above is created by me on paintbrush © rachi creations..


  1. Happy b'day to you ji
    you have written so well..i wish i could write like you someday.Again you use colors so well.
    that painting ..u painted it 20 years ago or now??? :D
    i was back down the memory lane ..thank you so much for this post.
    now let me dip in the nostalgia.

    take care and have a nice day.

  2. Hello ma'm,
    You are Rooplin's fren and I am a friend of hers here at college. Read some pages of your blog. Quite interesting...! and the drawings are awesome..
    by d way belated happy birthday...!

    visit http://jdodyssey.blogspot.com if time permits.


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